Artificial Iris

An artificial iris is a thin, flexible, and non-toxic prostheses, compatible with body tissue. Iris prostheses are made of the same materials as intraocular lenses. These intraocular lenses have been used inside patients’ eyes for decades (for example, after cataract surgery) and are made of safe and non-toxic materials.


Iris implant surgery for cosmetic purposes (eye color change)

Eye color change is one of the cosmetic purposes for iris implantations. Iris prosthetics are available in different colors, and the surgeon puts the patients’ desired colored lens inside their eyes.

This color change is permanent but the surgeon can easily remove the implant from the eye if any complication happens.

The irises are available in green, blue, gray, and brown colors, and the patient can choose his desired color from a brochure.


What to expect during the procedure

Before the operation, the patients’ condition should be examined by an ophthalmologist thoroughly. This procedure takes place under local or general anesthesia and lasts 20 minutes for each eye.



Generally, the patient can leave the same day as the surgery, but driving and some other daily activities are banned.

The only thing to keep in mind is that every year the ophthalmologist needs to examine the eyes.