The Best Age for Embryo Transfer Procedure


The embryo transfer is the last step of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. During this stage, the fertilized egg, which is now an embryo, is implanted into the mother’s uterus. In vitro fertilization, often known as IVF, is a treatment that involves the artificial insemination of an embryo in a laboratory to improve a couple’s chances of having a child, reduce the risk of certain genetic disorders, or both. In many countries, you must invest your whole life to do IVF. So many young women are looking for a more affordable place to do this. Embryo transfer in Iran is one of the most popular options for women worldwide. The best age for an embryo transfer procedure in Iran or anywhere else is a question that comes up a lot. This article will discuss the best age for embryo transfer and IVF in Iran.



What is the best age for an embryo transfer procedure?

IVF success rates are the same as natural fertility rates, which tend to decrease as people get older.

You may be sure that frozen embryos are just as successful as fresh ones; in fact, some research suggests that the success rates for frozen vs. fresh transfers may be higher, thanks to preimplantation genetic screening and the absence of excess retrieval hormones in the recipient’s body. The quality of the embryo, the recipient’s receptive uterus, and the expertise and skill of the transferring physician all play a role in the success rate of an embryo transfer.

When comparing the success rates of FET and natural conception, it is crucial to think about things like the age of the egg donor or intended mother, the quality of the eggs, the quality of the sperm, and how responsive the uterus is during the transfer.

On the other hand, the SART database was used in one of the most important studies ever done on this subject to look at the egg retrievals done on patients and the number of pregnancies they had after the transfer. If a woman could harvest six or more eggs during her freezing cycle, she would have a greater chance of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. But if a woman had fewer than five eggs taken out, she would have a better chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby through fresh embryo transfers.



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Embryo Transfer Success Rates in Women Under the Age of 35

The Society for Reproductive Technology (SART) says that 55.6% of women under 35 who have a live birth through IVF are younger than 35. The rate of live births after the initial transfer of an embryo is 41.4%. When embryo transfer happens at a later stage, the chance of a live birth drops to about 47%. It’s essential to remember that these numbers are based on a woman using her eggs to get pregnant.


Embryo Transfer Success Rates Ranging Between 35 and 37

For women aged 35 to 37 who use their eggs in an attempt at in vitro fertilization, the success percentage is 40.8%. The rate of live births after the initial transfer of an embryo is 31.6%. The proportion of embryo transfers that result in a live birth climb to 44.7% when the transfer is a second or subsequent one.


Embryo Transfer Success Rates Ranging Between 38 and 40

The success rate for women between the ages of 38 and 40 is just 26.8%, a significant drop from the percentage for women between the ages of 35 and 37. There is a successful live birth after the initial embryo transfer for 22.3% of the women who fall into this group. After the second embryo transfer or later, 40.9% of the women in this group give birth to a healthy baby.


Embryo Transfer Success Rates Higher Than 40 Percent

The success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF) hovers around 7% for women over the age of 40, with women under the age of 42 having a higher rate of success than women over the age of 42. Many women over 40 choose to use donor eggs in their fertility treatments. In the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor eggs take the age variable out of the pregnancy success equation, shifting the fertility advantage to the egg donor in their mid-20s.


Embryo Transfer Age Limit

With the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF), many women in their 40s and older have been able to keep having children. Fertility, on the other hand, drops off significantly after the age of forty. In addition, ovarian failure or menopause typically indicates that this window of opportunity has closed. Your doctor or nurse may now talk to you about other options, such as surrogacy, an egg donor, or adoption.


Is embryo transfer in Iran a good idea or not?

If the medicine is not included, the cost of one IVF cycle in California’s leading cities is anywhere from $8,000 to $13,000 on average. This price does not include the cost of the therapy itself.

Getting an egg from a donor will cost you more money because it takes more planning, testing, and care. This is especially true if you are using an egg donor as part of your journey to get pregnant. You can purchase IVF plans that include one egg retrieval, multiple egg retrievals, limitless transfers, or unlimited egg retrievals until live delivery, in addition to the standard egg donor compensation package, which is around $8,000 in California. The cost of these treatments varies from $25,000 to $46,000.

The cost of an embryo transfer procedure might differ in other countries; the important fact is that embryo transfer in Iran, at all prices, would be half or even less.

Aside from lowering costs, the embryo transfer process in Iran is pretty standard, but it is very well developed. Many Iranian women and women from other countries come to Iran to transfer embryos and finish the IVF process.

Many shreds of evidence show the quality of hospitals, physicians, and the process of IVF in Iran, which makes everyone sure to have IVF in this country.

Above all these points, you have to pay attention to choosing the company responsible for organizing everything for you. CarefulTrip, one of the most known and reliable companies, is the one you must choose to have an embryo transfer in Iran because of the high patient satisfaction rate. This company, among all others, facilitates the process, ensures quality, and fulfills your needs.




Embryo transfer, or IVF, is a well-known and valuable treatment for women who want to postpone having a child. This method is so sensitive to age that future mothers should know the best age to transfer the embryo. In this article, we’ve discussed the best age and the percentage of its success in different years of a woman’s life. Also, we’ve talked about embryo transfer in Iran and its benefits.


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