Ultrasonography For Infertility Treatment In Iran

Thanks to the movies and popular sitcoms, Most of us are familiar with ultrasonography and the necessity of this process during pregnancy. This technique helps the Obstetricians to examine various factors during the fertility process and, in some cases, is utilized for infertility treatment. The physicians may employ different ultrasonography types; each has its particular procedure and could be a little discomfort if you do not tend to know about them beforehand. In this article, you can find practical guidelines about ultrasound scans, their different kinds, and the role of this method in fertility and infertility treatment in Iran.

Why Infertility Treatment In Iran?


There are various destinations for a medical journey around the world, so why should somebody consider Iran for an essential procedure like childbirth? The fact is that varied reasons are involved in such a decision. Interested candidates can select their desired hospital from a wide range of options, and then choose from several highly experienced specialists to be their doctors. Besides that, for a successful medical journey, they can rely on cutting-edge medical devices provided in the health centers to reach the most accurate data and treatment plan.

You will also be pleased to know that during an infertility treatment like IVF in Iran, patients can enjoy staying at 5-star hotels, having delicious meals in top restaurants, discovering more about cultural monuments, and having fun with a large variety of entertainment.

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What Is Ultrasonography?

Ultrasonography, diagnostic ultrasound, or medical sonography are different terms for a medical imaging procedure. This technique is provided by sound waves that lead to taking unique pictures drawn according to the body structure. Unlike the general view of ultrasonography, this process is not only used for examining the fetus and may be employed for detecting potential problems. Still, we can not deny the importance of this procedure during the fertility process or in different childbirth-related situations like infertility treatment in Iran.

Physicians usually utilize ultrasound scans in two ways; in most cases, they operate an ultrasound device provided outside of the body. They then examine the expected parts of the abdomen from the outside. In other instances, the medical team employs special devices inside the body, through which they tend to scan the body. It is also helpful to know that only your doctor can decide whether to choose the first or the second way of ultrasonography. Below, you can see different reasons for undergoing a diagnostic ultrasound.

  • An examination of a breast lump
  • Evaluation of metabolic bone disorder
  • Finding out about unexplained pains and swellings
  • Discovering problems related to genital areas and prostate
  • Diagnosing joint inflammation
  • Taking a thyroid check



How does ultrasonography work?

To have perfect ultrasonography in Iran, you need to know more about how this process is done. Before saying anything, keep in mind that different techniques are provided under the name of diagnostic ultrasound, and all of them have their particular procedure. Still, they usually utilize one technology that is called high-frequency sound waves.

High-frequency sound waves are used to make ultrasound scans and create unique pictures based on the body’s internal organs. To be more specific, these high-frequency sound waves are emitted by a medical tool called a transducer and then received by that device. It is also good to know that the specialists use two different devices; one for the transvaginal method and another for other forms of treatment.

Ultrasonography for infertility treatment in Iran

Ultrasonography is a crucial tool for examining the growth rate of the embryo during the fertility process, so reproductive endocrinologists (infertility specialists) may employ them several times and on different occasions. In the simplest definition, this method is a valuable technique for gathering information about the ovaries, womb, and endometrial lining.

As the fertility process goes on, the doctor uses ultrasound scans at different points of time to examine various factors like follicle growth in ovaries and the endometrial lining thickness. This method may also be employed for egg retrieval related to IVF procedure when the specialist tends to direct the special tools to the ovaries through the woman’s body or even embryo transfer. It is crucial to note that doctors may use both the abdominal and transvaginal techniques for these cases. You can find out more about other uses of ultrasonography for infertility treatment below:

  • Evaluation of ovarian reserves
  • Examining the uterine form in more detail
  • Checking the situation of fallopian tubes


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Before, During, And After Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography is not an invasive procedure. Still, it is relieving to know more about the whole process to prepare beforehand.

Before ultrasonography

Candidates should prepare themselves mentally before undergoing a medical procedure that may be a little discomforting. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable dresses, and be ready to remove some of your clothes and objects like your watch, jewelry, and glasses. It is also helpful to know that during ultrasonography in Iran or other places, the doctor might suggest you put on special gowns for your comfort and reduce any problems in the ultrasound scanning process.

The rest of the preparation process may vary according to the type of your ultrasonography. Still, it is helpful to know that, in some cases, the specialist forbids you from eating for at least 12 hours before the ultrasonography. In other situations, you may need to drink a large amount of water and complete your bladder just before the exam for employing special tests.

During Ultrasonography

The operation starts by applying a special gel to the area. It helps the unique, handheld device to better slide on your body and to prevent possible scratches. After that, the professional may use a transducer to emit the ultrasound waves. The transducer needs to be placed on your skin and moved gently. After a short period, the abdominal ultrasonography is done, and you can leave the place.

Candidates that undergo transvaginal ultrasonography may find the process completely different. During transvaginal ultrasonography, the doctor employs a slender object (some kind of transducer), a condom, and a lubricant gel. The condom will be placed, and the gel may be put over the condom to start the practice. Afterward, the doctor will give you the tool’s handle, and you will have to insert it into your body. When it is placed inside your vagina, the professional starts emitting the ultrasound waves, gathering the data needed. After that, the transducer may be removed, and you can leave the place. In the end, it is helpful to know that the transvaginal ultrasound is a little discomforting, but this is more accurate than the abdominal method and provides the specialists with better insight.

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