New Plastic Surgery Methods

New Plastic Surgery Methods



New methods of plastic surgery have attracted the attention of many people. Good reports and information allow people to choose the best and most correct way according to their needs.

New methods are easier to perform and have fewer side effects. Also, due to the advancement of technology, plastic surgeries are performed much more naturally than previous methods.




New plastic surgery methods in Iran

This text has reviewed Iran’s famous, up-to-date, and popular plastic surgery methods in Iran. We have explained the purpose of plastic surgery and provided you with information about the cases in which plastic surgery is needed. Also, considering the advancement of technology and expertise in Iran, we have introduced the most common and up-to-date plastic surgeries in Iran and explained some of the most popular ones.

Finally, stay with us in this article to get helpful information about all the modern methods in Iran’s new plastic surgery field.







What is the purpose of plastic surgery?

The methods of plastic surgery for the whole body are diverse. Some plastic surgeries change specific areas of the body, and others are more general and used for different body parts. New plastic surgeries aim to fit the organs, change the body’s appearance and increase people’s self-confidence. Of course, although performing plastic surgery makes the organs more beautiful and fit, in order not to loosen, return waste and excess fat and generally avoid returning to the previous state, there must be some restrictions after plastic surgery. Consider extraordinary things like diet, exercise, and observance.




In what cases do you need plastic surgery?

As mentioned, plastic surgery is used to improve body parts and improve people’s self-confidence. This means that if your organs do not become the desired state by following the diet, exercise, and the things the doctor mentions, you can use plastic surgery to change your organs.

For example, sagging or loosening of the muscles and skin of the body due to childbirth, aging, or severe weight loss can be treated using plastic surgery.



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What are the most common and up-to-date plastic surgeries in Iran?

There are different and varied methods to perform plastic surgery on the whole body. Still, some plastic surgeries have more fans due to their impact or more advertising and even attention to fashion. This issue is also widespread in Iran, and due to the expertise and professionalism of plastic surgeons, they travel to Iran from all countries to perform this type of plastic surgery.



Most common plastic surgeries in Iran

  • Plastic surgery methods used for body lifting. For example, upper body lifts, lower body lifts, thigh lifts, arm lifts, etc., have excellent results.
  • Abdominal plastic/beauty surgery such as abdominoplasty or tummy tuck removes loose and excess skin or strengthens abdominal muscles after childbirth, weight loss, or aging.
  • Local slimming and body shaping methods eliminate excess local body fat. For example, lipolysis surgery, liposuction surgery, etc., are used in different body parts such as hands, legs, abdomen, hips, sides, etc.
  • Plastic surgeries that are used to enlarge or reduce the breast in women or reduce the breast in men
  • Plastic surgeries or vaginal cosmetic surgeries that are used in women and certain situations
  • Plastic surgery of the nose, which is used to reduce or create proportion in the appearance of the nose



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Nose plastic surgery in Iran

In recent years, nose plastic surgery has been used in Iran with new techniques to shape and fit the nose. The critical point in performing this plastic surgery technique is that maintaining the correct respiratory function, normality, and standardization of the shape of the nose has replaced the old obsolete methods that, at that time, people only paid attention to reducing organs. Rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery has a history of several years in the world, and in Iran, this history and technique are more than 60 years old.



New methods of nose surgery

Minimally invasive surgery, modern technologies, and 3D imaging allow quick recovery and return to routine life. The most significant advantage of minimally invasive rhinoplasty is low swelling after rhinoplasty, a short recovery period, and no external incisions on the nose. Expert surgeons perform surgery through small incisions hidden in the nose during minimally invasive rhinoplasty. In this type of surgery, bone or cartilage is removed, and the nose takes a standard shape.

The convenience of minimally invasive rhinoplasty is that patients can breathe after the surgery and do not need dressings and gas packs. Patients are very comfortable after this type of surgery and recover quickly. The most specialized surgeons perform minimally invasive rhinoplasty in Iran, and its reasonable cost is considered a competitive advantage compared to other countries.



Breast plastic surgery in Iran

With the advancement of technology, devices, surgical equipment, lifestyle changes, and the trend towards luxury, the approach to breast cosmetic surgery has developed to the point where today it is one of the most common plastics and cosmetic surgeries in the world and Iran. This long history of plastic breast surgery and visible exits shows the high quality of surgeries performed in Iran.



New methods of breast surgery

The pre-pectoral procedure is one of the least invasive breast surgery procedures, after which you can return to your routine life very soon. With this procedure, your doctor makes a minimal incision under the breast and inserts a tissue expander or implant into the muscle. In fact, after performing this minimally invasive surgery, patients do yoga, and their range of motion is complete.

In the past, surgeons removed muscle, skin, and fat from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks and injected it into the chest, which was very painful and had a long recovery time. But the perforator flap is an updated technique in which a specialized surgeon injects skin, fat, and tissue (rather than muscle) into the chest and has a faster recovery.

Modern breast surgery methods will be performed in Iran for compatriots outside Iran and tourists with the lowest cost and highest quality.



Slimming plastic surgery in Iran

Every year, a large number of compatriots and tourists from countries such as America, Canada, and other advanced countries travel to Iran to perform slimming plastic surgeries.

Abdominoplasty, liposuction, lifting of body parts, lipolysis, body shaving, etc., are among the types of plastic surgery for slimming and fitting body parts, which are very popular in Iran.



New methods of slimming plastic surgery

One of the new weight loss and size reduction methods is belt lipectomy, which is used for the middle part of the body. In this method, a specialist surgeon makes a series of incisions along the waist and abdomen, and excess skin and fat are removed from this area. The tissue and part of the body that remains is pulled up and lifted and smoothes the skin.

If you are still worried about the complex areas of your fat, liposuction, and tummy tuck are among the new and practical surgeries for weight loss. Modern slimming methods, including liposuction, and tummy tuck, are performed in Iran by highly skilled and experienced surgical teams and give you effective results.



Otoplasty/ plastic surgery in Iran

Otoplasty or plastic ear surgery in Iran is a method to change the appearance of the ears, correct them and change their size and improve the position of the ears. This procedure is usually used to treat ears that protrude from the sides of the face or head, are disproportionately large, or are not naturally shaped. Sometimes, people seek to change the shape of their ears to a fancy form, which has many references and fans in Iran.



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New methods of otoplasty/plastic surgery

Three methods of ear repair have been combined and created a new way. New techniques have fewer complications, and their recovery is made faster. Perichondrium, adipo, and dermal flap are among the methods used by expert surgeons to change the shape of the ear.

Iran is one of the countries that provide modern otoplasty services in reputable hospitals and clinics to patients, compatriots abroad, and tourists. After surgery, the patient quickly returns to his routine life.



Mandatory plastic surgery after the corona pandemic

It is interesting to know that in the last one or two years, body plastic surgery for slimming, body lifting, and fitting has had more fans than facial plastic surgery.

Of course, the conditions of the corona pandemic are not without influence on this issue and statistics. In fact, during the two years that the people of the world were engaged in taking care of themselves in order not to get infected with the corona disease or taking care for themselves to recover from the illness, they were less active. As a result, overweight and loose organs are very normal. Of course, the corona depression has also affected this inactivity or lack of activity.

After passing through the conditions of isolation and quarantine, people are looking for slimming plastic surgery more than before. As a result, this type of surgery has gained more fans than other plastic surgeries in the last one or two years. Liposuction and slimming plastic surgery, in general, are among the things that have reached their peak in 2022.






New plastic surgery methods in Iran with CarefulTrip

As we mentioned in the text, new methods of nose surgery, new ways of breast surgery, new forms of slimming plastic surgery, and new otoplasty surgery in Iran will be provided to you through consultation with our team.

Our team’s priority is to help patients and those interested in receiving plastic surgery in Iran that is very comfortable and high-quality. Our numerous services include visa assistance, accommodation, translation, transfer, surgery, doctor’s visits, and other services required for staying in Iran. These packages are affordable, and we have provided this exceptional opportunity for patients worldwide to use these services.


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