Canthoplasty or canthopexy is a cosmetic eye surgery that gives the eyes the almond or cat-like shape. Canthoplasty is a fairly simple surgery, which rejuvenates the look and eliminates the sad or tired appearance. Currently, this cosmetic eye surgery is that popular among celebrities that it is sometimes called a “designer look” as well.


Canthoplasty or blepharoplasty?

As you know, over time and in the fourth decade, the muscles of the eyelids relax and get a drooping shape (eye ptosis). This condition makes people look tired, sad, or even older than their real age. on the other hand, many people are born with droopy eyelids. Undeniably, many among them may not feel comfortable with this condition. Luckily, currently, they have options to choose from.

Perhaps the main difference between canthoplasty and blepharoplasty is that blepharoplasty is normally considered cosmetic surgery for people of a certain age. Furthermore, blepharoplasty consists of removing excess fat and skin and does not change the size or shape of the eyes per se. While in canthopexy no fat or skin is removed, the size and shape of the eyes will change and is a more common intervention among youth.



With canthopexy, (lateral canthoplasty) the outer corner of the eyes is repositioned and lifted, therefore, the eyes look bigger and a cat-like look is created. There is another type of canthoplasty called epi-canthoplasty in which the inner corner of the eyes is reshaped. This type of canthoplasty in particular is recommended for people who have a Mongolian fold condition.


Benefits of Canthoplasty Surgery

- Giving the patient a much more rejuvenated look

- Simple surgery with an outpatient procedure and conducted under local anesthesia

- Conducted on a single session

- Lasts less than an hour

- Very low postoperative complications

- Quick recovery, from a few to ten days


A great advantage of canthoplasty surgery is that it can be done on a single session with some other cosmetic interventions, such as blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery, or a brow lift.





Canthoplasty, or cat-eye surgery, is a procedure performed to reconstruct the inner corner of the eye. In fact, the words canthoplasty are used to describe lower eyelid surgeries to make the eye bigger.

Like any other surgery, cat eye surgery and eye strain are associated with risks such as:

1. Bleeding

2. Bruising

3. Inflation

4. Surgery to leave a scar