Belly Button surgery in Iran


In recent years, Umbilicoplasty or Belly Button surgery in Iran has become one of the most popular types of cosmetic procedures. Iran is one of the best plastic surgery destinations due to the presence of skilled surgeons, well-equipped hospitals and medical centers. These elements make the country one of the most important contenders in the field of health care providers.


Belly Button plastic surgery after pregnancy

During pregnancy, the appearance of your belly button commonly changes. That is because of severe stretching and abdominal enlargement that occurs as a result of fetal growth. This leaves your belly button with a bulge in the naval area. This procedure is most popular among women after pregnancy. It helps return your belly button’s shape to how it was, prepregnancy, and in some cases even better. Depending on the desired result and the extent of the surgery, the procedure can be done in the hospital or in the doctor’s office.


Advantages of belly button surgery in Iran

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery in Iran is attracting people’s attention from all over the world. Each year, a significant number of medical tourists travel to this country in order to receive different types of plastic procedures. Cosmetic surgery in Iran has many advantages including:

Presence of many skilled, well-educated and talented surgeons in Iran; some well-known, even in international scientific societies.

-         There are many well-equipped hospitals and medical centers in this country.

-         Iranian nursing is one of the highest ranked in the field.

-         Cosmetic surgery has affordable prices in Iran.

-         This country has many sightseeing attractions you can enjoy while you stay.

-         Warm hospitality of Iranian people is significantly renowned all over the world.


The Bottom line

Belly button surgery in Iran is one of the best procedures that helps improve your body shape. Before enduring any type of plastic surgery make sure, you find a trustworthy medical center and a well-known surgeon. This is what Careful Trip promises to deliver by scheduling your consultation and planning the whole process, helping you manage the procedure in the simplest, most reliable way


People who suffer from sagging and loose skin on the abdomen after childbirth or weight loss are suitable for cosmetic abdominal and umbilical surgery.

If the patient also wants to correct the sagging sides, the cosmetic surgeon must extend the incision on both sides to remove the extra side, otherwise the incision will be limited to the lower abdomen.

It is better to use it up to 8 weeks after the operation.

In minor abdominoplasty, the umbilicus is not displaced and only the extra skin under the abdomen is removed, but in standard operation the umbilicus must be displaced.

Do not take a bath for up to 72 hours after surgery, do not sleep on your abdomen or chest for 4 weeks after surgery, take prescribed medications at a set time, avoid lifting heavy objects, and do strenuous exercise for up to 6 weeks after surgery.