5 Necessary Tips to Know for Plastic Surgery Aftercare

5 Necessary Tips to Know for Plastic Surgery Aftercare



Are you going to have plastic surgery and you are worried about how you will care for it? Swedish researchers believe that high-quality surgery and perioperative care reduce unnecessary complications and enhance postoperative patient satisfaction, hence reducing healthcare expenditures1. In other words, enhanced aftercare surgery benefits patients, caregivers, and society.

In this article, we are going to mention 5 necessary tips you should know about care after surgery and how to enhance the recovery time to get better sooner.





What happens after plastic surgery?

After plastic surgery, you’ll be sent to a recovery room when the procedure is finished. You’ll probably spend a few hours thereafter recovering from anesthesia. Upon awakening, you’ll feel sleepy. Some individuals also experience nausea.

The nurses will keep an eye on your pulse, temperature, respiration, and pulse while you are in the recovery room. They can ask you to take several deep breaths to test your lung capacity. They could examine the surgical site for indications of bleeding or infection. In addition, they’ll keep an eye out for symptoms of an allergic reaction.

You’ll be given general anesthesia for a lot of surgical procedures. Some individuals may have an allergic reaction after receiving anesthesia.

Once you’re stable, you’ll either be sent somewhere else to start the discharge procedure or if you’re remaining overnight, you’ll be relocated to a hospital room.



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How to take care of yourself after plastic surgery at home?

After plastic surgery and leaving the hospital, you must adhere to your doctor’s advice and take care of yourself carefully. Keep your follow-up appointments, take your medicine as prescribed, and be aware of any problems that might come up.

Taking care after plastic surgery may not be easy at first. If you’ve been told to rest, don’t overdo it. On the other hand, if you’ve been granted permission to roam about, don’t skip out on exercising. As soon as it’s safe to do so, start to resume your regular activities. The majority of the time, it’s preferable to gradually get back into your habit.

Sometimes after surgery, you won’t be able to take care of yourself for a while. You could need assistance from a caregiver to take care of your wounds, prepare your meals, keep you clean, and support you when you walk. A professional caregiving service might be recommended by your doctor if you don’t have a family member or friend who can assist.

If you get a fever, more discomfort, or bleeding at the location of the operation, call your doctor right away. If you have any concerns or aren’t recuperating as expected, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

One of the most important things in plastic surgery is to be careful about choosing a good doctor and hospital because of their service after the surgery. Plastic surgery in Iran is one of the most popular health services in the world because of the high rate of recovery and success during the procedure.



Tips for care after plastic surgery in Iran or other countries

Whether you choose to have your plastic surgery in Iran (as it is safer, cheaper, and with a higher rate of success) or in other countries, you need to know some aftercare tips to ensure your complete health and recovery. So, take note of these tips:


  1. Make certain of your diet

See what your doctor says about your diet after different plastic surgeries, because every surgery has its special diet.

For example, after rhinoplasty, you have to start with a modest diet consisting primarily of liquids. The next day, you may resume a soft, usual diet, but for two weeks, avoid eating anything that requires a lot of lip movement, such as apples or corn on the cob.

Or after abdominoplasty, for two to three days, you have to follow a soft diet rich in protein and steer clear of spicy foods since they might make you queasy and give you gas. After that, you may start eating normally again2.


  1. Doing activities after plastic surgery

Getting back to normal life and doing exercise after plastic surgery or doing normal activities requires your doctor’s opinion. Depending on the surgery, it may be different for different patients.

For example, to relieve tension on the suture line after abdominoplasty, it is crucial to walk for 3 to 5 days somewhat “stooped over” (bent at the hips). Your hips should be flexed when you sleep. These steps improve the scar’s quality. But in labiaplasty, decreasing activities may ensure quicker recovery after surgery.


  1. Have someone take care of you

After roughly every plastic surgery you need a caregiver next to you for 24 to 72 hours after the surgery.

For example, after liposuction, you may require help the first few times you get out of bed. Or after some other surgeries, driving would be dangerous, so you need someone to help you.


  1. Smoking or drinking after plastic surgeries

It is highly forbidden for some surgeries to smoke or drink alcohol after surgery. Smoking slows the healing process and raises the possibility of problems. So, take note and be careful.

For example, it is dangerous to smoke after a face or neck lift, and after rhinoplasty, alcohol should not be used while taking pain medication.


  1. Medications, pills, and painkillers for care after surgeries

Try not to take any medications without your doctor’s prescription and try to take whatever he has prescribed. If you have pain after surgery, call your doctor and ask him about a suitable painkiller. For the first two to three days, use Valium/Xanax, herbal supplements, and painkillers as prescribed to control your discomfort.




To better recover after different surgeries, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions, but before that, you have to be careful about choosing your doctor and the hospital. As you know, Iran has some of the most qualified doctors in the world with the highest satisfaction rate among patients for the quality of services in hospitals. If you are looking for a reliable service provider who takes care of everything, consider having plastic surgery in Iran with CarefulTrip as a highly recommended health and medical tourism provider.

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