Plastic Surgery in Iran

Unlike many hospital and clinic encounters, cosmetic procedures usually are not a matter of illness; they are a matter of pleasing the eye and being in good shape. A large variety of candidates explore varied types of plastic surgery daily to find the best procedure for themselves. In this article, we’ve listed various kinds of cosmetic surgery in a handy order so that you can get to know each medical operation and choose your own one. But first of all, let’s learn more about plastic surgery in Iran and its pros and cons.


What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a type of invasive practice that involves two different kinds of procedures in general: the one that is applied to candidates suffering from physical defects related to sickness or accidents, like a scratch on the face. The other reason for plastic surgery demand is when a candidate wants an improvement on his/her face or body. Regardless of your main reason for undergoing a cosmetic course, these plans are not just about looking gorgeous but improving the body's functionality. It is also worth knowing that Plastic surgery can be performed on any portion of the body save the central nervous system. It includes procedures such as:


Maxillofacial surgery (related to the facial skeleton)

Scars, burns, birthmarks, tattoo removal, and other conditions associated with the skin

Deformed ears, cleft palate, and cleft lip are examples of congenital malformations


Why get a Plastic Surgery In Iran?

Various regions like Australia, Germany, The United States, and South Korea are known worldwide as respected destinations for cosmetic surgery. So why do we recommend Iran as a considerable destination among all these choices? The fact is that potential candidates will find a collection of advantages during plastic surgery in Iran. In this country, you would catch plenty of high-ranked surgeons in various medical fields who graduated from top medical centers around the world.


Moreover, different clinical tools and implements produced by the top global companies will suggest a reasonable success rate for every procedure you may undergo in this country. Another option that is not comparable with other destinations is the cost of plastic surgery in Iran, especially when quality is considered. This advantage may affect a large variety of candidates because, on the one hand, cosmetic surgeries aren’t under insurance coverage, and on the other hand, there are ultra-expensive.


Plastic surgery; advantages and disadvantages

Plastic surgery is a handy way to solve our potential physical problems and even improve our appearance; it will be in the exact way the candidates prefer to be. But all in all, we should not ignore the side effects that may apply during or after these kinds of procedures. When discussing cosmetic procedure risks, it is helpful to know that side effects may differ based on the general method that is invasive or non-invasive. Invasive procedures are a little risky, while non-intrusive or minimally invasive approaches are the safest. However, most of these dangers will fade under the guidance of an expert.


Below, you can take a closer look at the frequent side effects of an invasive plastic surgery:


Unexpected anesthesia reactions;

Sudden swellings or irritation;

Risks of scarring;

An injury to the nerves;

Blood clots.

As mentioned once, by selecting an experienced specialist and a dedicated nursing staff, complications will be zero or minimized.



Various Types of Plastic Surgery

After learning about the reasons people rely on Iran, as a potential destination for their cosmetic procedures, like plastic surgery prices in Iran and the equipped medical centers, we need to take a walk through the central part of this article. This section will teach you about the well-known cosmetic operations available in Iran, so you may prepare to undergo each one with the help of an experienced doctor. Scroll down to find the procedure that best suits you and discover more about it.



Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal, also named, Buccal lipectomy, is a cosmetic procedure related to the face and removing the fat around the mouth. This is recommended for those who want their faces to be more sculpted. You may be pleased to know that the cheekbones are better contoured, and a subtle curvature is generated with this cosmetic surgery, which eliminates extra fat and skin from beneath the cheeks.


This cosmetic surgery is suggested for candidates suffering from Buccal fat pads. Still, you should notice that every person has Buccal fat pads on some levels. However, in certain circumstances, men and women may encounter problems in their faces due to weight and the accumulation of fat around their mouths, which can cause them to appear to have a rounded look. Buccal fat removal is a famous plastic surgery in Iran that has a complicated procedure. Still, we summarize it for you to have a glance and learn more about it.


The surgery is started by utilizing an amount of local anesthesia

There may be two tiny incisions in case they don’t be apparent after the course

the liposuction technique would be taken into account after cutting

The patient can spend the recovery time a couple of hours and then tend to go home.


Canthoplasty Surgery

Are you tired of the unhappy or tired look on your face? Canthoplasty is a surgery that is provided just for this reason. It may be desirable to have cat-like or almond shape eyes by undergoing this type of cosmetic surgery.  Canthoplasty or canthopexy is a mild procedure used to refresh the appearance and tend to cure the wrinkled face caused by the shape of the eyes. It is fun to know that this type of cosmetic surgery is called “the designer look” by people.


By getting up in years, the eyelid muscles gradually loosen and droop; This condition makes people look exhausted, unhappy, or older. Also, in some cases, persons are born with drooping eyelids. As a result, and regardless of the reason, many will be uncomfortable with this condition and seek to cure. In these cases, surgeons may suggest undergoing canthoplasty surgery. It is also good to note that no fat or skin is removed during this surgical practice, but the size and shape of the eyes may change.



Cheek Augmentation Surgery

As you can guess by the name of this procedure, cheek augmentation is recommended when a candidate wants to have a harmonious face by making differences in the size of the cheek. Some Persons may undergo this cosmetic option when they notice that their cheeks are not as firm as they used to be, while others don't have symmetrical cheeks and want larger ones. This is usually because This facial shape can significantly impact physical attractiveness and charm. Despite the reason, this Cheek augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery involving implants to improve facial symmetry.


Suppose you are interested in the progress of this surgery. In that case, you need to know that the procedure’s method is totally up to your specialist. because, in different circumstances, various methods may be provided. The specialist may scan your cheek and the face structure and tend to suggest the best offer. All in all, it could be one of the techniques below.


Fat grafting:

This treatment involves taking fat from the patient's body (typically the stomach, leg, or flanks) and injecting it into the cheeks with medical tools.


Injectable fillers:

In this method, The cheeks and under the skin are injected with filler material.



For implant-based cheek augmentation, an incision is made inside the upper lip or in the lower eyelid.


It's important to note that the cost of plastic surgery in Iran is determined by the type of cheek augmentation you select. For instance, among the techniques introduced, injectable filters are the more affordable practice.



Chin Reshaping Surgery

Chin reshaping surgery is a particular procedure for chin cosmetic surgeries that are generally called genioplasty. When candidates are interested in moving their chin along or back, left or right, or even shifting it vertically, they need a genioplasty. As a potential candidate for this surgery, you need to know that this is not as painful as it seems to be, and also, professionals may use enough anesthesia to make sure you are in no discomfort.


A chin reshaping surgery may be performed by maxillofacial surgeons or general plastic surgeons, who will use one of the two genioplasty techniques we are introducing:


Sliding genioplasty:

Surgeons use this process to decrease chin size. In this way, The chin bone will be broken, and it will then be able to slide back and forth to change the size of the chin. The bone also can be moved up or down to extend or decrease the length of the face.


Asymmetric chin point surgery:

If you’re interested in plastic surgery in Iran, keep in mind that this procedure is one of the most delicate surgeries provided by experienced specialists.



Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Repair

In this section, we are faced with two types of plastic surgeries that are similar on some levels. To understand more about this issue, you need to notice that Some fetuses are not fully grown when they are born so they will experience various problems. One of these problems is a gap in their lips or the palate that cause multiple difficulties. It may affect the baby's feeding, dental issues, and various problems with communication abilities like speaking and hearing. Surgeons, in these cases, may plan several medical visitings and then decide about cosmetic surgery. Luckily, most of these cases may be cured after a flawless procedure, and the others will be completely healed with several language therapies provided by professionals.


Dimple Creation (Dimpleplasty)

Dimples are the signs of attractiveness in many countries, while a kind of muscle abnormality causes them in medical terms. Most people have this feature on their cheeks naturally, and the fact is that before developing the cosmetic procedures, it was the only way of having dimples. Nowadays, specialists help candidates enhance their beauty by making dimples on their cheeks with a plastic surgery called dimpleplasty. If you are interested in this procedure, you need to know that it is a simple practice, and the outcome may look precisely like the natural one. The process of dimple creation will be like this:


Lidocaine or other anesthesia drugs may be utilized in the first step;

In the second step, a particular implementation is employed to make a small hole, and a part of the cheek muscle will be removed;

In the final stage, the surgeon may place a suture from one side of the cheek to another side.



Double Chin Removal

People can get a double chin because of various factors like getting older or gaining weight from fats, but also we should not forget about some crucial factors like genetics. It is helpful to note that this problem, in some cases, is a clue for a medical condition like insufficient bone projection in the face. Regardless of the reason, some individuals with a double chin may find this hard to deal with and seek a cure. A double chin is associated with general beauty in some ways; This might encourage candidates to undergo a double chin removal. Remember that the plastic surgeon will choose one of the two solutions below for effective double chin removal based on your physiological parameters.



This is a general way of removing the fat mass and is used for many surgeries related to these types of problems.



This is another method of reducing extra fat. During this process, the specialist injects the specific materials that cause tightening with a sharp little tool such as a needle.


It is worth knowing that plastic surgery cost in Iran is significantly inexpensive comparing other countries. however, the total price depends on the method you may choose for your double chin.



Otoplasty Surgery

Ears have a crucial function in the way our faces appear. If they are too large, not positioned well, or stand out, they may cause a deficient appearance that directly affects our self-confidence. So, Individuals under the circumstances will look for operations and cosmetic surgeries that can solve the problem. One of the well-responded ones is otoplasty surgery, Which refers to Surgical procedures to improve or restore the appearance of the ears. Call to mind that the final result of this procedure looks entirely like natural ears; however, we should not neglect the importance of an experienced physician to this outcome.


If you're curious about this kind of plastic surgery in Iran, you need to know that the surgery process depends on why you are undergoing it. If it is about size or the position, the procedure may differ. But all in all, it would not take more than 20 minutes for every ear, and in the end, the patient does not need any night standing at the hospital; they are simply required to spend the recovery time in the clinic that is no more than a couple of hours.



Eyebrow And Forehead Lift

There are various ways of relocating the eyebrows on the forehead by mild invasive methods called eyebrow and forehead lift. People like to undergo this type of plastic surgery in Iran for different reasons like:


Sagging eyebrows

Poor looked wrinkles in the forehead;

Unexpected lines on the forehead and between eyebrows.

So, surgeons provide this cosmetic surgery to enhance the eyebrow's location and increase the youth of the candidates’ faces. As a potential case of this procedure, you need to know that the surgery process may differ on your own plan, the procedure's outcome, the position of the eyebrows, the height of the forehead, and the wrinkles between the eyebrows. All in all, surgeries related to the eyebrows and forehead will be managed in two broad ways: the classical and the endoscopic lift surgery.



Eyelid Deformity Surgery (BLEPHAROPLASTY)

Another feature of the face that contributes to its charm is the eyelids. Every person has two upper and two lower eyelids that may be engaged with deformity problems caused by getting older or genetics. It is pleasing to know that cosmetic procedures related to eyelids are mild ones with reasonable success rates. Some surgeons may recommend botox or facelifts combined with these surgeries, which will be an affordable medical plan for those seeking plastic surgery in Iran.


Eyelid deformity surgery or blepharoplasty is a type of invasive approach for enhancing the formation of eyelids. During this medical practice, specialists will have the option to cut extra fat, excess skin, and spare muscles that may cause deformity. This procedure can help with swelling or heavy eyelids that can hinder vision, usually caused by aging or genetics. This technique, however, does not address crow's foot wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes.


Face Lift Surgery

There are several unavoidable factors in life that will affect our beauty and health in various ways; Aging is one of the main ones that impact the youth of the skin and the formation of our face. Many of these problems may be cured by procedures under the medical term of facelift surgery; issues like:


The drooping shape of the cheeks;

Extra skin at the lower jawline;

Sagging skin near one or two of the eyes;

Dark circles of skin around the nose and other parts of the face.

Facelift surgery or rhytidectomy, due to the cost of plastic surgery in Iran, is a desirable procedure with a large variety of candidates. As mentioned before, the whole of this process consists of rejuvenating a tired face by various methods like lifting drooping skin. The procedure may be like this:


A necessary amount of local anesthesia will be injected;

After one to three hours, this medicine may affect, and the surgery may start at this point;

Cuttings are necessary, and surgeons choose the hair area in case to hide the sutures from the eyesight;

Skin that is too wrinkled and excess is pulled back from around the ear;

Next, extra fat is removed from facial muscles, thereby tightening them;

The final step will involve removing and repairing the excess skin.



Forehead Contouring

Due to experienced surgeons and the plastic surgery price in Iran, this country has turned to a medical center for a large variety of cosmetic procedures; forehead contouring is one of them. To understand more about the purpose of this technique, you need to notice that men and women have their unique styles of the forehead that differs in size and shape. Males have a bony protrusion between their brows and eyes, with a series of bony strands immediately above and behind their brows. On the other hand, we notice a smooth forehead in Ladies that is distinctive from guys.


Candidates whose faces do not naturally follow this shape will require forehead reconstructive surgery in this case. Forehead contouring tries to provide large foreheads with bony protrusions above the brows a more feminine appearance. To create a more natural and appealing look, this surgery reduces the masculine face, removes the bulge, and modifies the forehead bones and the bones surrounding the eyes. If you are interested in this cosmetic surgery, remember that there are four diverse ways of forehead contouring:


Fat injection;

Bone cement;

Silicon Sheets;

PTFE (Gore-Tex).


Hairline Lowering & Forehead Reduction

Hairline lowering is mainly utilized for candidates suffering from a long forehead that may be undesirable. To be more specific, females usually have a smaller forehead than males. So, long foreheads may seem a little masculine and cause deformity in a lady's appearance. In this situation, plastic surgeons use an indirect technique called hairline lowering to cover a part of the forehead and make it look more feminine. A harmonious and well-defined face is enhanced by the optimal positioning of one's hairline.


for undergoing a hairline lowering and forehead reduction, you need to choose one of the two ways of providing this cosmetic procedure:


Hair implants:

There is usually no complication after this procedure. The hair will grow naturally in its new location, and the color will match perfectly. There may be a donor for taking enough grants, or the candidates' hair is used in some cases. If your surgeon doesn’t plan to take a donor, do not worry Because the grafts are obtained from the back of the neck, and there will be no visible difference afterward.


Cosmetic surgery:

This way is an invasive technique that needs surgical preparation. After medical visitings and professional observations, your doctor may decide to suggest this surgery. It will be because of your hair quality, face formation, and other specialized aspects. During this practice, a part of the hair tissue will be removed, and it will be placed in a nearer position to your forehead.



Jawline Enhancement

The jaw and the jawline are two vital factors for a charming appearance. The shape of this bone is entirely dependent on genetics, body mass, and the time people will allocate to their skin. In some cases, people notice disaffection in their jawline and tend to undergo a jawline enhancement. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon reshapes the jawline providing professional techniques that lead to a new appearance in the candidate. Potential candidates for this plastic surgery in Iran may find it essential to know that there are two general jawline enhancement methods.


Jaw implant:

It's a type of jaw augmentation that changes the angle of your jaw. Also, It is ideal for people who have thin or weak jawlines and seek to redefine the structure of their face. A jaw implant is a more lasting technique than the other one.


Dermal fillers:

During this procedure, A variety of dermal fillers may be utilized to raise the jaw in this form of jaw enhancement. The crucial difference between this method and jaw implant is that dermal fillers is a non-invasive approach that does not need surgical preparations.



Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is one of the favored kinds of plastic surgery in Iran and worldwide. Decades ago, surgeons had no choice but to use untrusted substances, but now, the risks caused by these problems are minimized due to the high-quality materials. Lip augmentation surgery gives you plumper lips and is a safe procedure with techniques that keep up with current trends. It is helpful to note that there are various methods of lip augmentation, like lip fillers or lip implants. Your doctor will examine your condition and even suggest you several medical tests to decide what way will suit you the best.


Many people tend to undergo lip augmentation; here you can read about their main reasons:


Small lips that will disappear when the person smiles;

The old-age lips that lessen in size;

Typical size of the lips that do not make a harmonious face.


Neck Lift Surgery

Among human organs, The neck is usually the first to exhibit signs of aging. The channel loses flexibility and indicates aging sooner than other organs because of its loose skin and appearance. In this case, the most crucial benefit of neck lift surgery is eliminating the signs of aging. As a result, neck lift surgery is one of the most well-known facelift and aesthetic procedures. This technique is usually performed in conjunction with other facial operations, but it can also be performed independently. In a successful neck plastic surgery in Iran, the doctor may solve problems like the below:



extra fat;

Other factors on the neck indicate getting older.


Scar Revision Surgery

This type of plastic surgery contains a large variety of procedures attempted to eliminate unwelcome Skin problems. These damages are usually caused by old injuries, burns, and other unavoidable diseases like chickenpox. This procedure allows surgeons to reduce or remove scarring and align it with the color and surface of the skin. This treatment can be done with simple topical treatment or surgery. It is essential to know that the process of scar revision surgery is completely related to the undergoing reason. Still, it is for sure that local anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia, or even a general one may be injected at the position to reduce any pain and avoid discomfort. After utilizing anesthesia, your surgeon may start the medical practice using one of the methods below:


Surface therapy (that is different from pharmacological approaches)

Scar revision with surgical techniques



In the end, having any type of plastic surgery due to relating to appearance, will be a very difficult and sensitive decision. So considering the cost and the quality, plastic surgery in Iran is one of the most high-demand procedures in medical treatments.