Which weight loss surgery is right for me?

There are different kinds of methods and techniques that help people to fight against obesity and its inevitable health consequences. To choose the best weight loss surgery fits your condition, you should consult the specialists and gain as much as information you can.

Top 5 countries in health tourism

Is the future for health tourism in Iran bright?

All you need to know about Lasik eye surgery in Iran

Many people come from all over the world for Lasik eye surgery in Iran. Let’s see what are the benefits of this surgery and who is a good candidate.

Hair loss: causes and treatments

Hair transplant in Iran has gotten more and more popular with the increasing rates of hair loss among everyone. With advanced medical centers and professional doctors, Iran is a great medical destination if you are considering hair transplantation.

eye surgery in iran in 2021

In this article, we have laid out some of the most popular and effective types of eye surgery in Iran to correct vision problems and get rid of glasses for good

How to decide who is the best plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery in Iran is a popular operation. This makes Iran one of the ideal countries for such procedures. Picking the correct doctor and team of professionals for your surgery is by far the most important step of your cosmetic journey.

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