Vaginoplasty cost in Iran

Vaginoplasty cost in Iran




The muscles and muscles of the female genital organs may become loose or deformed for various reasons. Many factors affect women’s reproductive organs, including pregnancy, natural childbirth, aging, weight gain, smoking, and hormonal disorders. This condition may change the shape of the vagina in women and also cause urinary incontinence. This type of surgery, which may be performed by tightening the vagina, rejuvenating the vagina, and changing its shape of the vagina, will increase women’s self-confidence in their personal, work, and emotional life. After Vaginoplasty, the patient can return to her everyday life, but it is better to check her recovery conditions with a specialist doctor.

According to the anesthesia that the specialist surgeon will consider for you, you will not have any pain during and after the operation. Also, depending on the type of Vaginoplasty, the procedures performed in the surgery, the condition and age of the patient, the duration of the surgery can vary. You can consider an average of 1 to 2 hours for Vaginoplasty. Still, viewing the recovery time in the hospital and then in the hotel for yourself is better.



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Vaginoplasty in Iran

Vaginoplasty in Iran can have different meanings and results depending on your needs and disease. Vaginoplasty is any surgery performed to build or reconstruct the vagina. It is also interesting to know that Vaginoplasty is performed to treat many vaginal infections and to correct congenital disabilities of the vagina, urethra, and rectum. Sometimes it happens that patients undergoing cancer treatment come to Iran from other countries to perform Vaginoplasty; after vaginectomy, Vaginoplasty is used to restore the shape and function of the vagina. Likewise, due to the high quality of medical services in Iran, many patients come to Iran from other countries for vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening to perform this surgery with the highest quality and results. This surgery is also used to change the gender from male to female of transgender people. In this type of surgery, which aims to create a vagina from the tissue of the penis, a vaginal cavity is formed between the urethra and the rectum.

All the cases we have mentioned above, including male-to-female sex change surgery, vaginal tightening, tightening and rejuvenation of the vagina, treatment of vaginal diseases, removal of congenital vaginal defects, treatment of the vagina after cancer of the female genital organs, and other cases. This way, it is performed by skilled and specialized medical teams in Iran.

Vaginoplasty is one of the most common and practical surgeries women go to Iran for. For several reasons, Iran has become one of the most famous and popular countries for Vaginoplasty. Among the important and influential reasons for choosing Iran to perform Vaginoplasty are the high quality of medical services, expert doctors, well-equipped hospitals and clinics, satisfactory surgical results, and the very reasonable cost of Vaginoplasty. Next, we will discuss Vaginoplasty costs in Iran.




Vaginoplasty cost in Iran

To perform Vaginoplasty in Iran, you need to obtain accurate basic information and fully consider the pre-surgery, during-surgery, and post-surgery conditions. Iranian compatriots outside of Iran, as well as many tourists, choose Iran as one of their medical destinations. Very reasonable treatment costs and the high quality of medical services have made various surgeries, including Vaginoplasty, one of the most common surgeries performed in Iran. Suppose you are worried about choosing the right hospital or specialist surgeon or issues related to staying in Iran. In that case, the CarefulTrip team will be with you all the steps before, after, and during the surgery to get the best results. Don’t worry about getting in touch with the hospital and specialist doctors because we are by your side to get the best treatment advice from your specialist doctors. It is necessary to know that there are costs to consider for Vaginoplasty, including the things you need to consider for the cost of Vaginoplasty in Iran:

  • The cost of traveling to Iran
  • The cost of staying in a hotel
  • Cost of medical consultation before surgery
  • Surgery costs
  • Hospital cost and use of possible drugs

These items are among the most significant expenses you should consider when traveling to Iran for surgery. Of course, you don’t have to worry about your travel plans and treatment process in Iran because the CarefulTrip team plans all things related to visas, accommodation, translation, medical services, and even going to tourist destinations. It would be best if you visited the attractive tourist destinations in Iran while staying in the hotel and recovering after Vaginoplasty. In the text below, we mention the most important steps that you should consider for this surgery.



Vaginoplasty consultation in Iran and related costs

Before performing a Vaginoplasty, you should consult your specialist doctors about surgery. The specialist doctor will examine your condition, type of disease, age, and treatment status and will tell you whether you are a good candidate for Vaginoplasty. Also, the specialist doctor will ask you to do tests that will help your treatment process. By reviewing the results of your tests before surgery and physical examination, the expert doctor will tell you clearly that this surgery will be suitable for you and what the results are.

At this stage, the doctor will tell you the possible outcome of the surgery, the recovery instructions, and the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery. Next, there is a possibility that the doctors will simulate the possible form of your vagina that will be obtained after the surgery so that you can start your surgery without any worries. This step will eliminate your fears, and during the consultation, you can ask any questions about your previous surgeries, surgical goals, medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical treatment. At this point, ask your doctor any questions about vitamins, supplements, and medications you should take after surgery.

The consultation phase of Vaginoplasty in Iran will help you to estimate possible costs during and after the treatment and manage them in the best possible way. According to the reports that the CarefulTrip team has from patients, these costs are affordable compared to the expenses you have to pay in European countries, Turkey, and even Dubai.




Vaginoplasty surgery in Iran and related costs

You will be admitted to the hospital at this stage. The surgeon will anesthetize you using anesthetic or local anesthesia (which will be considered according to your condition, disease, and age). This procedure may take between 1 and 2 hours and sometimes more. At this stage, the excess skin of the vagina is removed, and according to the patient’s needs, the process of tightening, tightening, and rejuvenation of the vagina is performed. With the help of solid sutures, the surgeon will tighten the underlying tissue of the vagina, suture the mucous skin and remove the extra outer skin. Do everything you are told during and after surgery to speed up you’re healing. It would be best if you kept your genital area clean and dry. Your surgeon may give you pain medication to help ease the discomfort, be sure to take it as directed.

In this stage, fixed conditions and costs will be taken into account, which usually patients can estimate these costs during the consultation stage. As mentioned above, the price of Vaginoplasty is meager, and many patients from different countries travel to Iran to perform this surgery. Our team will introduce you to the best and most skilled Vaginoplasty hospitals and surgeons so that you don’t have to worry about your surgery. Specialist surgeons are fluent in English, and you will not be concerned about communicating and talking with them.





Vaginoplasty recovery in Iran and related costs

Get. After Vaginoplasty, you should consider some issues for your body’s recovery. Of course, Vaginoplasty is a relatively simple surgery, and you can quickly return to your everyday life, but remember that, in general, after any surgery, you need to allow some time for the full recovery of the operated organ or organs. The surgeon may ask you to stay in the hospital after Vaginoplasty; This issue varies according to the doctor’s point of view and your physical condition. If you are discharged, according to the doctor’s opinion, you must stay in the hotel for some time so that your body recovers. Also, you need to have several visits with your surgeon, so you need to be available to your doctor or surgeon for several weeks. The recommended stay in Iran is about 2 to 4 weeks because you have to participate in subsequent examinations. At this stage, you will have costs for staying in a hotel and for medical visits, roughly estimated at the location of the medical consultation.

You must follow medical instructions after Vaginoplasty. After surgery, you may feel pain or itching in your vaginal area. It is better to use a cold compress or painkillers prescribed by the doctor to relieve your pain. It is also possible that the swelling of your vagina will reach its peak in the first days after the surgery, which will heal quickly. You should minimize your physical activity and avoid vigorous activities such as heavy exercise or having sex for up to 5 weeks. Your doctor will give you details on your recovery timeline and when you can resume your normal activities.




Necessary follow-ups after Vaginoplasty in Iran

You have spent the recovery period in the hotel at this stage, and you can start your daily activities according to the doctor’s prescription. You can go to Iran’s tourist destinations and enjoy watching the beauty and authenticity of these places. If diagnosed by your doctor, you can return to your country, but stay in touch with the committed experts of our team to get the highest quality Vaginoplasty results. After Vaginoplasty, remember to start your daily activities with the doctor’s diagnosis but do not do activities such as swimming, immersion in water, cycling, heavy sports, and lifting heavy objects until a specific time.

Vaginoplasty costs vary significantly in different countries, but as you know, these numbers range from $6,000 to $20,000. Also, you have to consider hospitalization costs, medicines, etc. Considering the low costs in Iran, you can do Vaginoplasty in Iran at the lowest price and something around 4000 dollars, and use a complete package.

Vaginoplasty cost in Iran with CarefulTrip

Patients always have many concerns about their treatment choices; Concerns include the quality of treatment, hospital selection, residence, surgery costs, and so on. The CarefulTrip team has solved these concerns for the compatriots outside Iran and dear tourists and offers you affordable and quality accommodation and treatment packages. You no longer have to worry about the costs associated with Vaginoplasty; we provide you with the most affordable treatment packages. Also, our team will be with you in all stages of obtaining a visa, accommodation, transfer, translator, surgeon selection, doctor’s visit, pre-treatment consultation, etc., so that you have a unique experience on your trip to Iran. A satisfying treatment experience is created when you get the best treatment results and the affordable costs you pay.







Summary of the article Vaginoplasty cost in Iran

Iran is a correct and wise choice for Vaginoplasty. Many reasons make you choose Iran to receive your medical services, especially Vaginoplasty. Among the factors that will influence your decision are the affordable price, skilled and expert surgeons, high security, high quality medical and medical services, and the presence of many tourist attractions that make you choose this country for Vaginoplasty. Traveling to Iran, staying at a hotel, and getting medical consultation before treatment, surgery, recovery, and other such things are much less than the cost of surgery in other countries. So CarefulTrip team’s suggestion is to use medical packages and create an excellent and high-quality medical and tourism experience for yourself. Also, the high quality of Vaginoplasty surgery means that you don’t have to worry about possible complications after the surgery. The satisfaction of the patients who came to Iran for this surgery proves that they did not experience any infection, numbness during sex, or complications after the surgery, and their vaginal diseases were cured after the surgery.




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