Best Country for Plastic Surgery 2021

Best Country for Plastic Surgery 2021



Choosing the right doctor and clinic/hospital for a plastic surgery procedure can be challenging, especially when many unqualified medical practitioners take advantage of the growing interest in cosmetic surgery.

Considering the extremely high fees charged by many plastic surgeons, this becomes an even more significant challenge. You can count on us to cooperate with you in this regard by introducing you to the most trusted plastic surgeons in Iran that offer high-quality procedures at the most affordable prices.


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What Makes Iran So Special?

Consider that Iran offers a price that you won’t find anywhere else for any procedure. Moreover, Iranian plastic surgeons are exceptionally talented, and the hospitals and clinics adhere to the highest standards of professional performance.

Plastic surgery in Iran can be the best option for you, and one day you will appreciate making the right decision for yourself. It is both medically and economically wise to choose to have plastic surgery here!

Iranian culture is fascinating, and the country is a great place to visit. People who have been there will attest to that.




Why Careful Trip?

By using Careful Trip, you won’t have to worry about any traveling hassles. Through our experience as the leading medical tourism facilitators in Iran, we have helped hundreds of patients get the cosmetic and medical treatments they need in Iran as smoothly as possible.


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The Benefits of Medical and Cosmetic Treatments in Iran Make It an Ideal Country for Such Treatments.

Foreigners can receive health services in Iran. Do you plan on having plastic surgery somewhere else simply because you cannot afford it in your own country? Does cosmetic surgery still seem like something only wealthy individuals with luxurious tastes should be able to afford? This thought is no longer the case!


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Iran as a Medical Tourism Destination

Medical tourism refers to people traveling abroad for medical/cosmetic treatments that are either not available in their own country or are too expensive to afford, which is why people think about visiting other countries to find these kinds of treatments.

There has been an increasing number of plastic surgery tourists taking advantage of their medical trips to go on an adventure before and after the surgery.




Since the Beginning of Medical Tourism in Iran, How Many People Have Traveled There?

Words cannot express what statistics do. It may not have been known, but Iran now ranks among the most popular and preferred destinations for high-quality yet low-cost plastic surgery abroad. The statistics show that Iran receives more than 30,000 people for medical treatment every year from all over the world, plus 200,000 for health and welfare purposes, and that number is steadily growing. In this respect, the country is endeavoring to boost medical tourism, given its great potential.


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Additional Benefits of Plastic Surgery in Iran

Plastic Surgeons with High Levels of Training

Most Iranian plastic surgeons are members of western surgeon communities, including American and European societies. As a result, these surgeons are considered among the world’s most experienced and skilled doctors. Several Iranian surgeons have gained years of experience and a high level of expertise, which has led them to absorb intentional demands for cosmetic surgery in the medical tourism sector.

Since the inception of medicine in Iran, Iranian surgeons and practitioners have been among the best in the world. As well as being the best, because all are board-certified, they are also more experienced in the number of plastic surgery procedures they have performed compared to their western counterparts. In addition, they are performing surgeries in a country with approximately 80 million people.




Iran Offers Low-Cost Plastic Surgery

When compared to Western countries, plastic surgery in Iran is significantly more affordable. Iran, for example, costs as little as $6000 for liposuction, while the same procedure costs as much as $13,000 in the United States and as much as £9,000 in the United Kingdom.

A second advantage of combining a few procedures is that you can save a lot more money. It is essential to pay attention that this does not mean that you should underestimate the quality of the services provided. Your health care services will undoubtedly be of the same or even better quality as those in your home country.

Likely, you always thought that when prices are low, quality goes down. Humans are accustomed to assuming that the best services come with a high price, but this is not always true, and it is certainly not the case in Iran’s medical sector.


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The Availability of High-Quality Medical Services

The hospitals in Iran are equipped with the most advanced and current technology to serve international patients and offer high-quality services in accordance with international standards.



Providing English-Speaking Assistance and Staff

Traveling abroad is going to be a cinch when globalization kicks in. But there would only be one language barrier for travelers if there were a limitation.

Everyone would prefer to go to a hospital in a foreign country for plastic surgery where the staff can help them as good as possible within the shortest possible time, as not communicating well with the medical team will create an uncomfortable situation for both the staff and travelers.

All hospitals employ the best assistants fluent in English and other languages in Iran, where plastic and medical surgeries are performed.


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Historical Iran Is One of the Top Tourist Attractions in the World

Would you be interested in combining your plastic surgery procedure with a vacation? As a result of saving money over plastic surgery, you can plan a holiday in a historical country such as Iran to visit several cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, or Kish Island for a fascinating mental and spiritual experience. You get precisely this from us.

Iranian historical and natural tourist attractions and rich cultural heritage throughout Western Asia make it a popular destination. Visiting the country’s beautiful tourist destinations and experiencing new adventures are necessary before leaving the country.








You Can Find the Cheapest Plastic Surgery in Iran

People are tending more and more interested in plastic surgeries. Technology advancements decreased costs, and an ever-increasing interest in aesthetics, have made plastic surgery more popular than ever. As it stands, insurance companies do not cover such operations they categorize as non-emergencies.

The popularity of these surgeries has grown in certain countries. The Iranian market currently ranks among the top foreign destinations for cosmetic surgeries. It’s the low prices and the highly skilled doctors who perform thousands of operations each year that make Iran a popular destination for cosmetic surgery. Another problem you may experience in developed countries, such as Australia or the U.S., is long waiting lists that make people wait longer than necessary for treatment. Those traveling to Iran do not face these problems.


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