Why Iran for hair transplant?

Why Iran for hair transplant?


Hair transplant in Iran is a highly requested procedure, due to the increasing rate of men and women performing this cosmetic surgery. This is a beneficial way of reviving your hair with short recovery periods and simple operations. As simple as these procedures may be, picking the right doctors and clinics is crucial in order to get the best results. Hair transplant in Iran is popular due to many factors. If that interests you in any way, make sure to read this article. Stick around until the end to see how we can help you.


The importance of picking professionals

Hair transplant is a relatively simple operation, which does not require hospitalization, and the recovery periods are not that long. Most patients are able to get back to their normal lives shortly after the operation. However, unprofessional surgeons can cause permanent damage to your head. With the increasing performance of hair transplant operations, it is not easy to make sure, if a doctor is suitable for you. That is why we are here to help you. If done incorrectly, hair transplant can leave side effects such as infections, long-term swelling and undesirable results. Therefore, picking a professional team of doctors is crucial.



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Why do we recommend Iran for hair transplant?

Hair transplant in Iran is popular due to many factors. Here are a few of these reasons that lead the candidates to Iran yearly.


Professional surgeons

Iranian surgeons and doctors have a good reputation with customer satisfaction. Over the years and due to society’s high demand, they have gained immense experience and professionalism. These well-educated, experienced, and well-known doctors and surgeons are trustworthy. Meaning, they can guarantee your safety and health, as well as giving you your desirable results.


Advanced clinics

These professional teams make sure you get the best services, performing your operations in well-equipped, advanced, and functioning clinics and medical centers. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction is our number one mission.


Reasonable prices

Hair transplant is a costly operation. It is an expensive surgery in so many countries, making it harder for people to pick professional surgeons. The price of hair transplant in Iran is very reasonable, making it an affordable procedure. It costs less to perform this operation in Iran due to economic reasons. Therefore, you can get incredible services with the lowest prices.


Great travel destination

Iran is a beautiful country to visit. By picking Iran as your medical destination, you are killing two birds with one stone. Iranians are among the most hospitable people. Moreover, you can visit so many cultural and historical sites. Turning your medical trip into an unforgettable journey.


Hair transplant services

We have been successful at keeping our patients satisfied despite their type of treatments and the packages they choose. Just like any other procedure, hair transplant has different types. Figuring out which one is suitable for you is an important step of the journey. Here are a few other hair transplant services we provide:


Hair transplant for women

Hair loss is very common among women of all ages. Therefore, hair transplant for women is a very popular procedure. Female pattern baldness and receded hairline are two common types of hair loss that women deal with regularly. Receded hairline occurs in both men and women, and the treatment is usually lowering the hairline, by transplanting hair to the front of the patient’s head. With female pattern baldness, the hair loss pattern is not distinct. Resulting in thinning and balding in different areas of the head. Hair transplant is one of the methods used for these types of air loss. Your doctor will check your condition and advise you on your suitable method, making sure you receive correct services.


Bread transplant (facial hair transplant)

So many men have decided to transplant beards and mustaches through the past few years. This treatment transplants hair in areas of the face in which the natural hair growth is disturbed, the hair is thin, or there is no hair at all. This operation requires precise, professional and concentrated surgeons, since the direction of the transplanted area should be correct in order for hair to grow naturally. Therefore, you need to make sure of your doctor’s ability and knowledge.


Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrows are an important facial feature. Eyebrow transplant is very popular because so many people seek natural eyebrows that look good and desirable. You might even seek an eyebrow transplant if your eyebrows are burned, over-plucked, scarred, or naturally thin.


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How can we help?

Due to very high demand, there are numerous surgeons and medical teams you can choose from, which makes it hard and confusing to figure out what suits you best. Here at Carefultrip we make sure you get the best services with the most reasonable prices when it comes to hair transplant in Iran. You can pick your ideal package from our predetermined packages. We can counsel and guide you through these packages for maximum satisfaction. Connecting you to professional doctors and planning your trip is among the services we provide. Our other services are as following:



Booking your tickets and hotel, somewhere near the clinic


T-visa authorization code

T-visa authorization code is part of our packages.



Picking you up from the airport, transfer from hotel to the clinics and vice versa.


Booking the procedure

We connect you with the most professional surgeons in Iran, making sure you get the best results. Your entire doctor visits, medical test, medications, the main procedure.


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Last words

Hair transplant in Iran is very popular due to the high demand of men and women in all ages. Hair loss is a common condition, leading to undesirable looks and lack of confidence. So many people seek the operation in order to treat their conditions and gain their ideal looks. Iran is an ideal medical destination due to professional surgeons and doctors, advanced medical clinics, up-to-date surgical techniques, fair prices and affordable costs. In addition, this country is a great travel destination with numerous tourist attractions and hospitable residents. Making your journey unforgettable, safe and peaceful. With the increasing number of surgeons and doctors in this field, it has become difficult to pick professional surgical teams for this operation. Unprofessional doctors and mediocre services will only lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, Carefultrip is here to guide you. We will help you through every step of your medical journey, making sure you will get the best results. Do not forget to contact us and get your journey started as soon as possible.

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