During spinal fusion surgery two or more vertebrae in your spine are permanently joined to eliminate extra space between them, correct their deformity, improve spinal stability and finally reduce pain in the spine area. It is noteworthy that spinal fusion techniques have been designed based on the normal healing process of broken bones. Be sure, if you perform Spinal Fusion in Iran, the Iranian skilled surgeons choose the best medical techniques, so that you can tolerate the least side effects.


Why Spinal Fusion done?

Usually doctors recommend spinal fusion in the case of trauma or deformities of the spine; but sometimes after removal of a damaged disk (herniated disk) or because of Spinal weakness or instability it's also done.


Do you know how is spinal fusion performed?

It’s done using general anesthesia, while your hair on the surgical site has been already shaved and the area is cleaned with a special antiseptic. It is better to know that the technique your surgeon selects for this surgery, depends on many factors including the main reason for the spinal fusion and the location of the vertebrae that need to be fused. Of course, your general health and body shape have an effect too. During spinal fusion, your neurosurgeon places bone or a synthetic substance (material like natural bone) within the space between two spinal vertebrae. Mainly metal plates, rods and screws used to hold the vertebrae together in order to speed up the healing process of bone graft.


Benefits of doing Spinal Fusion in Iran

Because, most of the neurosurgery may be risky and costly, it's important to perform your surgery in the best condition, with the best equipment and under the experienced and trained surgeons. Fortunately according to the experience of many tourists, Spinal Fusion in Iran have high rates of efficacy and low rates of side effects. Iran's hospitals and clinics are one of the best in the Middle East at an affordable price.


Bottom line

Before spinal fusion surgery tell your doctor about any medications you are taking. Because uses of some medications have to stop before the surgery. While the healing process may take several months, but be sure that you will be in better physical condition than before. Even if, the original spinal fusion did not do well in your country, all of additional surgeries to repair, can be done by skilled and qualified Iranian neurosurgeons. Just enough get in touch with Carefultrip Center consultants.


Spinal endoscopic surgery is a low-risk invasive procedure. In this method, the incision is less than 10 mm and the muscles are divided by dilators. During surgery, surgeons use modern techniques to place small tubes over the patient's spine. The pipes are from 4 mm to 8 mm in diameter. The smaller ones are used in the cervical spine and the larger ones are used in the lumbar spine.

Spinal endoscopic surgery is for pain management and spine surgery. If the pain does not improve after 6 weeks with conservative treatments and other treatments, patients with neck pain, limb pain and low back pain are identified for surgery. Patients with lumbar spinal hernia can be effectively treated with spinal endoscopy.

Recovery after spinal endoscopic surgery depends on the individual's physical condition, the extent of the disease, and the complexity of the operation. For a simple lumbar disc herniation, recovery is a few days. For patients with extensive bone pathology, scar tissue on several levels of the spine and lean vertebrae takes several weeks to fully heal. However, most patients return to light work within 2-3 weeks and complete their duties within 6 weeks.

You will need someone during the day and night of the surgery. You also need someone to take you to your hotel for your surgery.