Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery for women in which the surgeon changes and improves the appearance of the inner or outer edge of the vagina. The cost of vaginal cosmetic surgery varies from country to country. But labiaplasty in Iran is more economical than other countries and is performed under the supervision of surgeons in clinics equipped with the latest medical technologies. If you are planning to have this cosmetic surgery in Iran, we suggest that you use carefultrip packages and have a medical-tourist trip to Iran.


Why is labiaplasty popular among women?

According to statistics, most women who apply for labiaplasty in Iran want to reduce the size or length of the inner edge of their vagina. Although there is no theoretically defined size for the edge of the vagina, the best-case scenario for most women is one in which the inner edge of the vagina does not protrude from the outer edge. Of course, in this surgery, the extra amount of clitoral cap can also be removed.

Types of surgeries that are performed to beautify and repair the vagina and rejuvenate the vagina are:

·        Vaginoplasty: A type of cosmetic surgery for vaginal beauty

·        labiaplasty

·        Increase G-spot

·        Removal of skin or clitoral lining

·        Perineoplasty

·        Monsplasty: A surgery that involves dropping the skin of the abdomen on the genital area or the size of the upper part of the female genital area.


Types of labia

Major Labia:  The major labia or outer labia are two layers of skin that extend from Venus Hill on the pubic bone to the perineum. It is responsible for covering and protecting sensitive and internal structures such as the vaginal opening, minor labia and clitoris.

Minor labia or inner labia: Two layers of skin on each side of the vaginal opening that lie between the labia major. The minor labia extend from the clitoris down to either side of the vaginal opening.


How long does vaginal cosmetic surgery (labiaplasty) take?

Prior to any labiaplasty, a consultation at the clinic is definitely needed. In this session, your doctor will explain the procedure to you and help you understand what to expect before, during and after surgery. Most labiaplasties in Iran are performed under local anesthesia without intravenous injection (IV therapy). The operation time is about one hour, and you can easily return home after the operation (after a half hour break).


Naturally, the anatomy of a woman's body, especially her genital area, changes slightly throughout her life. Labiaplasty is a type of surgery that can reduce the size of the labia minora by removing excess tissue and is considered as a way to treat hypertrophy of the edges of the vagina.

Labiaplasty surgery uses two general techniques: the V-Wedge resection technique and the Edge resection technique. The wedge technique involves removing the V-shaped edges of the vagina from both sides to sew the edges together. This technique reduces the amount of scar tissue. In the lip technique, the gynecological cosmetic surgeon usually makes an incision and corrects the outer edges and inner lips, making the inner lips shorter than the outer edges. This technique causes more wounds and scar tissue than the first method.

Recovery after labiaplasty often depends on several factors. Labiaplasty is performed in a hospital or doctor's office, and most patients can return to work or most of their daily activities after five to seven days. However, in order to resume exercise and strenuous activity, as well as to have sex, it will take longer for your labiaplasty to complete recovery.

On average, you should abstain from sexual intercourse or any sexual activity for at least a month to make sure that the cuts and wounds created during surgery have healed. If you have sex for less than a month, the stitches will open and cause pain, and the risk of infection will increase.

The most common complications of this surgery are sutures, infection, and excessive bleeding. If you experience any of these, please contact your surgeon immediately.