How to Take IVF Injections at Home?

How to Take IVF Injections at Home?


IVF injections are a crucial part of the in vitro fertilization process. Although administering these injections can seem difficult at first, it can be done safely and efficiently with the right planning, skill, and assistance. Proper medicine administration is essential for the IVF cycle to succeed, and patients can be sure of this by knowing the stages and adhering to best practices.

Intrauterine growth factor (IVF) injections are essential to stimulate the ovaries to generate many eggs, delay premature ovulation, and support the uterine lining for embryo implantation. Progesterone, hCG triggers, GnRH agonists/antagonists, and gonadotropins are among the drugs injected. Every drug serves a distinct function and is given at various points during the IVF cycle. We have talked about these injections at length in our previous articles, but administering them is another matter.

Many patients find that administering IVF injections at home is really convenient, as it enables them to continue with their regular activities without having to make frequent journeys to the clinic. However, administering IVF injections necessitates a thorough understanding of the procedures in order to minimize discomfort and lower the chance of any problem occurring. In this article, we have tried to provide a thorough explanation of giving IVF injections at home, with particular attention to the question of which area to inject—the thigh or the stomach.


Types of IVF Injections

Although we have gone in depth in detailing different types of IVF injections, let’s revisit the types of IVF medications that require injections. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types:


●     Gonadotropins:

  • Purpose: Stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.
  • Common Medications: Menopur, Follistim, Gonal-F.
  • Duration: Typically administered daily for 8-14 days.


●     GnRH Agonists and Antagonists:

  • Purpose: Prevent premature ovulation and control hormone release.
  • Common Medications: Lupron (agonist), Cetrotide, and Ganirelix (antagonists).
  • Duration: Agonists can be used daily for 10-14 days before stimulation and during stimulation; antagonists are used from the fifth or sixth day of stimulation until the hCG trigger.


●     Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG):

  • Purpose: Trigger the final maturation of the eggs.
  • Common Medications: Ovidrel, Pregnyl.
  • Timing: Administered once, about 36 hours before egg retrieval.


●     Progesterone:

  • Purpose: Prepare the uterine lining for implantation and support early pregnancy.
  • Forms: Intramuscular injections, vaginal suppositories.
  • Duration: Typically starts the day after egg retrieval and continues for 10-12 days or until the pregnancy test. If pregnancy is confirmed, it may continue for up to 10 weeks.


Preparation for IVF Injection at Home

For patients to administer injections for the IVF treatment at home, they have to follow certain steps:

  1. Gather Supplies: Make sure you have the medicine, syringes, alcohol swabs, a sharps container for used needles, and any other items your healthcare professional has advised on hand.
  2. Clean Hands and Area: Wash your hands well with soap and water. Thoroughly clean the injection site with an alcohol swab and allow it to dry.
  3. Mix Medication (if Needed): Prior to usage, certain IVF medications must be blended. Observe the directions on your prescription or from your medical professional.


Steps for Administering Injections

  1. Draw Medication: If you’re using a syringe, fill it with the recommended dosage, making sure there are no air bubbles.
  2. Choose the Injection Site: Select the area of your thigh or stomach (abdomen) based on comfort and advice from your healthcare practitioner.


IVF Injections: Stomach or Thigh

IVF injections, like any injection, should follow a set of protocols and steps. Which are:


Stomach (Abdomen)

  • Site Selection: Select a location that is about 1-2 inches away from the belly button, below the navel, but above the hip bones.
  • Pinch Skin: To give the injection a harder surface, gently pinch a flap of skin between your thumb and fingers.
  • Insert Needle: Grasp the syringe like a pencil, then poke the needle directly into the pinched skin at a 90-degree angle.
  • Inject Medication: To inject medication, slowly and steadily press the plunger.
  • Remove Needle: Release the squeezed skin by withdrawing the needle at the same angle that it was inserted.
  • Apply Pressure: For a few seconds, gently press the injection site with a clean cotton ball or piece of gauze.



Injecting the thigh follows the general steps of injecting the stomach. First, you have to select the site of injection, which is, in this case, on the front of the thigh, midway between the knee and hip, on the outer aspect. Pinch the skin, insert the needle, and then inject the medication slowly and steadily. Afterward, just remove the needle and apply pressure on the injection site.


After IVF Injection at Home

Now that the injection is done, what steps should you take? Let’s find out:


  1. Dispose of Needles Safely: Place used needles and syringes in a sharps container immediately after use.
  2. Record Injection: Keep a log of your injections, including the date, time, medication, and dosage.
  3. Monitor for Side Effects: Watch for any signs of infection at the injection site, such as redness, swelling, or pain. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience any concerning symptoms.


Tips for Successful IVF Injections

For some, administering IVF injection, or any injection, can be a daunting task. If that is the case, you should seek professional help, but in the end, you can administer your shots yourself. Simply follow these steps:


  • Rotate Injection locations: Within the advised areas, rotate between various locations to prevent bruising and irritation.
  • Remain Calm: Try to maintain your composure and relaxation while giving the shot. Breathing deeply can be beneficial.
  • Practice: If feasible, practice with a medical professional or nurse before attempting it on your own.


Final Words

IVF injections need to be administered at home with great care, precision, and competence. These rules ensure a more streamlined and effective operation whether you choose to inject in the stomach or thigh. Always ask your healthcare provider for specific guidance and assistance throughout your IVF journey.

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