Diet and exercise can indeed help you shape your body, but sometimes they are not enough to produce the desired results, such as larger breasts or a rounder bottom. Despite the availability of breast and butt implants for many years, an increasing number of people are opting for surgery to achieve a larger, more sculpted back without implants.

This treatment, called a Brazilian butt lift (or BBL), involves removing extra body fat from your body and injecting it into the buttocks. Often, by reducing fat in a "problem area" like the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen, the entire lower body becomes more aesthetically pleasing. Despite its name, the Brazilian butt lift in Iran or other medical destinations has nothing to do with Brazilian culture; rather, it is a tribute to the Brazilian surgeon who originally carried out the technique.

For this case, candidates who ache to experience a well-shaped body look into various hospitals and medical clinics to undergo a flawless procedure. So, a medical destination should have a large variety of advantages to be considered as a desired place. Besides high-technology tools and brand-new equipment, it should accommodate skilled surgeons and devoted nursing teams with a multitude of experience in Brazilian butt lifts. When you browse through medical websites and hospitals, you will notice that many professionals are involved in this field; Some unique opportunities like BBL in Iran may be available too.  

Iranian medical clinics hold a unique position in the company of these hospitals around the world. There are many well-equipped hospitals in this country that provide cutting-edge tools required for a flawless Brazilian butt lift; you can also rely on various skilled doctors and experienced surgeons with high-level profiles. Among these benefits, there is a specific reason why Iran attracts a wide range of candidates from different countries each year. The point is that Brazilian butt lift in Iran will be provided to those who seek this procedure at an affordable price. All things considered, a BBL in Iran is a recommended procedure for candidates who desire an enhanced appearance with a low-budget treatment plan.

Before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift in Iran, it is essential to get to know this procedure and have a vivid understanding of various parts of this cosmetic practice. Below, you will discover the crucial facts about this medical course.


What Is The Brazilian Butt Lift?

When candidates are about to undergo a BBL in Iran, they seek information about the procedure and the steps they will need to follow.

First, you should know that a Brazilian butt lift, also known as a safe subcutaneous buttock augmentation (SSBA), transfers fat from other parts of your body to your butt to add fullness and provide a more superior posterior. Despite being referred to as a "lift," the surgery doesn't use the same methods as arm or thigh lifts. The Brazilian butt lift takes surplus fat from regions you don't want to create a more voluminous, curvy backside while also creating a more balanced and toned appearance overall. This is in contrast to typical butt lifts, which raise the buttocks by removing extra skin.


Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

In the last section, we’ve gained a general understanding of the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Known for its natural-looking results, this cosmetic course involves fat grafting. Below, you may catch on a summary of this procedure as it is explained in several stages. 

1st Stage

The treatment is typically carried out under general anesthesia, although in cases when a lower amount of fat is transferred, a numbing medication may be used. In particular, if being under anesthesia makes you queasy, you may request an anti-nausea drug ahead of time.

2nd Stage

Then, your surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from your hips, stomach, and thighs, among other body parts. Making skin incisions and utilizing a tube to suck fat from the body are the two steps in the liposuction procedure itself.

3rd Stage

Your body's extracted fat reserves have been cleaned up and are prepared for injection into your buttocks. Remember that this step needs to be performed under the supervision of an experienced surgeon.

4th Stage

As a final step, your surgeon will inject the processed fat into particular buttocks regions to give them a fuller, more rounded appearance. Additionally, surgeons make three to five incisions around the buttocks to transfer fat.

5th Stage

Stitches are used to seal the incisions made during fat transfer and liposuction. To reduce your risk of bleeding, your surgeon then places a compression garment over the skin-affected areas. Following that, you may be transferred to the recovery room to be under the control of the nursing staff and either undergo more medical testing or rest.


Why Brazilian Butt Lift In Iran?

As we’ve learned from this article, many people consider getting a BBL in Iran to have firm and toned butts. However, compared to other cosmetic procedures, a butt lift is an expensive procedure practically everywhere. Therefore, the vast majority of applicants choose to fly abroad in order to have this procedure performed at a more affordable cost. Iran provides the highest-quality services and most economical medical practices out of all the universal destinations developing in the cosmetic and medical tourism sector.

Furthermore, Iranian specialists are highly recommended for carrying out these cosmetic procedures, notably butt lifts. These professionals with vast medical knowledge and practical experience in this field may help you undergo a comfortable cosmetic process. They will assist you in discovering the entire procedure and choosing the approach that best meets your requirements. You can be sure that your desired results will be attained in this situation.


Brazilian butt lift Price in Iran

When it comes to cosmetic procedures like Brazilian butt lifts, high-priced treatment plans are a barrier for many people with a great deal of interest in medical practices. Surgeon wages and hospital costs are pricey, so most candidates seek other possibilities to experience their favored cosmetic course. Brazilian butt lift costs will differ significantly from one country to the next. As a result, thousands of patients frequently fly abroad to receive surgery at half the price charged in their own countries. Below, you can see the average cost of this procedure in several countries.

  • In the United States, BBL costs around 7,000 to 10,000 USD, but some clinics, may cost you more than 30,000 USD;
  • The cost of BBL surgery in the UK is approximately $11,000;
  • In Turkey, butt augmentation surgery typically costs 4,600 USD.

Now, it is a proper time to talk about the cost of BBL in Iran. In this country, butt lift surgery costs roughly 3,200 USD; A considerable difference between medical costs in Iran and USA is noticeable. Still, this is not the result of a low-quality procedure in Iran or a flawless medical course in the USA. The fact that caused this situation is the significant economic disparity between the two nations and the matter of the national currency value in Iran. The low weight of Iran’s currency makes it suitable for outsiders who tend to pay medical costs in USD or other high-value currencies.



Hip lift is a method in which, by changing the shape and size of the buttocks, they make it appear more prominent and younger in appearance. This can include removing loose and sagging skin and liposuction. In some cases, silicone injections are used for hip prosthesis. Brazilian-style hip lift, on the other hand, is a method in which fat is removed from an area of ​​your body and injected into the buttocks, and fat is injected instead of silicone implants to shape and lift the buttocks. Usually enough fat is injected to fill the sagging skin, so no skin is removed.

BMI, or body mass index, is often used to determine if a patient is fit for surgery. Body mass index is determined by comparing your weight to your height and informs you of your body fat storage. BMI is acceptable in the weight range between healthy and slightly overweight. If you are underweight, you may not have enough fat to inject into your buttocks, and if you are obese or overweight, surgery may be very dangerous to your health.

Most of the time, fat is taken from areas where there is a lot of fat. These areas usually include the back, abdomen, excess fat on both sides of the waist and upper thighs.

Brazilian hip lifts usually improve the appearance of cellulite instead of making it worse. This is because the injected fat fills the dimples and dimples and makes them smoother and firmer.

Any direct pressure on the buttocks can jeopardize the healing process and prevent the formation of new blood vessels in the injected fats. Most likely, you will be told not to lie on your back for several weeks after surgery. This means that you will most likely need to sleep on your stomach. You may be able to sleep on your side, but you will need to change your position regularly as you may still feel pressure on your hips while lying on your side.