All You Need To Know About Liquid Rhinoplasty?

All You Need To Know About Liquid Rhinoplasty?


Liquid Rhinoplasty

You may be unhappy with the appearance of your nose but do not want to undergo rhinoplasty. In this situation, you are a candidate for liquid rhinoplasty. It is a non-surgical procedure in which dermal fillers are injected into your nose tissue to change its contour. Non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty will never replace traditional rhinoplasty surgery, but it may be used to temporarily improve the appearance of the nose and have good results.





In what cases is liquid rhinoplasty used?

According to the appearance of the patient’s nose, the doctor injects hyaluronic fillers into different areas of the nose. In fact, by injecting fillers, the doctor flattens the nose’s ridges and improves the nose’s symmetry and appearance. Of course, it is imperative to know that liquid rhinoplasty is unsuitable for treating breathing problems or correcting deviated nasal septum.



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What do you expect from rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty is minimally invasive, and you can perform it by visiting a specialist doctor’s office or clinic. Because liquid nasal rhinoplasty is not a surgery, it does not require general anesthesia. Typically, the patient will not experience any side effects and can return to his daily life after it. Any side effects of rhinoplasty are expected to be minimal and not cause disability. Usually, the impact of it lasts from 18 months to 2 years.

Why are permanent fillers not used for liquid nasal rhinoplasty?

Most injectable fillers used for rhinoplasty are hyaluronic. Hyaluronic is made of hyaluronic acid, has a very soft and natural appearance, and usually does not cause complications. Depending on your condition and request, the specialist doctor may use Juvéderm and Restylane samples to correct your nasal defects. Sometimes, the patient may have complications or sensitivity to fillers, usually solved completely by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase. It is interesting that typically permanent fillers such as silicone lead to difficulties when used in nasal tissues and are rarely used for liquid rhinoplasty procedures.




Is it right for you?

One of the questions that clients always ask doctors is, “Is it right for me?”

The best and most basic choice to determine whether liquid rhinoplasty is right for you is to visit a specialist doctor and get the necessary advice before taking any action. The specialist doctor will examine your nose and talk to you about the results you will experience after your rhinoplasty. It is possible that the doctor will suggest different methods according to the conditions of your nose, and one of these methods will be more suitable for you.



All you need to know about liquid rhinoplasty

One of the methods of beauty and changing the appearance of the nose that has many fans and applicants are liquid rhinoplasties. Of course, as we mentioned in the text, this method is unsuitable for everyone and requires medical advice before treatment. If you are looking for a treatment and beauty method that does not require a surgical blade, then liquid rhinoplasty is one method that changes the shape of your nose with the help of injectable fillers. In recent years, with the increase in patients seeking to solve their nose problems, nasal liquid rhinoplasty has become a popular procedure. From a professional point of view, this procedure is not cosmetic nose surgery at all. The desired filler (hyaluronic acid) is injected into the nose without surgery. You can use this simple method to smooth and contour your nose.

Since more and more people are talking about it and have made it an important topic in life, this procedure has undoubtedly gained a lot of fans. Patients think they can achieve a good result without performing a complete surgery; This is true to some extent, but it will not be forever. Consider the effects of improving the appearance of your nose without lasting. With this method, patients can check their new nose, and if they don’t like it, they can be patient for the effects of this method to disappear. But it is irreversible, and if you are not satisfied with your nose, you usually cannot do anything to return to the previous shape of your nose.

Liquid nasal rhinoplasty will not be a suitable option to fix the crooked nose to treat your functional respiratory problems.




Complications of nasal liquid rhinoplasty:

Usually, it does not have serious side effects, but you may experience some. For example, your nose may become a little bigger than before, or the defects may not be fixed as you expected. In acute cases, it is possible that after nasal liquid rhinoplasty, the vascular vessels of your nose will be closed and cause irreparable and dangerous complications for the patient. If the doctor becomes aware of this issue, he should immediately take treatment methods to minimize the risk for the patient. Visiting a specialist doctor and professional and up-to-date clinics in Iran will prevent patients’ risks and complications of nasal liquid rhinoplasty.




Rhinoplasty in Iran versus rhinoplasty surgery:

Nasal methods in Iran are pretty straightforward; by injecting the desired fillers into different areas of the nose, the appearance of the patient’s nose becomes well-shaped and beautiful. Whether you are a suitable candidate to perform nasal liquid rhinoplasty in Iran or not will be checked by your specialist doctor. According to the consultation before the treatment, the doctor will suggest the correct method for your treatment.




Five golden tips you should know about liquid rhinoplasty:

Most people who want to change the shape of their nose permanently choose rhinoplasty liquid because, in this method, the probability of returning to the previous appearance is close to zero. A specialist doctor will definitely recommend rhinoplasty when there is a need to treat breathing problems or correct nasal deviation. But there are situations where there is no need to go under the knife to correct the appearance of the patient’s nose, and the person can change the appearance of his nose by using nasal liquid rhinoplasty; In this condition, recovery is less and will not experience any particular complications.

As you know, both have a lot in common and change the nose’s appearance. Still, it is a suitable alternative for people who want to change the appearance of their noses. Some patients are concerned about the slight change in the nasal liquid rhinoplasty procedure, but this procedure is more suitable for people who want to straighten or contour their noses. For example, if people have a hump or bumpy nose, liquid rhinoplasty is ideal for them.




Considering the advertisements of nasal liquid rhinoplasty in social networks, it is better to read more about it in this article:

Suitable for people with few and minor defects: it is ideal for people with one or two flaws in their noses, and they can quickly fix these problems. Liquid rhinoplasty is also suitable for people with small noses, lack of muscle, and shortness because this method adds volume to the shape of their nose and raises the tip of their nose. In fact, in this method, fillers are injected into areas that hide the hump of the nose, submit the direction of the nose, and make the patient’s nose volume smooth. In addition to performing nasal liquid rhinoplasty, the patient can use an eyebrow lift, skin exfoliation, or facelift to change his appearance and get a better result.

Immediate but temporary treatment: by performing nasal liquid rhinoplasty, the appearance of your nose will change temporarily, and this method is not a permanent choice, so it cannot replace rhinoplasty surgery. But in this method, you do not need to rest and recover for a long time; after a few minutes, you can return to your routine life. Also, in the nasal liquid rhinoplasty method, you don’t need anesthesia, spend a long time recovering and take care of your nose for a year.

It has fewer functional complications: It has fewer practical complications, and according to the reports of people who have undergone rhinoplasty, it can be said that rhinoplasty does not have any particular difficulties, and people’s worries are minimized. In some cases, it has been seen that after performing rhinoplasty surgery and due to the unfavorable outcome obtained after the surgery, patients perform nasal liquid rhinoplasty to compensate for depressions or lack of cartilage with filler injection. It is also interesting to know that in some cases, patients who experience breathing problems due to the protrusion of the nasal tip find relief. In fact, for those with a droopy nose, lifting the nose can improve breathing performance. In some cases, they treat the direction of the nose or nostrils that have been over-operated.

Not everyone is suitable for this: It is less complicated and less dangerous than rhinoplasty, but it is not ideal for everyone for several reasons. For example, people with a big nose, whose nostrils are wide, or who have a broad nose bridge and want to make it smaller are not good candidates for liquid rhinoplasty. Some patients may even be allergic to fillers (limited number), so they cannot use this method. For some patients, it is an alternative to cosmetic surgery, but this is not a general rule. It is possible that the patient has undergone nose surgery and does not have space for a filler injection.

Risks and side effects of this method: In all beauty and treatment methods, it is recommended that patients refer to a skilled specialist and doctor because a wrong action may cause irreparable side effects. Fillers injected into the nose of patients, if they are not standard or injected in the wrong place, may cause blockage and clogging of the nasal blood vessels. The nose’s blood vessels are directly connected to the eyes, and blockage of these vessels can cause high pressure, blindness, skin necrosis, or even death. Fast use of hyaluronidase can reduce complications, but this condition depends on the speed of the doctor’s and the patient’s operation. Finding an expert who knows what to do in dangerous situations is imperative.




Liquid rhinoplasty in Iran with CarefulTrip

This article presents information about nasal Liquid rhinoplasty in Iran and the world in general. It is considered for people according to the patient’s condition and doctor’s diagnosis. CarefulTrip offers you various treatment plans for nasal liquid rhinoplasty in Iran. To receive cosmetic, therapeutic, surgical, and other services, very affordable packages are provided to you to enable patients from all over the world to use these services. Also, our team’s priority is helping patients get comfortable and quality medical, beauty, or surgical benefits. Among the many services of CarefulTrip in Iran, we can mention help in receiving beauty services, surgery, doctor’s visits, visa, accommodation, transfer, translator, and other services needed for staying in Iran.



Summary of this article

Rhinoplasty of the nose may seem like an outpatient procedure. Still, you should pay attention to the fact that it is essential to choose a professional specialist, a reputable hospital or clinic, to get advice before doing liquid rhinoplasty and other things. While it can improve the shape and contour of the nose, we must know that this method will not fix all defects. A consultation with a skilled surgeon and physician will help determine whether you are an ideal candidate for it. So, take the pre-treatment consultation seriously and do not go anywhere to get services. The Carful Trip team will provide the necessary things and introduce the best medical services to compatriots outside Iran and tourists.


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