What is clefting of the lip and palate?




Are you aware of different congenital disabilities? Unfortunately, 2 common birth defects are cleft of lip and cleft of palate. It means the upper lip and roof of the mouth have a big gap. This gap is on the baby’s face from birth time. 

Different sides of the upper lip didn’t join together when the baby was in the womb. Don’t worry about your child’s lip or palate cleft. The potential doctors and surgeries can operate on this facial birth defect.

Lip or palate cleft is observable in one of 700 babies, but if your baby has this facial defect, you can treat it with the help of professional beauty surgeons in Iran. This country is the best destination for operating every kind of facial defect. 

Some babies come to this world with facial defects like cleft lip and palate. There may be one or 2 notches on both sides of their lips and palate. It also can be a small or wide gap reaching their nose. 

The lip cleft will continue on the mouth and reaches the palate. So, the baby has a palate cleft, the same as a lip cleft. These facial defects change babies’ faces, therefore a beauty surgery.

 Why are these facial defects happening? There are many reasons to have a baby with lip cleft or palate cleft. The clefting problem’s most common cause is genetic conditions and different syndromes.

 We know it will be upsetting to see your baby with lip or palate clefting but don’t get disappointed. Let professional surgeons help your baby. There are some surgeries to solve these facial defects with minimum scars.



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Leading causes of the cleft of lip and cleft of palate

This small or wide gap on the baby’s upper lip or roof palate happens when the facial tissues cannot fix each other appropriately. 

Tissues join together in the third month of pregnancy, but tissues never join together in these babies with lip and palate clefting.

 Based on the obtained information and gathered reports, cleft of lip and cleft of palate happen due to genetic problems or environmental conditions. In addition, there needs to be an apparent reason for some babies. 

Discovering the reason for lip and palate clefting is challenging, but some clinics have demanded facilities and laboratories to check out different reasons. Mainly genes of parents cause these facial defects.

A genetic syndrome is also another cause of this facial defect. It means babies with these defects inherit gen which causes lip and palate clefting. Don’t ignore the environmental problem because they are as strong as genetic syndrome causes.  







What are problems related to the cleft of lip and cleft of palate? 

Cleft of lip and cleft of palate are some facial defects that have other following problems for babies. Therefore parents should consider a kind of surgical treatment for the babies.

 It is possible to solve the related problems by operating a surgery. Different issues related to this facial defect will be observable a few months after the baby’s birth.

 Generally, lip clefting or palate clefting creates some challenges for babies and their parents. We will mention some of the issues related to these kinds of facial defects: 

  • Feeding issues: Breastfeeding and sucking the mother’s breast will be difficult for babies with lip clefting. 
  • Hearing issues: babies with palate clefting may lose their hearing ability because this birth defect has terrible effects on their hearing capability. 
  • Dental issues: babies’ teeth cannot develop because of lip clefting, so this facial defect adversely affects dental development. 
  • Speaking issues: another issue is related to the speaking capability of babies. Palate clefting makes speaking difficult for these babies. 
  • Emotional issues: these babies may feel upset or stressed because of facial defects. 



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The best treatment for cleft of lip and cleft of palate 

There are some clinics or cleft centers in Iran so that you can solve your baby’s issue quickly with the help of an Iranian specialist. Try to find a surgeon using CarefulTrip, the best medical tourism agency.

You must follow the instructions and consider every vital thing for operating. Also, a baby with a cleft lip and palate needs long-term medical care before surgery and operation treatment.

The best treatment for this birth defect is surgery. No need to wait for a long time. Specialists and professional surgeons can operate to heal lip clefting during the 3 to 6 months of a baby’s life.

It is possible to repair palate clefting too. The baby must be 6 to 12 months for an effective palate clefting operation.

Moreover, feeding and hearing treatments are other effective processes for changing lip and palate conditions, but surgery is the best way to repair this issue. You only need to find a potential surgeon because it is an essential operation for babies.







Lip and palate clefting surgery with CarefulTrip 

Most professional specialists and surgeons live in Iran, so you can let them operate on your baby with a cleft of lip or cleft of palate. You may ask where to find the best clinics for performing this operation. 

CarefulTrip, the most popular and trusted health medical tourism facilitator, is ready to help you. Your baby deserves a beautiful face, an easy feeding process, healthy ears, and fit-shaped teeth. 

Ask CarefulTrip to help you find one of the best active surgeons with enough experience in this medical field. 

Don’t hesitate and contact them to operate on your baby as soon as possible. They will arrange your trip with ultimately needed high-quality services.



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