Infertility is the difficulty in conceiving a child. According to the latest statistics, approximately around one in eight couples seek medical consultation due to difficulty conceiving a child. The great news that nowadays, there are more and more treatments and assistance in fertilization. In Iran, in particular, there several top-notch fertility clinics and centers helping couples from hundreds of countries.


 Infertility Diagnosis in Iran

Infertility diagnosis in Iran is performed via advanced techniques. IVF or in vitro fertilization is currently one of the most successful techniques with a success rate of over 65 percent. However, some patients have experienced repeated IVF implantation failures.

Seeking professional help and more importantly the right diagnose on time can help you tremendously in solving the IVF failure issue. One of the problems that can causes this issue in infertility treatment originates from the endometrium.


Endometrial Receptivity Assessment (ERA) in Iran

Endometrial receptivity assessment in Iran is performed by taking a biopsy from the endometrium. During this assessment, an endometrial biopsy is performed and will allow the analysis of the quality of the endometrium and indeed the local immune system, within the endometrium. Indeed, an excess of recruitment or activation of cells of this immune system can lead to a mechanism of rejection and destruction of the embryo, which is then recognized as “foreign” to the patient.

This process is later followed by a mock IVF cycle to diagnose the probable difficulties and without a doubt to find the best timing for the IVF.

In simple words, this analysis helps the doctor to realize the best timing for IVF cycles or the issues causing an IVF failure.

Implantation window

The uterine lining or the endometrium exhibits a period of time-limited receptivity, referred to as the implantation window extending from day 20 to day 24 in a 28-day cycle. The endometrial receptivity assessment (ERA) must imperatively be carried out during the implantation window phase.

Most often, treatment is prescribed in order to synchronize the endometrium. It can be said that this is actually an "artificial cycle" in which the endometrium is prepared with the help of hormone therapy. 

An ERA is a process, which does not need hospitalization nor anesthesia.


The ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) is a genetic test that evaluates the expression of genes to evaluate whether the endometrial lining is properly developed to accept an embryo.

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