Best Age for Freezing Sperm


People are aware that the mother’s age at first birth is getting older, but less is said about the fact that the father’s age is also getting older and what this means for society as a whole.

Over the past 40 years in the U.S., the number of babies born to fathers over the age of APA, which can be either 35 or 45, has gone from less than 4% to 10%.

While there has been a lot of research on infertility and other health problems in older mothers, not as much has been done on the same issues in older men. But there is evidence that fertility is going down and that there are more problems during pregnancy, like gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction, and premature birth.

Also, the children of APA fathers have a higher risk of both chromosomal and non-chromosomal birth defects and a higher rate of autism and cancer. These are the data from a recent paper on the idea of sperm banking and older men who are thinking about becoming fathers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best age for freezing sperm and its costs and reasons for sperm freezing in Iran.


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Why men should freeze their sperm?


According to the director of the Male Infertility and Men’s Health Clinic at Brady Urological Institute, the most common reason is when a patient requires cancer treatment. After chemotherapy or radiation therapy, there may be very few sperm left in the ejaculate, or there may not be any sperm left at all (seminal fluid). Sperm production may also cease after treatment for testicular cancer with an operation known as an orchiectomy (which involves the removal of the testicles). Additional advantages of sperm banking include the following:


Age is associated with a decline in sperm quality; therefore, if you are getting older and want to maintain your fertility, you may want to consider freezing your sperm.

Procedures or conditions related to medicine: individuals who opt to have a vasectomy may still be interested in the possibility of having children in the future. A woman’s ability to conceive may be negatively impacted by the use of certain medications, such as testosterone therapy or sickle cell therapy.

Occupation: People who have jobs that put them in danger, like those who serve in the military, have the option of freezing their sperm so that it can be used later by either them or their partners.

Posthumous sperm retrieval: It refers to the process by which family members may decide to collect sperm from a deceased member of the family. Sperm can be collected and stored in liquid nitrogen for up to three days after a person has passed away.


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What is the best age for freezing sperm?

According to the findings of a new study that was recently published in the journal Maturitas, men who are 45 years old or older may experience decreased fertility, and may also put their partners at an increased risk for pregnancy-related complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and premature birth.

“Most men do not realize their advanced age can have a similar impact,” said study researcher Gloria Bachmann, who is also the director of the Women’s Health Institute at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

“While it is widely accepted that physiological changes that occur in women after 35 can affect conception, pregnancy, and the health of the child, most men do not realize their advanced age can have a similar impact.”

But what does this information really imply for men? Bachmann suggested that doctors talk to older men about the role that age plays in conception, pregnancy, and the health of their possible children in the same way that they talk to older women.

This is something that they already do with older women. “While women tend to be more aware and educated than men about their reproductive health, the majority of men do not consult with physicians unless they have a medical or fertility issue,” Bachmann said, according to Rutgers. “This may be due to the fact that men do not seek medical attention unless they have a problem with their fertility.”

Also, men who want children but don’t want to start a family right away should think about having their sperm frozen before they age 35. (Or, at the very least, by the time they reach the age of 45.)

To set the record straight, this is not the first research that has shown that males have a biological clock when it comes to the possibility of having children.

The success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF) was 73 percent, as reported by The Guardian, for couples in whom the female spouse was younger than 30, but the male partner was between 30 and 35 years old. In contrast, the probability of a woman giving birth to a healthy baby plummeted to 46% when the father’s age was between 40 and 42 years old, and she was younger than 30.

At last, It is suggested that you freeze your sperm before you reach the age of 36 since the quality of sperm also decreases with age.


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Sperm freezing in Iran, why and how?


These days, a growing number of people are choosing to go to Iran in order to undergo a variety of surgical procedures due to the high level of care provided by the country’s medical professionals, as well as the reasonable costs involved. There are a lot of young men who are curious about sperm freezing in Iran and the process involved.



Sperm freezing in Iran includes these steps:


To begin, you will be required to undergo testing to determine whether or not you have any contagious illnesses, such as HIV or hepatitis. This has nothing to do with whether or not you can freeze your sperm; rather, it is to guarantee that samples of impacted sperm are kept in a separate location in order to avoid contamination of other samples.


After that, you will be required to provide your informed permission in the form of a written document to have your sperm kept, as well as designate how long you want it to be retained.

At the clinic, you will be requested to generate a fresh sample of sperm (if you are able), which will then be mixed with a specific fluid (a cryoprotectant) to protect the sperm from harm caused by freezing. If you are able to make sperm, you will be able to produce a healthy baby. Before being frozen, the sperm sample is often separated into a number of different containers that are referred to as straws. Because of this, not all of the frozen sperm has to be thawed at the same time, and it may be utilized for more than one treatment. After that, the samples are chilled at a gradual rate and then submerged in liquid nitrogen.


Andrologists deposit the prepared sperm in tiny vials that have been filled with a particular freezing solution. The vials are placed in freezers designed for storage that are filled with liquid nitrogen. Sperm is required to be stored in a freezer at a temperature of minus 196 degrees centigrade at all times.


The sperm from each patient is normally separated into numerous vials and stored in several separate storage tanks. Even if one of the freezers breaks down, the sperm samples won’t be compromised. Sperm may be frozen for an unlimited amount of time.


When it is time to utilize the sperm, it is thawed in the laboratory using very precise procedures until it reaches room temperature. After being thawed, the sample is examined to see whether or not it still contains sperm that are motile and active.


The unfortunate reality is that the freezing and thawing process may kill anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of the sperm in certain situations. However, those who survive could have an edge in their ability to produce offspring. According to certain studies, when utilized in vitro fertilization (IVF), these sperm may have a higher chance of producing a pregnancy.


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It might seem like a lifeline to some men these days and age to sperm freeze, and the number of men who decide to do so continues to grow daily. However, for some of these men, the decision to do so comes with significant financial burdens. Sperm freezing in Iran can solve many financial and medical problems due to the valuable equipment of hospitals and clinics.

The only point that you have to consider is to make sure which company you are settling down the process. Sperm freezing in Iran with CarefulTrip is the most satisfying and well-done operation based on patients’ opinions. You can go through a free consultation with CarefulTrip and then decide on your process.


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