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How to care for your dentures?


Nowadays, everybody has the opportunity to return a beautiful smile and fully restore the health of the oral cavity. Lost teeth can be restored with removable dentures or fixed dentures. Best dental clinics in Iran offer high-quality dentures at the most competitive prices. Among the countries in the region, Iran’s denture care is the best. Iran’s dentures clinic is a leading clinic in the middle-east regarding the number of skilled specialists and surgeons providing dentures services. More than 30,000 Iranian and foreign patients visit Iran dentures clinic every year.


Types of dentures

Dental prostheses can be divided: according to the method of installation, material, and length. Both the wearing comfort and the cost of the orthopedic structure depend on these parameters. Some removable dentures need to be removed from the mouth every night and cleaned of food debris, and some simply need to be cleaned with a regular toothbrush and paste.



Complete removable dentures

Complete removable dentures in Iran are used for the complete loss of teeth. According to individual casts, they are created for both the upper and lower jaws. Naturally, dentures should not cause discomfort in the mouth, so the first time after they are installed, dentists recommend not removing them so that you can understand how the human body reacts to them and, if necessary, adjust. Moreover, Complete dentures are made from non-toxic, natural-looking materials, typically plastic and nylon. In the Complete removable dentures, the choice of shape and color is always completely individual. Modern technologies allow you to create dentures with high aesthetic characteristics.


Partly Removable dentures

Also related to removable prosthetics, they do not require removing them every night. The choice in favor of this type of prosthetics is often made with the loss of one chewing tooth.

There are several ways to attach conditionally removable dentures to abutment teeth:

  • using special cement
  • with glue
  • with the help of metal hooks clasping the abutment teeth.


Partial removable dentures

They are also referred to as removable prosthetics. Such prostheses are used both for permanent use and temporary ones in case of losing one chewing tooth or several. Removable partial dentures are attached only to the gums and take up quite a lot of space in the mouth, so they are not the most comfortable. However, they are pretty cheap and available to a wide range of people.


Proper care of dentures

Each person may experience a partial or complete loss of teeth with age. Dental Prosthetics in Iran is one of the options for solving the problem. The dentist will determine which type of prosthesis is suitable for you – removable or non-removable. Removable structures are easy to manufacture, inexpensive (compared to other types), and outwardly indistinguishable from natural teeth. Their installation is not associated with surgery. It is important to remember that removable dentures require constant care. Otherwise, they will lose their appearance, an unpleasant odor will appear, and the surface will become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria.


How to care for removable dentures

The dentist will tell you how to wear and care for the designs he will select for you. There are several general rules, the observance of which will make wearing prostheses painless and comfortable.

It is better to eat crushed food during the habituation period, chew thoroughly, and evenly distribute food over the chewing teeth. After about a week, you can return to your usual diet.

After each meal, remove the prosthesis, rinse it with boiled water and rinse your mouth. This will protect you from the accumulation of food debris on the structure, which will subsequently decompose and provoke mucosa inflammation. If there is no kettle nearby, use an antiseptic mouthwash.

The following denture care steps should be performed at the end of the day, regardless of the material from which it is made:

  • Remove and wash the structure.
  • Clean your mouth.
  • Clean the prosthesis.
  • Treat it with an antiseptic.
  • Soak the structure overnight.

Let us explain each of them in more detail:

Washing of removable structures

Evening care for plastic dentures begins with rinsing with ordinary, unboiled water. Pay special attention to stuck food particles and plaque on the grooves. Then rinse the denture with boiled water. An irrigator will help facilitate the process. He has proven himself as a tool for the care of removable dentures. The irrigator sprays liquid onto the structure’s surface in small portions, and the curved tip allows you to reach the farthest corners and wash out all food particles from there.


Clean your mouth

Tidy up your mouth. You need to clean your teeth with a brush and paste with partial dentures. Choosing a paste without abrasive particles is better than a brush with soft bristles. Be sure to clean your tongue and palate. For complete dentures, use a gauze swab or purchase a special brush made of soft silicone spikes.


Denture cleaning

Regular cleaning of the prosthesis with a brush with soft bristles is necessary. The low abrasive paste will reduce the risk of scratches. You can buy pasta for children. It is necessary to clean the structure according to the same principle as your own teeth. The direction of movement is from top to bottom. Pay special attention to the edges of the dentition. At the end, rinse the prosthesis with boiled water.


Antiseptic treatment

Proper care of removable dentures includes treatment with antiseptic compounds. Special tablets are dissolved in water, and the structures are washed with the resulting liquid. The solution washes away the remnants of fixing agents, kills microbes, and cleans the surface of the prosthesis from plaque.

For daily use, you can buy tablets with a standard formula. Once a week, treatment with a more potent agent is recommended. Every six months, it is advisable to do an ultrasonic cleaning of the prosthesis at the dentist.


How to store dental structures

Be sure to ask your dentist where to store your dentures. Previously, they were dipped in a glass of water or a special solution to protect them from bacterial growth and to dry out.

New generation structures are made of materials with the addition of acrylic, silicone, nylon. They retain their properties even when stored out of water. It is enough to purchase a particular case or container. Basically, they are plastic, opaque, and sealed. Such a box will protect the prosthesis from the dominance of pathogenic flora, scratches, and bumps.


Caring for clasp prostheses

Clasp structures are used for partial prosthetics and are a metal arc that is attached to the teeth. It must be cared for in the same way as ordinary dentures (for example, made of plastic).

The only difference is that tablets for the preparation of disinfectants and cleaning solutions must contain anti-corrosion components. Healthy teeth must also be kept clean, on which the arch is attached.



Mistakes in the care of dentures

Subject to the above rules, prostheses will last a long time. However, the following actions can significantly shorten their shelf life:

  • The use of viscous food threatens a violation of fixation.
  • Eating too hard food will cause the artificial tooth to chip off.
  • The use of a prosthesis in case of breakage is associated with a risk of injury to the oral mucosa.
  • Rinsing with too hot water threatens to deform the structure.
  • Cleaning the prosthesis over the sink is fraught with breakage: it may fall out of the hands. Use a towel to prevent this from happening.

Dentures are significantly inexpensive in Iran compared to other countries, and the most important factors for this are the large number of dentures clinics in Iran and the number of people applying for dentures in Iran. An estimated 50,000 dental procedures are performed in Iran each year. Highly qualified Iranian doctors perform the procedures. An important factor in selecting an excellent Iranian surgeon for dentures is that he or she has experience making dentures.

Any consultation you need, you can call CarefulTrip; we can introduce you the best doctors for dentures in Iran by their different experiences.

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