8 Trendy Cosmetic surgeries for Men in 2022

8 Trendy Cosmetic surgeries for Men in 2022




Are you a conservative man looking for trendy clothes, hairstyles, and appearance? Digital devices, online applications, and the modern world help medical fields’ development. One of these medical fields is Cosmetic surgery for men, which was not so popular some years ago. Technology is not always helpful to women; this time is men’s turn. Qualified doctors perform the most popular Cosmetic surgery in Iran with developed medical facilities at affordable prices.

If your Instagram exploration is full of surgical facilities, cosmetic operation processes, cosmetic operation clinics, and other related pages, don’t hesitate to find what you want for your better appearance.

It is usual to perform liposuction, botox, tummy tuck, neck lifting, or other cosmetic surgeries for men, don’t be old-fashioned. How old are you? Most men will turn to these surgical fields after their thirties.

How about you? You may need guidelines or supportive services to make your final decision or travel abroad for the best surgery.

According to statistics, Iran is one of the best countries to perform these surgeries, and CarefulTrip can support you during your operation. Keep on reading to get familiar with the trendiest cosmetic surgeries for men in 2022.




Nose job or rhinoplasty

Whenever you come to Iran, you will see too many women with operated noses, which make them more beautiful. The high percentage of nose jobs in Iran shows that qualified doctors and developed facilities are available in this country.

Moreover, this is not the end of the story. A nose job or rhinoplasty is now becoming one of the trendy cosmetic surgeries for men too. A professional doctor will consider the gender of the patient to perform this cosmetic operation. (Nose job)

It means women’s noses may need to be smaller and more fantasy, but it will be different for men because their nose bones are thicker and more robust. Also, a well-done doctor must pay attention to men’s face structure and operate based on the final reports and information.

Please note that men can experience a nose job due to functional purposes along with cosmetic ones. The reshaping nose can be a frightening operation, but patients who perform this Cosmetic surgery in Iran are satisfied with full support, medical care, living facilities, and other services.



For more information, read:

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Removing fat or liposuction

The second trendy cosmetic operation among men is liposuction after a nose job. There may be too many lubricants in male bodies, which disturb them. The most common places with fat gathering are:

  • Around the belly button area
  • Waist circumference
  • Abdomen

Liposuction may not seem complicated or complex because the doctor only removes fat from a specific area. But it is essential to examine the male body to get information about the place before eliminating fat.

How much fat do you want to remove from your body? Don’t worry; Iranian doctors can make the final decision due to preliminary examinations. Since there are too many specialist doctors in liposuction operations, people travel to Iran worldwide.

Liposuction will help you have a fit body and eliminate your belly or other parts of fat. This cosmetic surgery suits most male bodies; it only takes 10 to 15 days to return to everyday life (recovery process). You will need supportive medical care during your recovery time.



Shaping the face or chin/jaw implant

Another popular cosmetic operation among men is chin and jaw implants to make the face structure more attractive. This cosmetic operation will be more prominent among men in 2022 than women. Finally, men proceed with cosmetic operations faster than women.

Do you have enough information about this surgery? As evidenced by the name of this operation, the chin, jaw, and, generally, men’s faces will change. Most involved parts in this cosmetic operation are:

  • Bottom of chin
  • Behind the jaw
  • Inside the mouth

In modern life and online lifestyle, men are looking for ways to become more desirable, and chin implant is one of these ways. It means having a strong jawline is one of the essential matters to increase popularity among men.

Based on the gathered information, men will become aware of their appearance and pay attention to it in 2022. Therefore, worldwide, people are witnesses of men’s surgical process too. Men are looking for ways to be more effective and attractive like women.



Eyelid cosmetic surgery

This is not only women who feel uncomfortable because of excess skin or fat on their eyelids, but also men looking for a way to remove the eyelid fat and get rid of their excess skin.

Although the eyes are the most sensitive and essential parts of the face, men accept the risk of performing this Cosmetic surgery in Iran.

The costs, risks, and side effects of eyelid surgery cannot change their final decision to become more exciting and eliminate eyelid fat. The excellent news is eyelid surgery is somehow cheaper in Iran than in the UK.

Many patients worldwide travel to Iran because of its affordable prices and potential doctors or medical care. The eyelid surgery costs include different parts as below:

  • Cost of consultation with a potential doctor to make the final decision
  • Cost of taking the needed examination for better operation
  • Cost of doctors’ efforts and performing eyelid surgery
  • The fee for follow-up medical care during recovery time

It will be helpful to check out a list of Iranian treatment centers for performing the best, cheapest and fastest eyelid surgery. Most Iranian clinics get a high rate of performing eyelid surgery, despite all its risks and costs.



Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck

A tummy tuck may confuse patients because it can be similar to liposuction. But these cosmetic surgeries are different, so don’t make a mistake choosing your surgery. Tummy tuck aims to:

  • Loose skin
  • Restructure abdomen muscles
  • Tighten abdomen muscles

A tummy tuck is not just a fat removal as liposuction, so this surgery will be more complex and challenging than liposuction. Men, who want to perform a tummy tuck, must avoid smoking for at least 6 weeks before and after their surgery.

In addition, taking aspirin is not acceptable 3 weeks before a tummy tuck operation. The healing process of tummy tuck surgery may be fast or slow; it depends on fluid collection or tucked under the patient’s skin.

Don’t forget that you will need medical care and living faculties during your recovery. In this case, choosing a surgical clinic that offers the best and complete medical care before and after tummy tuck surgery is better.

A supportive garment is essential to take care of the skin for 4 to 6 weeks after this surgery, and it will help the better shape of the skin.



Facelift cosmetic surgery

Besides women who want to stop time and become younger in their faces, men are looking for an operation to refresh their faces. Rejuvenating the face is possible due to facelift surgery.

A facelift will affect not only the face areas, but also the neck skin and lubrication under the chin. Planning and performing this Cosmetic surgery in Iran is faster and easier than in other clinics.

The facelift is the same as eyelid surgery, since the surgeon will make an incision at the top sides of the patient’s face, removing loose and excess facial skin. Fat distribution and fat removal are 2 critical targets of this cosmetic operation for men in 2022.

The potential surgeon quickly reshapes the facial tissue to make it younger and shinier. Knowing who your doctor is and where you perform this surgery is essential.




Chest or breast reduction

Trendy cosmetic operations for men don’t end in facial surgeries. Since men experience a condition recognized as gynecomastia, they will also need to perform chest or breast reduction surgery.

The hormonal stages of adolescence may cause this condition. A skillful surgeon can perform this surgery and solve the patient’s problem, as he didn’t have this problem at all.

Reshaping and restructuring the chest or breast is what some men look for. One-third of men have this condition. Though chest/ breast reduction surgery is a good choice to solve the problem, liposuction and direct surgical treatment can be excellent treatments too.

Men must be aware of this surgery’s side effects and prolonged recovery time because they will feel uncomfortable for a long time after chest reduction surgery.




Neck lifting cosmetic surgery

The final cosmetic operation for men in 2022 is neck lifting to solve some neck sagging problems. This condition will happen due to genetic reasons, weight gain, or weight loss. Neck lifting surgery will part into different categories:

  • Decelerate neck fat
  • Deflate neck balloon
  • Excess fatty tissue
  • Restructure neck muscles
  • Solve neck deformities

Men will have a tighter and smoother appearance after a neck lifting operation because the surgeon will remove the excess neck skin and loose or fat in the neck area. A neck lift is more prevalent among men rather than facelifts.

As we said before, a complete facelift is the best choice for those who need to seem younger, but neck lifting is an operation for men who only look for a better appearance while they are still young and have shiny skin or face.




Cosmetic surgery in Iran with CarefulTrip

A team of well-experienced and skillful surgeons will perform any cosmetic operation for men and women in CarefulTrip. A modern clinic with the most developed medical devices and best facilities is ready to reshape your chin or jaw and lift your face or neck.

There is no need to worry about costs; every cosmetic operation in CarefulTrip is competitive, while its teams offer the most qualified medical services and supportive care. This medical clinic can be the most desirable place for you to perform a cosmetic operation abroad.

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