There are some inconveniences that only married people can understand. Always having children for any loving couple is the beginning of an adventurous journey. But unfortunately, sometimes the ticket for this trip is not easy. The problem was me. I'm Patricia, a 27 year old girl We tried all the ways
But the doctors put only one solution in front of me and my husband, which was no different from the impasse we were in.
The high cost was a big obstacle to achieving the dream I had as a child Fortunately, our neighbor was Iranian And he suggested that I do some research on this treatment in Iran
I started searching on Facebook until I came across the MOM It can be said that it was a turning point in the course of our lives Little by little, the lost dreams were having meaning again After their wonderful advice, my husband and I decided to come to Iran and we will be happy with this decision forever. We experienced an almost perfect journey
With a medical suite that gave each other a sense of security ...
Surely MOM can be a savior for any couple with a similar illness
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