Gender reassignment (gender affirmation) has been legal in Iran for both Iranians and foreigners for decades now. Then, many health tourists choose Iran for this transition surgery for its state-of-the-art facility yet affordable prices. As you may know, most insurances do not cover all or a large part of the cost of reassignment surgery and therefore Iran can be a dream destination for health tourists wishing to go through this transition. 


Gender reassignment process

Without a doubt, the gender reassignment process is complicated and should be conducted in a multidisciplinary method. For this process, many doctors have to collaborate and the person should be in the best state of mind possible before any surgery and of course during the hormone therapy. Therefore, the presence of a psychologist all along this transition is a must. Being aware of these complications, our team at Careful trip is at your service, every step of the way to make this wish become reality.


Female to male transition

For men who were born in a female body and therefore wish to reassign it, in simple words, there are three general surgeries:

  •  “Top” surgery: removing the breast volume (mastectomy )
  •   “Bottom” surgery: removing the female sex genitals or even organs
  •    Construction of a penis


Before any surgery, the doctor will prescribe (attributed) male hormones, testosterone, which gradually causes changes in appearance and the body as well.  These changes include the voice change, more hair growth especially on the chest, and some internal changes such as the stoppage of menstruating. It should be noted that almost all surgeries above are optional for transgender people; meaning that a man may wish to keep their vagina but have a penis constructed.


Male to female transition

For women who were born in a male body and therefore wish to reassign it, there are three general surgeries:

  • “Top” surgery: breast implants
  •  Facial treatments or even surgeries to give a more feminine look
  •  “Bottom” surgery: Penis removal and female sex genitals and organs construction


Before any surgery, the doctor will prescribe (attributed) female hormones, estrogens, which will affect the appearance as well as the entire body. These changes include voice change, softer and thinner body hair, less sex drive, etc. You should note that due to feminine hormone therapy there will some significant psychological changes as well, such as mood swings, which is totally natural and understandable.


Transplanted skin is usually taken from the arm, thigh, back or abdomen, and doctors consider arm skin to be the best option for making a penis. The penis produced by this method is larger than that of metidioplasty; But it does not get an erection on its own. To solve this problem, after the recovery period, a genital implant is performed.

Smoking prolongs the recovery period and increases the risk of complicating surgery. Even doctors may not recommend this procedure for people who smoke, e-cigarettes or nicotine. After the sex change operation, the person must be hospitalized for at least a few days. After discharge, the person should rest completely for about 6 weeks and do very little activity. Also, due to the increase in ureter length, he should use a catheter for 3 to 4 weeks.

1. The patient must be educated and have a moderate to high level of social awareness to be able to understand the doctor's words and be able to do them.

2. Have good financial ability.

After the person has completed the counseling sessions and has undergone at least one year of hormone therapy and still has decided to have the operation, the necessary surgeries can be performed in order. The patient should be reminded that surgeries are irreversible and the patient can no longer physically return to the real sex.

To change the sex of a man to a woman, he uses a part of a person's small intestine to make a female penis for him. This difficult operation takes five or six hours, and after six weeks the patient will have a painful recovery period.