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Hair transplant in Iran

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Hair transplant

One of the most important issues about appearance in mankind is hair loss. This issue continued until it has become a serious concern for people today. Most of those who are suffering from hair loss are also suffering from a lack of self-confidence too. But thanks to technology in recent decades, great treatments have been developed to cure or restrict hair loss. One of the most effective treatments for hair loss is hair transplant.

Hair transplant is an advanced technique which in you will undergo surgery and your hair will be taken from thicker areas and implanted in areas with less hair. It’s a safe and secure treatment for those who are looking for a permanent solution and it’s strongly recommended by doctors and surgeons.

While you are thinking about this way of treatment, plus the criteria you may want to consider for the best hair transplant, you have to consider 2 important factors too; the price and the success rank and their direct proportion.

Typically, when there is a low price, there will be a low success rank. And also, when there is a high success rank, there will be a high price. But there always are some exceptions.

For example, hair transplant in Iran doesn’t follow that proportion. Actually, there is an inverse proportion here and that is the great low price and the great high success rank. You may ask why? It’s obvious. With a simple search about Iran’s currency, you will find out that it has very less value compared to the US dollar. So on, every price in Iran will cost you very less than in other countries.

In the following, you will find out more about hair transplant in Iran, the prices, the services, and most important of all you will get to know CarefulTrip health tourism agency and its very unique services in this field of treatment.

Hair transplant in Iran

Hair transplant in Iran has a great chance of success for patients and every year, there are a lot of patients coming to Iran for having successful hair transplants. It is also very beneficial due to its advanced techniques, short recovery periods, and low prices in return for the best possible results.

Surgeons in Iran are the most educated and experienced surgeons among doctors and specialists around the world. Despite its well-equipped hospitals and health centers, performing hair transplant cost in Iran is far more efficient than in many other countries.

If you are suffering from hair loss, due to the success ranks, prices, and unique services, Iran will be on the top of your list. Hair transplant in Iran is a treatment that is provided by super specialty clinics and hospitals with fully advanced equipment.

There are also super specialty health tourism agencies that provide every medical and cosmetic treatment depending on specialties. CarefulTrip health tourism agency is one of them. Hair transplant in Iran with CarefulTrip is a journey that every patient with hair loss must experience.

What to expect from a hair transplant?

First, the surgeon numbs your scalp and the target area using small needles. The operation is not complicated and it takes about 4 to 6 hours. A clinic stay is not required for this operation and the total stay is only 4 days long. Though the healing process takes about 10 to 14 days, the treated patient is free to attend work again 7 days after the procedure.

But about the recovery in the details, after surgery, your scalp may be very sensitive. You may need to take painkillers for a few days. The surgeon will ask you to wear a bandage on your scalp for at least a day or two. you may also be prescribed an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory medication to take for a few days. but generally, most people can return to work up to 5 days after surgery.

Within 2-3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should notice new growth within a few months. Most people will see 60% new hair growth after 6-9 months. Some surgeons prescribe the hair growth drug minoxidil (Rogaine) to promote hair growth after transplantation, but it is not known how well it works.

However, with the follow-up plan that you will be given by the CarefulTrip agency, the best surgeon and prescription will be chosen for you depending on your situation and everything will be done easily and you will get your new hair in the best way possible.

All-inclusive hair transplant packages in Iran

There are all-inclusive packages offered to you, and you can choose the most suitable option for you considering all the benefits. These packages are specifically designed for your extra convenience and will be provided at very affordable prices. By using these packages, you will avoid wasting too much time and energy on deciding what is suitable for you during hair transplant in Iran. Affordable packages if provided by CarefulTrip agency to patients, will be included many free advantages such as:

  • Accommodations;

Free three nights stay in a 3 to 5-star hotel, typically near the clinic.

  • Pre and post-doctor visits;

Clinic and doctor visits, post-operative care, and recovery.

  • The entire necessary medical tests;

This includes all tests that prescribe to ensure your health.

  • Free airport pickup and transportation;

Airport pickup by personal drivers and private transfer from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa.

  • T-visa authorization code;

Remember there is a separate visa fee that the patient must pay when receiving the visa, which is not part of this package.

  • Other services;

Such as medical transportation, all the required medicines, a SIM card with Internet access, and a medical interpreter.

All the packages include these advantages with no extra cost, turning your medical trip into a very memorable one.

Best candidates for hair transplant

In some cases, hair transplant is the best option, but in some others, hair transplant will not be recommended. In the following, you will find out the best and worst candidates for hair transplant.

  • Men with male pattern baldness;
  • Women with thinning or fragile hair;
  • Anyone suffering from hair loss due to different reasons;

On the other side, this procedure is not proper for the following:

  • People with not enough donor hair areas;
  • People who form and receive thick scars after performing surgeries or injury;
  • People who suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy and similar medications;
  • Women with large hair loss patterns on their scalp.

What are the different Hair transplant methods?

There are two main techniques for Hair transplant in Iran both involve transplanting hair follicles:

  • FIT (FUT)

In FIT (FUT) (follicular unit transplantation) surgery, the plastic surgeon cuts out a strip of scalp skin from the sides or the back of your head and then extracts the individual hair follicles. After this removal, they are reinserted into the bald areas of your scalp, forming a natural look.

  • FUE

In FUE (follicular unit extraction), the surgeon directly extracts individual follicles from the scalp and then reinserts them instead of cutting a strip of scalp skin.

Each of the methods has its own pros and cons and after getting a full free consultation from our consultants, you will be advised about the best way of methods you must undergo for the hair transplant.

FUE is the more popular and the less painful method, however, FIT might be the right pick for you if you want to graft a larger number of hair follicles.

What happens after a hair transplant?

After the surgery, your scalp may feel sour and tender for a while. You may even need to take a particular medication for several days after the procedure, such as specific painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medicines. As mentioned earlier, most people are able to return to work and their normal life in 7 days.

In two to three weeks after the operation, the hair transplant starts to fall out, which is completely normal. This results in new hair growth. Most patients notice hair growth 6 to 12 months after the procedure. Some surgeons also prescribe particular hair-growing medication after the transplantation to help with the process and increase the speed.

What are some side effects of hair transplant?

Like any other medical procedure, the beneficial and satisfying results of this operation might come with particular side effects, though these side effects are not typically major and usually go away within a few weeks after the procedure.

Some of these side effects are as follows:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Itchy and swollen scalp
  • Bruises around the eyes
  • Temporary loss of the transplanted hair
  • Lack of sensation in the areas where the surgery was performed

Why hair transplant in Iran?

Performing hair transplant in Iran guarantees a satisfying outcome by improving your appearance and outlook, resulting in increased self-esteem and confidence. With the help of professional surgeons and crewmembers, you will experience an unpainful operation, as well as enjoy a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. Hair transplant in Iran is highly recommended to you if you are looking for a great outlook through transplantation.

What are the permanent results and outlook of this operation?

This transplantation allows your hair to grow back in the transplanted areas, preventing baldness and forming a natural look. The new hair might appear less or denser and you might still experience hair loss in the untreated areas of your scalp. Our professional doctors and specialists will discuss the outcomes with you, showing you what you can realistically expect from this procedure personally.

The bottom line

Hair transplant in Iran is a procedure performed by the most talented specialists and plastic surgeons in the most equipped medical centers. Carefultrip is the biggest medical tourism and healthcare service provider in Iran, which focuses on medical tourism, tours, and travel services for international patients from across the world and tries to exceed its clients’ expectations. With the help of our amazing team and crew members, you will experience an exceptional medical trip to Iran.

Hair transplant in Iran is now a perfectly mastered treatment, successful and giving excellent results in the treatment of baldness. It allows restoring definitively in a minimum of sessions dense and natural hair.

During a personalized consultation in the offices of doctors in different cities of Iran, who work in partnership with CarefulTrip, together you will determine the hair transplant technique most appropriate to your case. This will depend on the size of the baldness, the nature of your hair, and your expectations in terms of hair density.

These high-performance techniques mentioned below, now widely proven and reproducible, give a natural result. These hair treatments allow men and women, whatever their age, to effectively and permanently remedy social discomfort and regain self-confidence.

FUE and FUT Hair Transplant in Iran

Among the most popular hair transplant techniques in Iran are FUE and FUT. The two procedures performed by the hair specialists, allow you to regain natural hair, whatever your hair type. When it comes to hair transplantation, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is often the best known to the public, because it has many advantages. Offered to patients for nearly 30 years, this solution is often preferred because the fineness of the instruments is supposed to limit the traces of sampling and incision. The grafts are extracted from the crown area with a tool 1 mm in diameter.

In humans, hair loss is generally progressive and has its origin in genetics. This is the case for 80% of male baldness then called “androgenetic alopecia”. Women can also suffer from alopecia, this rarer phenomenon, however, causes great moral suffering and deeply affects patients in their image and self-esteem.

The causes are sometimes multifactorial. However, one thing you should know for sure is that baldness is absolutely curable and that there are various treatments to be applied.

Hair transplant in Iran with CarefulTrip

CarefulTrip is an Iran-based health tourism agency with a shining background in the field of medical and cosmetic treatments. CarefulTrip provides the most comprehensive and advanced treatments in Iran in association with the best cosmetic clinics and hospitals to serve you what you truly deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplant is an advanced technique which in you will undergo surgery and your hair will be taken from thicker areas and implanted in areas with less hair. It’s a safe and secure treatment for those who are looking for a permanent solution and it’s strongly recommended by doctors and surgeons.

Hair transplant in Iran doesn’t follow that proportion. Actually, there is an inverse proportion here and that is the great low price and the great high success rank.

Hair transplant in Iran doesn’t follow that proportion. Actually, there is an inverse proportion here and that is the great low price and the great high success rank.

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