10 dos and don’ts during pregnancy


Getting pregnant and staying healthy during this period are two different topics you should not look over. Health specialists recommend some dos and don’ts that are crucial in helping you stay healthy during this important phase. In this article, we will look over some of them.


Top 10 dos during pregnancy

Here is what we recommend you do during your pregnancy:

  1. Keep your diet balanced

Eating all sorts of foods containing different vitamins and minerals is crucial for keeping your baby healthy. Make sure you keep a balanced and healthy diet to ensure you and your baby gain the necessary fuel and nutrients from natural sources.

  1. Taking supplements/multivitamins

Even though keeping your diet healthy and balanced is important, your body, especially when carrying a fetus, requires a lot of additional vitamins and nutrients. Taking the right multivitamin helps you to support your baby. Additional supplements contain higher levels of these nutrients, such as iron and calcium. However, do not take more than one dose/tablet of these multivitamins.


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  1. Practice yoga

Other than hot yoga, other types of yoga that are gentle or classes that especially consider pregnant women can be so effective during this time. Gentle mobility moves and poses are great for you and your baby. However, before participating in any class that contains movement, make sure you chat with your doctor.

  1. Workout

Even though you might think not moving your body much might be healthy, it is not! Joining pre-determined workout classes for pregnant women, or even continuing your previous workouts while not taking it too hard and listening to your body, is A-Okay! Overall, stay active to keep the baby healthy.

  1. Get enough sleep

Making sure your body gets enough (or even more than enough!) sleep is another important factor during your pregnancy. Through this phase, your hormones are changing. This means getting peaceful sleep might be more difficult, but it is even more important than before; 7-9 hours of nightly sleep must be enough and ideal for most women.

  1. Eat seafood!

If you are looking for a source of vitamins, seafood is what you should be looking at! The nutrients these foods contain are so on point that we decided to dedicate a whole paragraph to them! Zinc, iron, and healthy fatty acids are just a few of the vitamins and minerals that seafood contains. However, try preventing raw seafood, since it might cause some unwanted problems.

  1. Minimize stress

Experiencing anxiety, stress, and even depression is normal during pregnancy. Although you might go through all these difficulties, it is so vital to avoid stress and limit it at all costs. You can try breathing exercises to help manage your stress. Talking with a therapist is also another ideal option; this helps manage your thoughts and lessens your worries.


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  1. Get vaccinated

The coughing vaccine and flu shots are two vaccines you can receive. We recommend you consider both. The flu shot decreases the severity of influenza in case you encounter it. These vaccines protect both you and your fetus.

  1. Add calories mindfully

In simple words, do not just ‘eat more’! Instead, do it mindfully. By your third semester, you should take around 500 additional calories daily. Try not transcending this number, as it will result in unhealthy weight gain.

  1. Perform your regular dental procedures

You do not need to avoid dentistry at all. We even recommend having an organized oral health routine.


Top 10 don’ts during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you should avoid the followings:

  1. Don’t drink alcohol

You probably heard this before, but it is excessively important to skip. Alcohol could seriously harm your baby’s health. Behavior problems, disabilities, and low weight are just a few side effects of alcohol overtake during pregnancy. Small amounts of alcohol can also lead to problems.

  1. Don’t go to saunas or sit in hot tubs

These high-temperature locations may be more dangerous than you think. In fact, so dangerous that they might even lead to miscarriage. Anything that increases your body temperature is just as dangerous.

  1. Avoid caffeine overtake

You can safely drink one or two cups of coffee a day, so do not panic if you are a coffee lover. You do not have to prevent caffeine completely; however, decrease the amount as it affects your baby’s heart rate.

  1. Don’t smoke

Obviously! Smoking may put your baby at risk, especially for some kinds of disabilities, while being more likely to experience low birth weight. Moreover, physiological nicotine addiction increases the chance of your child smoking later in life.

  1. Don’t take drugs

Cannabis in any format, cocaine, metformin, and other psychoactive substances lead to health problems for your baby. Please make sure to talk to your doctor if you take any illegal drugs, considering they can be extremely dangerous for your baby.

  1. Don’t cut out food

Dieting during your pregnancy is another thing you should avoid. Keeping your diet healthy and balanced while consuming all sorts of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself.

  1. Don’t clean up after your cats!

While having pets is okay during pregnancy, cleaning up the cat’s litter box is something you should avoid. Cat litter contains certain bacteria and parasites that are especially dangerous for pregnant women.

  1. Don’t eat raw food or sushi

Eating uncooked meat, fish, eggs, etc. may bring unwanted health conditions for the mother. Avoiding raw foods is an easy way to prevent any bacteria or infections that they might carry.

  1. Don’t eat unwashed fruits and veggies

Unwashed fruits may contain certain bacteria and parasites that you may want to avoid at all costs. It also goes for unwashed vegetables. Salmonella is just one of these parasites that you might know.

  1. Avoid sports that carry a risk of falling

While staying active is great during your pregnancy, and most workouts and exercises are safe to perform, sports like snowboarding, ice-skating, horse-riding, and downhill skiing that carry the risk of falling might not be ideal for you.


Surrogate in Iran

In today’s world, so many couples experience infertility on a yearly basis. Not being able to get pregnant might be the result of various different things. One ideal way for infertility treatment is surrogacy. Through surrogacy, another woman carries and gives birth to a couple’s child. Surrogacy is a legal and popular assisted reproductive technology in Iran. Iranian surrogates agree to carry an infertile couple’s baby under the control of doctors and the baby’s parents.


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The Bottom Line

During your pregnancy, there are activities you can do in order to increase both your child’s and your own health. On the other hand, some actions might put you and your baby at risk. It is important to learn these dos and don’ts, and try to apply them to your daily life. If you experience infertility, you are not alone. So many couples pick surrogacy as an infertility treatment. By picking a surrogate in Iran under legal agreement, you and your partner can experience the blessing of having a child of your own.

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