Neck lift surgery in Iran


Neck lift surgery in Iran is an ideal option for people who plan to perform this operation abroad. Among the reasons are the reasonable price of neck lift surgery in Iran, skilled surgeons, modern clinics and everything you need for optimal surgery abroad. We also offer comprehensive packages including 24 hours assistant, airport pickup, accommodations and everything you need for a comfortable trip to Iran.

In this comprehensive guidance, we provide you some information about neck surgery in Iran and explain how the procedure goes.


What you need to know about neck lift surgery

Usually, the first organ that shows aging in you is the neck. Due to its loose skin, the neck loses its elasticity sooner than other organs and shows signs of aging. The most important advantage of neck lift surgery is to eliminate the effects of aging. For this reason, neck lift surgery is one of the most popular face lift procedures and cosmetic surgeries.

In neck lift surgery, the skin is stretched and rejuvenates due to tightening. This operation is basically done in conjunction with other facial procedures, but it can also be done alone. Neck lift surgery has the advantage of removing the lines on the skin and excess fat in the neck and creates a beautiful and youthful appearance.


How the procedure goes?

Neck lift surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, so you can spend the recovery period at home and do not need to spend the night in the clinic. There are two main methods that a plastic surgeon can use for neck lift surgery in Iran:

Platysmaplasty: A surgeon who repairs neck muscles and removes excess skin.

Cervicoplasty: The main purpose of this method is to remove excess skin.

In neck lift surgery, the surgeon makes incisions and gently lifts the neck muscles, removing excess skin and fat. Your doctor may also use liposuction on your neck. After doing this, he sews the incisions and bandages them. Neck lift surgery takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of work required.


It starts from the temples inside the hair and goes down to the ear and clings to it until it goes around the earlobe and goes back to the back of the ear and neck.

According to the above expert in plastic and cosmetic surgery, the following factors are effective in sagging face: Gravity, sunlight, smoking, aging

According to the cosmetic surgeon, this surgery depends on the extent of the fall from the age of 40 to 50

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