How to decide who is the best plastic surgeon?

How to decide who is the best plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery in Iran is a popular field of procedure. Iranian cosmetic surgeons have gained a lot of experience over the years due to the high demand, which has led to their good reputation with keeping their clients satisfied.

 When it comes to performing any kind of surgery, you should look into many factors, and cosmetic surgery is no exception. It is undeniable that the most important thing you should consider is picking the right surgeon.

 Because of the increasing demand of plastic surgery, so many unqualified doctors and physicians have also stepped into this field, making it exceptionally harder to find a professional surgeon for your procedure. If you want to figure out what qualities you should be looking for in a surgeon, keep reading this article.

Who is the best plastic surgeon?

The best plastic surgeon is someone who can construct your ideal image for you. By choosing someone as your surgeon and handing them the scissors, you are putting your appearance, safety and health at stake. Therefore, when it comes to choose the right person you should be very careful.

Questions you should ask when deciding on a plastic surgeon

When deciding to perform plastic surgery in Iran and picking a surgeon to perform the operation on you, you want to make sure they are well qualified, experienced, and suitable for you. Before making this important decision, make sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Experience

Ask yourself, does this particular surgeon have enough experience regarding this type of procedure? No matter how well trained a physician is, how much education they have or how honest they seem, they should still have enough experience with your desired procedure. Some surgeons just specialize in a particular sort of operation; even though they could perform their own field of specialty perfectly, they are not qualified to perform any other procedures. Therefore, not only experience alone, but also experience in your target field is a vital factor.


  • Clients’ satisfaction

Are their previous clients happy with their results? How often do you hear someone nagging about their bad experience with cosmetic surgery, saying they should not have picked a particular surgeon? It happens more frequently than you would want to admit. Therefore, make sure to look into before and after pictures of a surgeon, and even make time to chat with a few of their previous clients if that is possible for you.


  • Professionalism

Is the surgeon professional enough to perform this procedure? Dose he guarantee your safety and wellness? No matter how many times a surgeon has done a particular procedure, what good is it if they have done it all poorly? Finally yet importantly, all surgeons need to be qualified nationwide, and own a board certification in plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an exceptionally difficult branch of study, requiring years and years of education, experience and training.


Find out if your doctor’s facility is professionally accredited

Since most cosmetic operations take place outside hospitals, making sure your surgeon is qualified and professionally certified is another important factor. Make sure you look for at least one of the certifications mentioned below:

  • Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
  • State or National License


Discover the surgeon’s style

Cosmetic surgery is much more than knowledge and experience. It is a form of artistic work. Therefore, just like any other field of art each surgeon has his unique style. Everyone approaches beauty differently and holds different standards and values. Making sure your surgeon’s style is similar to yours is another important factor.

A professional surgeon can be an expert and still not give you your ideal results, meaning their style might be different from what you have envisioned. Someone whose style is close to your ideal images, someone who can fully understand you and paint your desired picture, giving you the best results in alignment with your ideas.

Full consultations

Consulting with your surgeon before performing any procedure is vital. Make sure you discuss every little than that crosses your mind, leaving any questions unanswered. During these consultations, always ask for filed images, patient reviews and licenses.

Not only should your surgeon consult you and walk you through the steps, but they should also give you realistic expectations and inform you on any possible risk factors. Your surgeon will guide you through the surgery, replicate the operation and fully instruct you on the pre and post-surgery cares. He also need to be honest with you through the whole process, leaving no doubts or uncertainty behind.

How can we help?

Finding best plastic surgeon in Iran who is right for you is a difficult task, especially with the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery. This tricky task requires so much research and knowledge. That is where we come in play.

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The bottom line

Plastic surgery has been one of the most common fields of procedure for years now. With the increasing rate of this particular demand, finding the right surgeon for your operation is not going to be easy. Plastic surgery in Iran is a popular operation. This makes Iran one of the ideal countries for such procedures. Picking the correct doctor and team of professionals for your surgery is by far the most important step of your cosmetic journey. If your surgeon is not experienced, educated, or knowledgeable enough, the results can turn out disappointing. Here at carefultrip, we connect you to the best plastic surgeon in Iran for your ideal type of operation. Contact us to get your journey started.