Dentures in Iran

Operation Duration 1-3 hour

IVF in Iran


Dentures in Iran

Custom Made for Each Patient

Non-Invasive Procedure

Long-lasting With Proper Care

Available in Various Materials

Periodic Adjustments for Optimal Fit

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Trip Journey

Your flight lands at the IK airport. Your next destination is the hotel, and after that, we will take you to the doctor’s visit. You sign the contract, then you start taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

You go for the initial tests and checkups.

you can visit the city, go shopping, and enjoy your days off.

You will go for an ultrasound (sonography), and your operation date will be determined. Then you receive the other necessary medications.

you can use your time to relax and prepare for the operation.

The day of action has come. You go to the operating room, and then the embryo is formed. Ultimately, the work is done with you, and you can return to your country so that our experts will contact you.

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Dentures in Iran is cost-effective and efficient

If you have lost or removed your natural teeth, you may be a candidate for dentures in Iran, which are custom-made to fit your mouth. All teeth on either the top or bottom gum line may be replaced with full dentures, while only a few may be replaced with partial dentures. It doesn’t matter what kind of dentures you require; they will be custom-made to fit your mouth and visually match your current teeth.


What are they made out of?

A strong resin has replaced porcelain or plastic in modern dentures as the primary material for the prosthetic teeth that compose them. It is well-known that denture teeth are more susceptible to chipping or cracking than real teeth, especially when they are not properly maintained. Dentures made of this material must be updated every five years since it wears out more quickly than real teeth. Dentures frequently employ a resin or a more flexible polymer substance that mimics the natural gum line to hold the fake teeth in place and approximate the mouth’s shape.


Who needs dentures?

Tooth-supporting dentures restore functionality to the mouth and enhance the aesthetics of a grin marred by many missing teeth. As a result, dentures allow you to eat items that require chewing, allowing you to keep your diet the same and guarantee that you are adequately supplied with nutrients. If you have severely damaged or rotten teeth, dentures in Iran may be the best option to replace them. A sturdy and attractive replacement for missing teeth can be obtained through the process of getting dentures fitted.


Partial dentures

When natural teeth in the surrounding area are not strong enough to support dental bridges or when more than two teeth are lost, partial dentures are frequently utilized instead.

To keep the dentures in place, partial dentures are custom-made for the gum line area where they will be worn. As long as you don’t forget to take them out before cleaning or going to bed, they aren’t going to be broken.


Full dentures

All of your natural teeth are replaced with full dentures, which are also known as complete dentures. Suction and an oral adhesive might be used to keep them in place on the top or bottom of your gums. Their Removability is easy and similar to partial dentures.


Immediate dentures and overdentures

Full and partial dentures in Iran can come in various forms, including immediate dentures, which are different from traditional dentures. This kind of denture is made before the teeth that dentures will replace what has been extracted and is worn immediately following tooth extraction and the healing process, which can last up to six months.

It is possible to utilize overdentures in the event that standard dentures are too unpleasant or if you still have four or five natural teeth. The roots of natural teeth can be used to support an overdenture if there are no natural teeth to fit over. Some people prefer this form of denture because it is more comfortable and can be removed more readily.


Dentures that are supported by titanium implants

These are dentures that are fixed to dental implants, as the name suggests. It is possible to utilize a dental implant to replace any number of teeth, as it is fixed to the jawbone. An implant, a metal post (typically titanium), and a custom crown all come together to form a dental prosthesis that appears just like a natural tooth.


What are the benefits of getting your dentures in Iran?

For dentures, many patients come to Iran. One of the reasons for this is the high success rate of Iranian doctors and surgeons.

  • Dentures in Iran are inexpensive.
  • Accommodation costs are low in Iran.
  • Doctors have a lot of experience


Dentures cost in Iran

The cost of dentures in Iran is much lower than in many other countries. For each jaw in Iran, dentures would cost somewhere between $400 and $1,000. In the United Kingdom, this treatment might cost up to $2500 or more. In the United States, the exact service costs between $1800 and $3500. So, in general doing dentures in Iran is absolutely worth it and you can expect guaranteed results from professional Iranian doctors.

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Price in other countries


750 USD


1100 USD


1400 USD

United States

1900 USD

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Iran is a top destination for IVF treatment because of its highly skilled doctors, advanced technology, affordable costs, and 65% success rates.

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