Dentistry Services in Iran


In recent years, Iran has emerged as one of the best destinations in the world for providing high-quality dentistry services. Iranian experienced dentists provide services of a high standard at reasonable costs.

Although veneers and implants are the two standard procedures in Iran, medical tourists can receive various dental and medical procedures in Iran. Regarding the quality of care, dental services in Iran are placed among the top 10 countries in the world.

In this article, we will mention several dentistry services in Iran that you can enjoy the highest quality at an affordable price.


What are the different dentistry services in Iran?

Iran has over 30,000 active dentists, which means 40 dentists per 100,000. Iranian dentistry clinics offer various dentistry services, including medical and cosmetic ones. To be more specific, here is the list of different dentistry services in Iran:



Medical dentistry services in Iran

As many issues and irregularities found in the mouth are indicators of other diseases, general dentists diagnose dental diseases, prevent dental issues and maintain the function and beauty of teeth. Some of the medical dentistry services in Iran are:


Dental Filling (Tooth Filling)

To treat a cavity, dentists extract the tooth that has decay and fills the region with filling materials. In addition, fillings are used to restore teeth worn down caused by excessive use or teeth fractured. There are several dentistry filling materials, such as gold, porcelain, silver amalgam (mercury combined with silver, tin, zinc, and copper), tooth-colored plastic, and composite resin fillings. Your dentist determines the best form of filling based on the cavity’s location and its vast.


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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical operation in that a doctor removes one or more permanent adult teeth at the rear extremities of your mouth on the top and bottom. You may need to extract a wisdom tooth in cases where it’s affected, or it hasn’t enough space to fully grow. An affected wisdom tooth can cause discomfort, infection, or other dental issues. Even if wisdom teeth don’t cause any issues at the moment, some dentists and oral surgeons recommend removing wisdom teeth to avoid complications that could arise in the future.


Tooth Extraction

Even though permanent teeth last for a lifetime, there are several situations in which it may be necessary to have a tooth extracted. One of the most frequent causes is that the teeth are too poor of shape to fix, whether because of injuries or disease. Tooth extractions are done by dentists and oral surgeons, who are dentists who have received additional training to conduct surgical procedures. Generally, local anesthesia will be injected into the region of your mouth that will be worked on neutralizing it before the tooth is extracted. Your dentist will do this before removing the tooth.

Your dentist might use complete general anesthesia on you during your treatment. This will prevent discomfort from occurring anywhere in your body and put you to slumber for the duration of the operation.


Scaling and Root Planning

The thorough cleansing below the gumline performed during scaling and root planning is a treatment for gum disease. There are two sections to this in-depth cleansing. During scaling, your dentist will remove all plaque and tartar (solidified plaque) from above and below the gum line, clearing down to the bottom of the pocket. Scaling is one of the essential parts of maintaining good oral health. After that, your dentist will begin root debridement, which involves flattening out the rough spots on the bases of your teeth to assist your lips in reattaching to your teeth. Scaling and root cutting are dental procedures that may require local anesthesia and multiple appointments.


Gum Lift

Your lips may grow so much lower than your teeth, covering the white enamel, that you can see only a section of the entire tooth. This condition is known as a gingival recession. Your lips may be irregular and go lower on some teeth than on others, giving you the appearance of misaligned teeth when you smile.

The smiles of most individuals merely become more elastic as their permanent teeth come in. The development of superfluous gingival tissue can also be brought on by certain pharmaceuticals and health conditions, although these are much less prevalent causes. Depending on the underlying reason, gum proliferation may also be called gum hypertrophy or gingival hyperplasia. Both terms refer to an increase in the size of the gums.

Suppose you have gum proliferation rather than a naturally sticky mouth. In that case, a gum lift becomes a medication rather than an aesthetic operation that you can undergo to improve your oral health. Addressing any accumulation of gingival tissue is essential to keep one’s lips healthy. For years before its popularity in aesthetic dentistry, gum lifts were conducted to treat gum disease.


Cosmetic dentistry services in Iran

Cosmetic dentistry is a subspecialty of general dentistry that focuses on enhancing the look of a patient’s mouth through various procedures.

Whitening the teeth, dental bonding, and veneers are typical examples of standard aesthetic dental procedures. Patients whom a general dentist is treating may be referred to their primary care physician or another specialist for further assessment, or the specialist may provide treatment to the patient. Different cosmetic dentistry services in Iran are:


Dentures (False teeth)

Dentures are replacement teeth that can be removed from the mouth and are typically made of acrylic (a type of plastic), polyamide, or metal. They substitute missing teeth and eradicate any potential problems that the space in your smile may have created.


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The area of dentistry, known as orthodontics, concentrates on identifying and correcting “misalignments” of the teeth, also known as “poor mouths” (malocclusion). Braces, transparent aligners, and retainers are some standard orthodontic treatment options. How your teeth come together when you bite down significantly affects your dental health. You can lower your chance for various dental health problems, including cavities, periodontal disease, and excessive wear, by adjusting how your upper and lower teeth come together (erosion).


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Dental Bridges

If you lack teeth, your dentist may use dental bridges to “bridge” the spaces in your mouth caused by the absence of those teeth. A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth (also known as a pontic) that spans a crevice in a patient’s smile and is supported by crowns on either side of the space. Pontics can be crafted from a variety of materials, including gold. However, in most cases, porcelain is used because it allows them to merge with your natural teeth in terms of appearance more seamlessly.


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are wafer-thin casings that are made to match the color of the patient’s teeth and are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to enhance their appearance. They are an option for addressing aesthetic issues such as fractured, discolored, or teeth that are smaller than typical. The most apparent advantage of veneers is the improvement they bring to the aesthetics of your mouth, making your teeth appear whiter and more uniform.


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Dental Crown

A dental crown is a “covering” fashioned like a tooth and cemented onto a tooth. Its purpose is to protect the tooth, enhance its strength and attractiveness, and reestablish its original shape and size. When the crowns are correctly positioned and fastened, they enfold the entire section of a tooth that is visible to the naked eye and rests at and above the gingival line.


Dental Implant

Dental implant surgery is a treatment that substitutes tooth bases with metal supports that resemble screws and replaces teeth that are injured or lacking with prosthetic teeth that appear and function similarly to natural teeth. Dental implant surgery can provide a pleasant alternative to dentures or bridgework that does not suit well. It can also provide an option in situations where a dearth of natural dental bases does not allow for the construction of dentures or bridgework tooth replacements. How dental implant surgery is conducted is determined, in part, by the implant itself and the state of the mandible being treated. The surgical placement of dental implants may require more than one operation. The primary advantage of getting implants is that they provide sturdy support for your new teeth. The bone needs to mend closely around the implant for this to happen. Because bone mending takes time, the procedure may take several months.


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How to get dentistry services in Iran?

As Iran is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists to get different health services, many people want to visit Iran for dentistry services. Besides the quality of care in the hospitals and clinics, the price of this good care is not comparable to any country.

CarefulTrip is a reliable company that can help you get these services in Iran at reasonable prices and the highest quality. If you are looking for a trusted dentist in Iran, getting a free consultation from CarefulTrip’s experts is the best.


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Getting dentistry services in Iran is trending among many people in different countries because of its low price and high quality. You can find all kinds of medical and cosmetic dentistry services in Iran. It is best to get a consultation from CarefulTrip as your professional health expert if you care for your health.


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