Teeth bleaching in Iran can provide you guaranteed results

Who doesn't love a beautiful white smile?  Dentists perform an estimated $2 billion in tooth bleaching operations each year, making it one of the world's most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Coffee, red wine, smoking, and age all contribute to the discoloration of our teeth. Certain drugs, such as tetracycline, can also cause discoloration. Let's look at how it works and why it's a good idea to do teeth bleaching in Iran.


What is the Process of Teeth bleaching?

The term "tooth bleaching" refers to any procedure that aims to lighten the color of teeth. Bleaching and non-bleaching whitening products are the most prevalent methods of accomplishing this. Whitening and "bleaching" are sometimes used interchangeably, although the FDA stipulates that the phrase "bleaching" can be used when the product has bleaching ingredients. When a product eliminates food or debris from the teeth without using bleach, it is simply "whitening."


You should visit a doctor for tooth bleaching

It is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) that before you bleach your teeth, you consult your dentist. An experienced dentist is able to help you choose the best whitening alternatives and monitor the treatment process to avoid issues.

Having your teeth whitened and bleached professionally at the dentist's office can be completed in about an hour. First, a tooth whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and a specific heating light is aimed at the teeth for three 20-minute intervals, with the gel being reapplied between each interval. The whitening process may be accelerated or activated with the help of a laser, which some dentists employ. A barrier is employed to keep the whitening gel in place on your teeth to keep your lips, gums, and tongue out of the way. For the best results, your dentist will usually provide you with a set of custom-made whitening trays that you can apply at home to bleach your teeth further.

Most patients require a series of 30- to 60-minute office visits to see the most noticeable results, with teeth typically lightened by three to eight shades. Certain dentists can do procedures in a single two-hour appointment. The costs are between $500 and $1,000.

The Most Effective Approach

The best and safest way to do teeth bleach in Iran is to get them done by a dentist in-office. The dentist is able to control the concentration of the bleaching agent because the mouth and gums are protected. Additionally, a dentist is equipped to deal with any side effects, such as tooth sensitivity, that may emerge from therapy. In just one or two hours, teeth can be whitened up to ten shades.


Why should you choose teeth bleach in Iran? 

  1. Dentistry in Iran is comparable to that of pioneering Western countries. In terms of teeth bleach in Iran, you can expect to see equipment made in America, Canada, and other developed countries.  
  2. Qualified Doctors:  Since aesthetic dentistry is gaining popularity, Iranian dentists are expanding their expertise in the field more than ever before. In addition, the majority of Iranian dentists are graduates of some of the world's most prestigious universities.
  3. It's cost-effective: There is often an average price tag of $500 for teeth bleach in Iran. Dentists maintain a higher standard of care while keeping costs lower than in other countries. In other words, you can get the same (or better) healthcare at a lower cost than you would in the United States or many other European countries.