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Types of meniscus tears

There are six main types of meniscus tears:

horizontal tear

This kind of injury can be easily repaired by surgery.

Radial tear

This is one of the most common types of meniscus tears. In severe cases, it requires surgery to remove the affected area.

Incomplete or Intrasubstance tear

This kind of meniscus tear is an indication of the early stages of degenerative changes. Surgery is the one of the best solutions for this problem.

Flap tear

This kind of meniscus tear has an unusual pattern that causes a lot of pain. In this case, the surgeon usually removes a small part of the injured tissue.

Complex tear

This injury is a combination of several tear patterns including radial and horizontal tears. In this case, the surgeon usually removes the meniscus.

Bucket handle tear

A bucket handle tear is the main reason for knee lock and requires an urgent surgery to preserve the ability to bend at the knee. 


Different kinds of Meniscus Repair in Iran

Currently, there are three main methods for the surgical management of meniscus tears. The specialist will recommend you one of the three, considering the severity of your injury. Different types of Meniscus Repair in Iran are as following:

  • Meniscectomy 
  • Meniscal repair 
  • Meniscal reconstruction


Preparation for the surgery

Meniscus Repair in Iran requires careful examinations. During the medical examination, the specialist tests the range of motion of the knee joint in different positions. In addition, your form while walking, the amount of bending and stretching of the knee are also examined. In case of Meniscus tear, one feels noticeable pain in the knee area.

Meniscus surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The Spinal anesthesia may also be recommended. During surgery, the surgeon removes the injury or smooths the joint surface. 


Why Meniscus Repair in Iran

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Patients with meniscus rupture experience pain with swelling for several hours to several days. These patients may also experience symptoms such as stuck, locked, or loose knees. The patient may also complain of pain and discomfort in his pelvis at night.

If there is a small tear in the meniscus margin, surgery may not be needed and the tear will heal on its own over time. Patients with meniscus tears do not necessarily need surgical treatment, and some can be treated with rest, lift, ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, and compression without surgery. The patient can also get help from physiotherapy. Treatment depends on what symptoms and discomfort the patient has.

It may take 6 to 8 weeks for the outer meniscus to heal, which is smaller, without surgery. The patient can help with recovery by performing physiotherapy as well as using anti-inflammatory drugs and ice, rest, and compression.

Although a ruptured meniscus can cause pain and swelling, if it is under control, the patient can walk well with it and do the normal tasks of daily life. If the patient has severe symptoms of meniscus rupture, he should see a doctor to manage it.

Meniscus rupture may be exacerbated by activity, especially core activity. In such activities, the meniscus may become stuck between the two condyles and increase in size. In this case, the patients' condition worsens due to pain and swelling.