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Rhinoplasty is a nose cosmetic surgery that corrects the appearance of nasal defects and treats breathing problems. Many people deciding to have a nose job may ask, “when is the best time to book the procedure?” Like most cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty can be done at any time. Choosing the time to book the surgery is a personal decision, and you should consider your physical condition, lifestyle and weather conditions of your living area. Based on these factors, you must carefully perform the necessary actions before the surgery to obtain the desired result.

To make the right decision for rhinoplasty in Iran, apart from considering your age and personal condition, you must know that each season has pros and cons. In this article, we discuss the items involved so that you can choose the right time for your nose job.


Best age range

Usually, the right age for nose surgery depends on the individual. If you are old, you must be in good health for the operation; if you are a teenager, you must ensure that your bones have finished growing. The end of puberty is estimated to be 16 years for girls and 18 years for boys. But remember that the best time for this operation is between 20 and 30. Before and after these ages, the desired result may not be obtained and may even cause facial deformation.


Rhinoplasty in adolescence

Physical maturity and facial feature growth have yet to be completed in adolescence. So, if a nose job is done at this age, in the future, and after the completion of growth, the shape of the nose may not look normal on the person’s face, and so to speak, it will not fit the face. If a teenager intends to have a nose job, taking bone tests and consulting an otolaryngologist is essential.


Rhinoplasty in the old ages

Skin condition is a critical factor in rhinoplasty. Since, in advancing years, the skin sags and loses freshness and elasticity, nose surgery cannot be effective, and the surgeon cannot make a significant change. Also, since rhinoplasty is done with anesthesia, it may be dangerous for people over 60 who usually have cardio-pulmonary problems. The maximum age for nose surgery is 60, yet many surgeons don’t recommend having it for 40 and above.



Best season

If you want to undergo nose surgery, you should pay special attention to several things that affect your surgery, such as the season you are planning to book the surgery.



Here are several factors that make winter a suitable season for rhinoplasty:


Cold weather and less sunlight

After surgery, since the body undergoes significant changes, it becomes very vulnerable. For this reason, you should take care of the injuries caused by the surgery after the nose job. One of the things you should be aware of is sunlight. If you are exposed to sunlight for an extended time, healing your wounds will take longer. Also, sunlight increases the risk of infection. As a result, the scar is more likely to remain on your skin for a long time. Thus, winter is a better season to perform surgery because UV rays are less present, and since the days are shorter, you will get less exposure to sunlight. In addition, low air temperature can help heal bruises, swelling, and inflammation caused by surgery, as cool weather constricts the blood vessels.


Winter holidays

If you are a worker or a student, winter is a better option for you; Because the winter vacation allows you to relax at home without taking days off or missing your classes. You must note that recovery usually takes up to four weeks. So, plan accordingly. Of course, in some countries, vacations can take place in different seasons.

Before undergoing rhinoplasty in winter, you should pay special attention to a series of things that could be problematic for you, but if you take care of them, there is nothing much to worry about:


Skin dry-out

Remember that in cold seasons, your skin becomes drier than usual. As a result, wounds take longer to heal. Be sure to use bandages and be less exposed to cold weather. It would help if you also use the ointments prescribed by your doctor as directed.


High risk of catching a cold

Another point that you should pay attention to is that the prevalence of colds and flu is usually higher in the cold seasons of the year, so you should be prudent and protect yourself against these diseases. Getting infected by these diseases after your nose surgery disrupts the healing process of the nose and may lead to severe complications. If the nose is touched following a cold and runny nose, undesirable changes in nose shape may occur. Also, sneezing will tear the stitches and causes a droopy nose tip. However, you can prevent colds by taking precautions, such as vitamin C and keeping a distance from sick people.



Rhinoplasty is also possible in the summer, and it is not advised against it. Here we discuss the main benefit of having a nose job in summer:


Summer vacation

Usually, young people think of changing their faces after graduating from high school because a new phase of life is about to start. Even university graduates decide to undergo rhinoplasty before starting their new job. So, what is a better season than summer with its long vacation? It is a good option for this group of people whose summer is their free time since they can quickly get enough rest at home and recover well.

However, there are some things you should pay attention to:


Sun damage

The good news is that you no longer have to worry about your skin drying out because of the hot weather. But as mentioned earlier, sunlight can be harmful to your wounds. So, try to be less exposed to sunlight.


Heat damage

Not only does heat make your inflammations stay longer than usual, but it can also increase inflammation. So, stay home as much as possible and adjust the house’s temperature.


Wearing glasses or sunglasses during recovery

The weight of the glasses puts pressure on the nose bridge and disrupts the treatment process or may change the shape of the nose. During the first weeks, use medical lenses instead of prescription glasses.


Avoid swimming

Chlorine in pool water or salt water increases the possibility of infection.


Spring or autumn

Another critical point is that although spring and autumn are more suitable seasons for rhinoplasty (as it is neither too cold nor too hot), you must be aware of the possibility of seasonal allergies. A simple allergy can ruin the whole process because sneezing and a runny nose adversely affect the nose’s appearance and the wounds. Your doctor may prescribe an antihistamine. But avoiding rhinoplasty in these seasons is better if you have seasonal allergies.


Physical prohibitions in nose surgery

Nose surgery is voluntary and done for beauty purposes; usually, there are no contraindications. However, you should consider a few points:

  • If you smoke or drink alcohol, you should stop consuming them two weeks before surgery. Because smoking and alcohol cause infection of the surgical site, breathing problems, bleeding more than usual, and delay in the healing process.
  • If you are overweight, try to lose weight before the surgery to reduce the complications after the operation.
  • If you have heart or lung issues, asthma, or epilepsy, this surgery is unsuitable. If you have hemophilia, avoid nose surgery because of excessive bleeding during and after surgery.




If you have decided to undergo rhinoplasty and only the operation booking is left, carefully review the mentioned points. It may not matter what season you choose, but does your physical condition allow you to have a rhinoplasty, or are you likely to have seasonal allergies? In addition to the necessity of a successful rhinoplasty, you will get the desired result if you follow through with your overall health. You will choose wisely with the tips of CarefulTrip’s experts.

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