Retinal detachment surgery in Iran 

To kill two birds with one stone, you should consider a careful trip.Careful trip will provide you with health tourism. Skilled specialists and surgeons has made Iran one of the bests in the area. Patients from all around the world consider this country for retinal detachment surgery. It would be a trip to remember, because not only you're affected eye will be treated but also you could see one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 


What is a retinal detachment?

The light-sensitive film at the back of your eye is called the retina. In retinal detachment surgery, this part will peel away from the wall of the eye. 

 The procedure will cure the affected eye. Aging is one of the common reasons for this problem. In some cases, retinal detachment can run in the family and lead to a problem, but rare.


The benefit of Retinal detachment surgery

Retinal detachment could lead to total blindness. So the most important benefit of retinal detachment surgery is preventing patients from going blind. Retinal detachment May cause some problems in Patience's vision. 

Even in a successful retinal detachment surgery, the patient's Vision count fully recovered. But the good news is retinal detachment surgery done in Iran will lead to successful results. More than 40000 patients are going under retinal detachment surgery every month in Iran. We cannot find another country with such a history of retinal detachment surgeries.


 In a nutshell

Looking for a country with the best surgeons, Iran is the answer. House tourism in Iran is an experience you will never forget. Modern hospitals, the best eye care treatments, and affordable prices are waiting for you. Visit a country with a rich history and great knowledge. Choose your treatment and let the rest to the careful trip. 




Keep your head in a certain position for a few days so that the air bubble is in the right place
Avoid certain activities - such as flying, strenuous exercise and heavy weight lifting - while your eyes are healing.

You will usually be anesthetized so you will be asleep during this surgery. You will not feel anything and you will not remember the surgery.

The success rate for retinal detachment surgery is approximately 90% with a single operation. This means that 1 in 10 people (10%) will need more than one operation. The reasons for this are new tears forming in the retina or the eye forming scar tissue which contracts and pulls off the retina again.

Most people can go home the same day, but you need someone to take you home.