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How To Massage Lumps After Liposuction?


Lumps After Liposuction

No matter how old you are or how is your look, having an on-shape body is always an issue. For those who are suffering from extra fat, there are a lot of easy and hard ways to lose weight. Everybody already knows that the hard way is exercise. But among the easy ways, there are secure and insecure ways for people who want to lose weight. Liposuction surgery is one of the easy but possibly secure ways. The point of using the “possible” word is due to your surgeon and the clinic you do the surgery. If you could provide the safety of your surgery, Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world. Liposuction in Iran is also one of the most high-demand procedures all the time. Plus, the benefits of doing liposuction in Iran are affordable. The very inexpensive cost in comparing with other countries on one hand, and fully professional and experienced surgeons, on the other hand, will make Iran become your first choice.

No matter how or where you do liposuction surgery, there will be common short-term complications like swelling, pain, and bruising on your body and the lumps around the surgery spot after liposuction. There are also some actions to decrease those complications. Massaging Lumps after liposuction is one of the actions that is mostly considered by the surgeons. Of course, there is nothing to worry about. Because if you choose your surgeon carefully, the lumps after liposuction won’t be permanent.



How To Massage Lumps After Liposuction

As we mentioned before, massaging lumps after liposuction is one of the most considered ways of surgeons. But the way you do the massage lumps after liposuction matters too. Lymphatic drainage massage is used after liposuction surgery to fully heal the complications. There are also equipped fully experienced clinics for liposuction in Iran to do your surgery and heal your lumps after liposuction at the same time.

The process of massaging lumps after liposuction is briefly explained below:


Prepping the Lymph Nodes

For massaging the lymph nodes, we have to realize there are lymph nodes in the armpit and the groin areas and we want to stimulate all lymph nodes together. If we are looking at someone who had just general liposuction, we start by placing gently the whole hand in the armpit area and making large circles very gently as well. You don’t have to press hard because the lymph nodes sit right underneath the skin. We’ll make 8 to 10 circles in that area to stimulate the lymph nodes. Of course, it may be far away from the liposuction surgery area, but the lymph vessels do run to this area to clear out of the body; we’ll do the other side as well. Make sure you do it carefully and gently, No matter how much time you’re going to spend.

From there, we’re going to go to the lymph nodes in the groin area. The lymph node in the groin area is right about where the crease is, where you sit, so it’s best if you’re laying down. You can do one at a time or both at the same time, but hands flat on those areas, and you’re going to do large circles there 8 to 10 times.

If people had liposuction low in the abdomen or into the thighs and lips, this is probably where they would spend a lot of time. Because all of that fluid has to go through these lymph nodes to get out of the body.

A lot of people talk about just brushing up everything upwards, but even the fluid in this quadrant of the upper abdomen has to go to the lymph nodes down and then they go deeper, and they come out towards the heart.


Lymphatic Massage for the Abdomen

After doing massage the lymph nodes in the groin area, we always want to make sure we’re looking at which direction the fluid flows through the lymphatic vessels to these lymph nodes. So if you draw a line about where your belly button is that fluid below actually goes down towards the groin lymph nodes to then go deep into the deep channels and then up to the heart. Of course, a lot of people will talk about doing massage upwards, and yes if you’re around the belly button area, above that would be the direction to move towards because that actually goes to the armpit lymph nodes and then comes out and if you have fluid or swelling that sits below, you’re trying to think about guiding some of that low fluid towards the groin area.


Lymphatic Massage for the Back and Glutes

When we’re thinking about fluid from the glute area, the hips, and the back area that fluid will wrap towards the front going back to those lymph nodes in the groin area or again back up towards the lymph nodes and your armpits and so when we’re working on the back or the back of the hip, you’re trying to guide and wrap around that fluid from the back towards the front. So you’re not always just going straight up, you’re going to wrap around. So wrapping around from the low back that’s about below the belly button area I’m wrapping around thinking about going towards the direction of the groin lymph nodes the same thing with the glute and the hips and upper thighs. Everything is wrapping around towards the front. On each part, I’ll spend about eight to ten strokes, or if someone has more swelling in a certain area, could spend a few minutes in that region just trying to get that fluid moving up and out. But everything wrapping around towards that front side.


Lymphatic Massage for the Legs and Thighs

After we have done the hips and the back area and focused all of our time on coming around towards the front, around towards the front from the glutes towards the front of the groin, the same thing with the lower hips wrapping around towards the front, then we’ll work towards the thigh and so with the thigh what we’ll do is everything again works towards that groin area. We do about eight to ten in each area as we did before and make sure that as we get towards the sides and the back of the leg we start to wrap around towards the front, so the vessels again will come towards the front for every area.


How long does it take?

Lymphatic drainage massage could be taken along about 5 to 25 minutes depending on how much area is affected and how much time someone wants to spend on it. Apart from what we have spoken about before, let’s keep the technique of which direction we go in general. People know their needs and they will do certain exercises based on their needs. Lumps after liposuction will be removable. All you need is to seek for best surgeons to have a safe surgery. Liposuction in Iran is one of the most popular and frequent surgeries that people are seeking.



Will lumps after liposuction go away?

Of course, there will be some complications like lumps after liposuction, but you don’t necessarily need to be worried. With choosing the best surgeon for your liposuction, most of the lumps will go away within 6 months. If there were some lumps persisting and hurting for one year, you may need to visit your doctor for removing the lumps. Lumpiness and unevenness of the skin may need revision or a skin removal procedure like a tummy tuck after a year.

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