Glaucoma Surgery in Iran

Recently, health tourism and Glaucoma Surgery in Iran have been very popular. This is due to the well-equipped medical centers, skilled physicians and affordable prices in the country. Nowadays, Iran is competing with other developed countries in the field of healthcare. In addition, it has so many tourism attractions, you can visit and enjoy during your stay for eye care.


 What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition often caused by high pressure in your eye, which seriously affects eye health and damages optic nerves. Glaucoma is one of the main reasons for blindness at any ages; but the condition is more common in the elder adults over the age of 60.

Visiting your doctor regularly, doing eye exams and measuring eye pressure are the best practices that can help you diagnose the condition on early stages, prevent permanent vision loss and total blindness or slow the process.


What is Glaucoma Surgery?

Depending on the severity of glaucoma, doctors recommend laser treatment or surgery to reduce the abnormal eye pressure. The surgery is often recommended when medication does not work properly. However, the laser surgery is usually prior to incisional surgery.

Incisional or filtering surgery is implanting a tiny tube onto the white of your eye to make an artificial canal, drain out the extra intraocular fluid, bypass the clogged canals and help to lower your eye pressure.


Benefits of Glaucoma surgery in Iran

Glaucoma surgery in Iran has many benefits including:

  • Iranian doctors and surgeons are among the bests in the world
  • Iran has many well-equipped eye care medical centers and hospitals
  • Glaucoma surgery has affordable prices in Iran
  • Health tourism in Iran is among the bests in the world due to professional nursing, warm hospitality and extraordinary sightseeing


Bottom line

Glaucoma surgery in Iran is one of the best choices for improving your health and vision. Careful Trip is the most Reliable Health Tourism Provider that can help you manage the operation and plan your stay in the country.



The most common type of surgery is called glaucoma trabeculectomy. This involves removing part of the eye drainage tube to drain the fluid easily.

Glaucoma surgery may be performed under local anesthesia (while you are awake) or general anesthesia (while you are asleep).

Eye pain or redness
Eye pressure that's still too high or even too low
Loss of vision
Bleeding in your eye

You can expect about a month for a full recovery. Quicker recovery periods last about 3 weeks. While a more involved recovery may take up to 6 weeks time.