Lipomatic is one of the best or even the best method to remove excess fat from the body. Lipomatic Surgery is a kind of liposuction, but it has less much pain and bleeding. After the local anesthesia, a hole of 2 to 5 mm is made in the parts of the body where the lipomatic operation is supposed to be performed, then the device has entered the hole and by ultraviolet waves removes adipose tissue. This device has an active safety system, the operation of which stops when meeting the non-adipose tissues. Hence, the danger of damage to the internal organs of the body and skin burns reaches its lowest level.


Advantages of lipoamtic in general

Lipomatic surgery is utilized for slimming the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, neck, face, arms, and chin. This surgery has positive properties which listed below:

·         Recovery time is much shorter than other similar methods

·         The skin does not loosen, instead, it shrinks well so that the appearance of the surgical position will be really acceptable.

·         The risk of infection in this type of surgery is very low

·         No cases of embolism due to this surgery have been reported so far

·         No need for postoperative visit


Lipomatic in Iran

As you know, lipomatic is a kind of cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery). Iran places among the top 10 countries in the world in the terms of quantity and quality of cosmetic procedures. Therefore, doctors and surgeons in Iran are very experienced and skillful in this field and the results of lipomtic surgery in Iran are very satisfactory. In this regard, the number of people who travel to Iran for undergoing lipomatic surgery is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, because of low value of Iranian’s currency the costs of operation, hotel accommodation, and food are inexpensive. Lipomatic in Iran has $100 to $700 expenditure, which depends on the quality of the clinic, doctor, and patient's condition. In conclusion, lipomatic in Iran has advantages as follows:

·         Safe and guaranteed surgery under knowledgeable doctors

·         A high-quality surgery with excellent results

·         World-class clinics with great prices

·         Reasonable costs in comparison with other counties

·         Inexpensive accommodation in metropolises with advanced medical facilities and many tourist attractions


Lipomatic is an example of cosmetic surgery that uses this method to remove adipose tissue from the body. In this method, heat is not used to remove fats in any way, but adipose tissue is completely physically destroyed by impact. In lipomatics, a tube called a cannula is used, which completely physically destroys and extracts excess fat from the body by vibrating movements and applying pressure. Liposuction, like lipomatic, is a local slimming method and is performed using a slimming device, but in this method, heat is used to remove excess fat, so that the subcutaneous fat after being burned by the device. Suction is extracted from the body.

Using this method, you can remove the fat accumulated on the sides, buttocks, abdomen, arms, legs and chin and create a beautiful appearance in these parts.

Using this method is very effective in eliminating excess fat, but its survival rate depends entirely on the person. After lipomat surgery, the person should have a proper diet and also increase physical activity so that the fat does not return.

This method is mostly used to resize.

Yes. Because after lipomatic surgery, enough space is created between the skin and the muscle, which with the use of lipomatic Slimming Guin, the empty space between these two parts is removed sooner.