Lamina is back part of vertebrae bone that forms the vertebral arch in the spine and covers spinal canal. Many conditions like traumatic injury, aging process, arthritis of the spine, congenital defect and abnormal growth of the spine, Paget's disease and tumor in the spine can narrow the space available for spinal cord and nerve roots and put more pressure on them. In these cases, you may have difficulty walking as a result of feeling pain, weakness or numbness in your back, arms or legs. Even after a while, you may have difficulty controlling bladder or bowel movements. So this surgery is done to remove part or all of the lamina and create more room within the spinal canal. Because assuredly these symptoms interfere you’re your daily life. It is noteworthy that Laminectomy in Iran is performed when less invasive treatments such as medication or physical therapy have failed. Be sure, if you perform Laminectomy in Iran, the Iranian skilled surgeons choose the best medical techniques, so that you can tolerate the least side effects.

In some situations, Laminectomy is part of herniated spinal disk repair surgery to surgeon gain more access to the damaged disk.


How is Laminectomy performed?

This surgery always done under the general anesthesia. The neurosurgeon first makes an incision in your back exactly over the affected vertebra (Usually the size of the incision depend on your condition and body size). Then the surgeon moves your skin and muscles to the side to get a better view. To reduce pressure on the spinal canal, lamina bones on your spine are removed. A laminectomy or decompression surgery usually takes one to three hours.


Benefits of doing Laminectomy in Iran

After laminectomy, you can walk like in the past, without feeling any pain and numbness in your back and leg. According to the experience of many tourists, Laminectomy in Iran have high rates of efficacy and low rates of side effects. Iran's hospitals and clinics are one of the best in the Middle East at an affordable price.


Bottom line

Before performing this type of surgery, tell your doctor if you take any prescription or over-the-counter drugs. If in addition to compression of the spinal canal you had herniated disk or curvature of the spine, during laminectomy small disk fragments or bone spurs are removed and spinal fusion surgery is also done by skilled and qualified Iranian neurosurgeons. To make an appointment with Iranian surgeons, just enough get in touch with Carefultrip Center consultants.


Laminctomy is a type of surgery that is used to reduce pressure on the nerve roots that protrude from the spine. In this type of surgery, a part of the bone called the lamina, which is located on the nerve, is removed to put less pressure on it.

To perform a laminectomy, the patient is anesthetized or then placed on the operating table in the abdomen. The surgeon made his way to the vertebrae with a slit in the skin on his back

Laminectomy, like any other surgery, can have potential complications. The most important of these complications are: complications of anesthesia, blood clots in the deep veins of the lower extremities, infection, nerve damage

Usually after laminectomy, the patient can walk with a belt. After four days when the patient is discharged from the hospital, he can go to the bathroom. It is necessary to avoid doing heavy work for a month. There is usually no need to change the dressing after discharge from the hospital. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and avoid smoking.