Cares Before Facelift

Cares Before Facelift


How to prepare for a facelift?

A facelift, sometimes known as a “rhytidectomy,” is intended to eliminate fatty facial problems as well as loose skin, wrinkles, and age-related laxity in the underlying tissues of the face and neck. As a result, a patient having a facelift can anticipate that their face will look tighter and younger after the procedure. The appropriate specialized plastic surgeon for your facelift is crucial. In this case, you should be aware that in recent years a facelift in Iran has become very common, and due to the perfect results and our experienced specialists in CarefulTrip, many people from inside and outside attend to do a facelift in Iran.

So make sure you are comfortable with your choice, have examined their credentials, are satisfied with their degree of facial surgery competence, and that you both have reasonable expectations for the results after your appointment. Aside from choosing the finest surgeon, making sure you are prepared for your procedure and following up afterward are crucial steps in ensuring the greatest possible outcome.


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Cares Before Facelift



Your initial consultation

The initial step is to schedule a consultation. You will talk about your objectives with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons during this private meeting. They will talk with you about your expectations and let you know if they are reasonable or not, which will help you decide if a facelift is an appropriate operation for you. The consultation is a crucial opportunity to obtain the knowledge you require. At CarefulTrip, plastic surgeons devote as much time as is required to cover every aspect of your surgery. You can anticipate:

  • Mention the specifics of what you want to alter.
  • Examine your medical history.
  • Review any ongoing medical issues.
  • Review any medications you are taking now.
  • Examine many treatment alternatives, such as the facelift procedure.
  • Discuss your potential for problems or side effects.
  • Talk about your expectations for the procedure and the outcome.

Your plastic surgeon will provide a practical recommendation at the end of the consultation. Before-and-after pictures of previous patients who had the same surgery will be displayed to you by your doctor. If it turns out that you are a good candidate for a facelift, we’ll make sure to inform you of the entire procedure, including:

  • Cost
  • Outcomes
  • Risks
  • Facilities and surgery locations
  • anesthesia
  • recovery

Any queries you may have will be addressed by one of our surgical consultants at CarefulTrip, who will also go over all available financing alternatives aside from arranging for your visa and all other things related to getting a facelift in Iran.



A month before the facelift

Although a month may seem like a long time to be getting ready for surgery, keep in mind that the things you do now will benefit you much down the road, especially when you’re lying on the couch and simply want to rest. Here is what you might anticipate doing in advance of your facelift procedure over the next three to four weeks:

  • We will arrange every pre-operative test you need, which may frequently include laboratory testing and EKGs for some people. Your unique pre-op appointments will be based on your health, medical history, and any current medical conditions you may have. Not every patient will be asked to have these tests done. To avoid unpleasant surprises and surgical postponements, schedule these tests as soon as possible.
  • Every day, work to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. The best way to guarantee that your body will be prepared to recover after surgery is to stay active and healthy.
  • If you’re a woman of childbearing age, be proactive in preventing conception. Pregnancy will prevent you from having a facelift procedure done because it could endanger both your health and the health of your unborn child. Before your surgery and rehabilitation, take precautions to prevent becoming pregnant.
  • If you’re getting a facelift in Iran or any other country, make sure to discuss your existing hairstyle with your facial plastic surgeon and arrange to get it cropped as necessary to better suit him or her during surgery.


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Two weeks before the facelift

It’s time to move on to the next stage of your planning as the day of your surgery gets closer and closer. During these last few weeks, you should put a priority on maintaining your health. To achieve it, just adhere to the following guidelines:



Review the list of prescription drugs and dietary supplements that may interact badly during surgery and stop taking them. Typically, these include, among other things, aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E. To be safe, ask your facial plastic surgeon for the entire list.



It’s time to stop if you smoke, chew tobacco, or have been using a patch to quit. Quit smoking to boost your chances of a speedy recovery and give your body a chance to stop constricting your blood vessels. You must wait at least two weeks after your operation before starting to smoke again.


at home

Start preparing a designated recuperation place at home that is intended for rest. Choose a convenient, cozy, and handy location for the bathroom. Stock this area with plenty of pillows, blankets, comfortable clothing that doesn’t pull over your head, healthy snacks, drinking water, medical equipment, and amusement.

In addition to the cases mentioned, paying attention to these points is also effective in the preparation process for a facelift in Iran or anywhere else.

  • Pay attention to your face to prevent sunburns and damage by using a sunscreen every day.
  • Increase your daily vitamin C intake by 1000 mg. You’ll recover from your facelift surgery more quickly and completely if you have high, healthy amounts of vitamin C in your body.
  • Start discussing your travel arrangements on the day of surgery with friends and family. Plan properly because you’ll need a ride to and from surgery.
  • It’s crucial that you make arrangements to stay close by and reserve a hotel room for you and your driver if you have to travel more than 30 minutes to your facial cosmetic surgeon’s office, clinic, or hospital.


A week before the facelift

It’s time to cross the last few unusual tasks off your list and give recovery time some serious thought. In the final week before your procedure, be careful to follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid drinking for the remainder of this week and the first full week following surgery. Alcohol can constrict blood vessels, cause hazardous interactions, and increase the risk of surgical complications. For your safety, refrain from drinking alcohol for a week before surgery.
  • In the final week before surgery, patients who frequently color, highlight, or perm their hair should schedule a salon appointment. It won’t be a good idea to get these services done while you’re recovering.
  • Run all of your last-minute errands to clear your schedule while you’re recovering. Make a list of the things that must be done, then visit the grocery store, pharmacy, dry cleaners, dog groomer, etc. in that order. Nothing that will keep you from unwinding should linger over your head. Don’t say you’ll “do it later,” because you won’t be able to accomplish these things while you’re recovering.
  • It is worth mentioning that in the last week, an appointment with the surgeon was recommended for a final check. By selecting the CarefulTrip team to perform a facelift in Iran, all surgical appointments as well as other arrangements like accommodation will be organized by our team because the patients’ comfort is our top priority.


Morning of facelift

Yes, you will prepare up to the time of your facelift visit at the office of your surgeon. Follow your pre-op checklist meticulously to ensure that you have complied with all the requirements and that nothing will prevent you from having your surgery.

  • The night before your surgery, abstain from eating or drinking anything after midnight, including water. This is a sensible guideline that guarantees you can have surgery and that your stomach is empty.
  • As confirmed, get a ride to and from the procedure. It must be a friend or relative who is willing to wait with you while you get your facelift. For your safety, you won’t be allowed to take a taxi, bus, or other types of public transit home after your surgery.
  • To relax and mentally get ready for surgery, take a lengthy shower the morning of your procedure. Apply no cosmetics or face or hair styling items. Your fingers’ nail polish should also be removed.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with buttons or zippers up front. Avoid wearing anything that requires you to pull it over your head because it will be difficult to dress and undress following surgery.
  • Keep your jewels and other valuables at home. Keep them secured at home while you have surgery.
  • Wear your glasses but not your contact lenses on the day of your surgery if you need corrective lenses.

Following this checklist closely might help you move through the various planning phases as the date of your facelift surgery approaches. Being ready can help you have a quick, painless recovery and get the results from the facelift that you want. If you’re getting a facelift in Iran or other nations, see your facial plastic surgeon to ensure that your list is complete and you’re following through.




This blog provided all of the necessary information before getting a facelift in Iran or any other country. Also, by choosing the CarefulTrip team in Iran, the entire surgical process is coordinated by our team. The Most Reliable Health Tourism Provider in Iran is Careful Trip. We thoroughly assess your medical situation and recommend a unique combination of hospitals, clinics, and top surgeons. Make appointments with the best surgeons and specialists who have received foreign training. Pre-operative check-ups, round-the-clock assistance, and lodging arrangements. So, contact us to set up a meeting for a facelift in Iran with CarefulTrip and enjoy the results.

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