Bony Nose VS Fat Nose Surgery

Bony Nose VS Fat Nose Surgery



First of all, it is good to know that Nose job surgery has different techniques, and according to the shape of your nose, the best approach will be chosen. It doesn’t matter if you have a fleshy nose or a bony nose; If you have visited a specialist and professional doctor, you will feel comfortable about the type of treatment. In any case, an expert and experienced nose surgeon can shape your nose in the best possible way and according to your face.




Types Of The Nose:

One of the crucial factors in choosing suitable rhinoplasty surgery methods is recognizing your nose type. Based on the skin’s thickness and the bones’ volume, your nose is classified into two types: fleshy nose and bony nose.



Rhinoplasty For All Types Of Noses

Noses have different shapes and forms. According to the type of nose, suitable and effective surgery is chosen for people. Some noses have bony protrusions, while others are shaped like fleshy noses, and their treatment will be different. It is better to consult a doctor before taking any action and choose the best and most effective treatment for yourself.


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What Is Nose Surgery Like?

In fleshy noses, the tip of the nose is usually poorly shaped, and the nostrils are wide. In fact, in fleshy noses, the nose takes more surface area of ​​people’s faces and gives an unpleasant shape to their faces. The characteristics of a fleshy nose include smoothness, juicy skin, thick and greasy, boils, and cartilage weakness. In fleshy noses, a suitable cartilage base should be made because, in these types of noses, the cartilages are extremely weak, and the most significant volume of the nose is made up of the flesh and thick skin of the nose. Typically, the doctor removes cartilage tissue from one nose part and transfers it to another domain. In fact, with this doctor’s action, the cartilaginous tissue of the nose is reduced from one position and added to the needed part. Also, sometimes the expert doctor has to remove the cartilage of the ear instead of the nasal septum and use it to shape the fleshy nose. This work is challenging and complicated, but it is sometimes used.

The increase and decrease of cartilage alone do not change the shape of the nose to its original state after a nose job. Instead, it is possible that due to the lack of cartilage in the required areas, the nasal tissue replaces thick skin, and more flesh and the fleshy part of the nose is recreated. The skin of the nose and the soft tissues under it, which contain a lot of fat, are deformed and contracted due to not having a proper foundation or scaffold. It is possible that due to the change in the nose meat’s shape, the nose’s tip changes shape and looks droopy. Nasal swelling after surgery is more in fleshy noses, but the proper guidance covers this issue for recovery.




Recommendations Of Surgeons For Rhinoplasty In Fleshy Noses:

Surgeons and medical professionals recommend that people with fleshy noses undergo conventional rhinoplasty. Fancy rhinoplasty may not produce the desired result due to the thickness of the skin on the nose, or the shape and form of the nose may return to its previous state after a nose job. Following the doctor’s recommendations after surgery and appropriate massages can significantly help shape the nose of patients.




How Is Bone Nose Surgery?

The nasal skin is thinner in a bony nose and has less fat. In a skinny nose, the cartilage and bone volume are higher. Patients with a bony nose and a bony protrusion can perform various types of fancy nose surgery, natural nose surgery, and semi-fantasy nose surgery. It is easier to work on a skinny and crooked nose than surgery on a fleshy nose. In fact, by grinding or breaking the extra bone, your nose is shaped, and it is impossible to go back to the previous position generally in this type of surgery. The bony nose has more cartilage, which is easier to repair. In this case, the doctor reduces the volume of the nose and makes it into a standard shape. Usually, and according to the results obtained from the surgeries, bony noses will have the most comfortable type of surgery due to the thinness of the skin and the small volume of the nose meat, and they will have more satisfactory results. In fact, after the cosmetic surgery of bony noses, there is no possibility of returning to the previous state.




In Summary, The Difference Between A Bony Nose And A Fleshy Nose Is As Follows:

  • The bony nasal cartilages are strong, but the cartilaginous nose has weak cartilage.
  • The tip of the fleshy nose is usually flat, sagging, and misshapen.
  • Bony nose has thin skin, while a fleshy nose has thick skin.
  • A bony nose usually has a bony hump or protrusion on the blade.



What Is The Best Procedure For Nose Surgery?

The best Nose job method will be chosen according to the shape and form of your nose and the breathing problems you have. But it is better to remove only that part of the bony protrusion or extra cartilage that caused the problem and leave the rest untouched. In this situation, breathing problems and one-time changes in the shape of your nose will not occur, and your nose will look natural and beautiful. Note that fancy nose surgeries may make your breathing difficult, and treatment methods after the surgery will be almost impossible. In difficult situations, the doctor suggests to people who have breathing problems after nose surgery to perform a therapeutic surgery to treat their breathing problem, which is not easy and may not have a good result. Be sure to get practical and essential advice from a specialist doctor before doing anything so as not to harm the appearance and health of your nose.



How To Make Your Nostrils Smaller?

If the edges of the nose or the nostrils of the person are immense, whether, in the open or closed rhinoplasty method, the surgeon makes an incision in the side parts of the nose to make the lobes smaller and give a more attractive shape and appearance. It will create. After finishing the changes and surgery, the incisions should be sewn up so that they have a beautiful appearance and the wound is not visible from the outside.



Who Are Good Candidates For Rhinoplasty?

A Nose job is usually done after puberty for people. Exactly when the nose’s bone, cartilage, and thickened skin are fully developed. If the abnormal shape of the nose with an inappropriate appearance and breathing problems bother the patient, the surgery may be performed a little earlier. Because the maturation of the bones and flesh of the nose is done a little faster in women, with the parent’s consent, it is possible to perform a nose job in female patients at the age of 17. However, many specialists and surgeons believe that we should wait for the mental maturity of the patients so that their opinion does not change after the surgery. Therefore, doctors recommend performing nose surgery after the age of 18.



Some Tips About Nose Beauty:

Before performing rhinoplasty, the tests specified by the doctor are completed before the operation, and the evaluation by the anesthesiologist is done for each patient. Some doctors recommend another interview with the patients one day before the surgery, asking them to sign the consent form and give their final opinion on the changes that will be done to the nose. Patients who smoke are advised not to smoke for at least five weeks before and after a nose job. In this way and according to these issues, patients wake up well and recover quickly from general anesthesia. Also, paying attention to the mentioned points will make the swelling after the surgery milder, and recovery will be achieved sooner.



What Are The Procedures After Nose Surgery?

Considerations after performing rhinoplasty and Nose job are very similar. Usually, after rhinoplasty surgery, you will stay overnight in the hospital. According to the doctor’s advice, you will be discharged the next day, but you must go to a reputable hospital or clinic to check your condition. Painkillers, antibiotics, and nasal sprays are usually prescribed to reduce pain. The cast and splint will usually stay on your nose for a week so that your nose’s bone, cartilage, and meat can repair themselves. After removing the splint and plaster, glue is placed on your nose, which you have to extend for a few weeks to fix the shape of your nose. Patients should protect their noses from trauma for seven weeks after surgery. In this period, the repair of the wounded bone and flesh of the nose is completed, and the nose is stabilized. It is recommended to take care of your nose after removing the nose tape and not to use glasses for several months. 80% of the inflation disappears within the first two or three months, but remember that you have to be patient for about a year for the inflation to stabilize and disappear completely.



The Cost Of Bony Nose Surgery And The Cost Of Meat Nose Surgery In Iran:

Because Iran is one of the largest centers of medicine and cosmetic surgeries are very common in Iran, the cost of these surgeries is very affordable compared to other countries. Of course, this reasonable cost is considered an advantage, along with the expertise of experienced doctors, modern medical technologies, and well-equipped hospitals. Tourists from many European countries, America, and even Turkey come to Iran to travel and see Iran’s tourist attractions and get the highest quality and lowest cost of medical treatment. The cost of bony nose surgery and meat nose surgery differs according to the doctor, hospital, and equipment. You can get the necessary advice from the CarefulTrip team and perform your cosmetic surgery safely. Sometimes it is more beneficial to use closed surgery in patients with fleshy noses. It is better to use the open surgery method for patients with severe nasal curvature, nasal bony protrusion, or deformity. The open surgery method is recommended in the second or third nose surgeries that are repeated for changes.



Flesh Nose Surgery And Bone Nose Surgery In Iran With Carefultrip

As you have noticed up to this point in the article, there are many differences between bony rhinoplasty and fleshy rhinoplasty. Getting correct and essential advice for this surgery is crucial and determines its outcome. Therefore, patients must consult a team of experts and skilled surgeons to introduce the best choice for a satisfactory result. With experience and background in this field, the CarefulTrip team provides information and appropriate packages to compatriots inside Iran, compatriots outside Iran, and tourists to receive the best treatment and results. So, to know which methods can be helpful for you, you can consult a specialist surgeon. The two forms of Nose job in Iran and Rhinoplasty in Iran are handy and practical and are intended to reduce fleshy nose and bony noses. We also provide you with very suitable packages at great prices to receive various services, including medical, beauty, therapeutic, surgical, and other services, to allow patients worldwide to use these services. CarefulTrip’s numerous services in Iran include assistance in receiving cosmetic surgery services, counseling, medical treatments, surgery, translator, accommodation, doctor’s visit, visas, transfers, and other services required for staying in Iran.



Summarizing The Difference Between Fleshy Rhinoplasty And Bony Rhinoplasty:

Many ask, what is the difference between meat nose surgery and bone nose surgery? In response, it should be said that a fleshy Nose job is more complicated than bony nose surgery due to thicker flesh and skin and weaker cartilage and bone. The result of these two types of nose surgery is also different. Regarding the surgical technique for fleshy noses, the doctor usually uses the open surgery method. Finally, it is crucial that surgical delicacy is critical in meat nose surgery and requires more precision to operate.

A skilled surgeon must consider the elements under the skin, such as strengthening bones and cartilage, in the changes he applies to the fleshy nose. With his skill and expertise, the doctor reduces the thickened skin and the fats that make up the soft tissue, especially at the tip of the nose. According to these measures, your nose becomes more delicate, and its bone and cartilage stand out more.

In bony noses and even fleshy noses, more than the specified size of bone, meat, or fat should not be removed because it may cause a cavity on the nose and not create a beautiful appearance.

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