What’s the best time for a rhinoplasty in Iran?

rhinoplasty in Iran

Those thinking about getting a nose job or rhinoplasty in Iran may be unsure of the best time to have the procedure done. Most nose jobs are performed between late fall and early spring, though this can vary from person to person. Anyone considering rhinoplasty should take the time to educate themselves about the procedure, know what to expect, and choose an experienced surgeon.

If you’ve decided to have a rhinoplasty in Iran, you’re probably wondering when the best time is. There are advantages to every season, and you can do things to make each season a success.


Rhinoplasty in Iran: what are the benefits and drawbacks of the various seasons?


Spring weather can be unpredictable, so staying indoors and avoiding activities that raise your blood pressure or increase your blood flow will be easy.

Success tips include avoiding the sun and not blowing your nose if you have allergies. Avoiding these two things will help you succeed.

Summer or the beginning of the fall 

It is best to schedule your rhinoplasty in Iran during the summer or early fall if you are a student or have accrued vacation time. In some cases, you’ll be able to get immediate post-operative care from a relative.

For getting the best results, stay out of the sun and resist the urge to participate in summer sports before consulting with your surgeon. 


By the end of the fall or in the winter

Because you’ll have to rest and avoid doing anything strenuous for a few weeks, you can relax on your couch. Since UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin, you should avoid exposure to the sun for at least eight weeks while you heal. Due to the holiday season, some patients will be able to receive postoperative care from a spouse or parent right away.

Success tip: make a detailed surgical plan. This is a busy time due to holiday parties, so be sure to plan ahead of time, so you can recover from your rhinoplasty in Iran without missing any important occasions.

Summer, in our opinion, is the ideal time for rhinoplasty in Iran. Let’s see why we think this way. 


Reasons to have a Rhinoplasty in the summer

Rhinoplasty in the summer

You’ve just graduated from college and are ready to take on the world, which is an exciting time in your life. During the summer, if you feel your nose is off-balancing your facial features, you can fix the shape of your nose and revitalize your look, so you can face the world with your best face forward this fall. If you want to have rhinoplasty surgery soon, make an appointment with us right away. After that, you can go back to school or start a new job with self-assurance and perfectly balanced features.


You will experience a fresh beginning, and you may want to start it with a great change

When you finish high school or college, you may feel as if an era has come to an end. There’s no better period of time than right before a new beginning in your life. High school graduates are likely preparing for college or full-time work, meaning they will meet a new peer group. If you’re just graduated from college, you may be thinking about continuing your education or starting your career, both of which will introduce you to new people and present new opportunities. Don’t let your nose’s shape hold you back any longer if you’re self-conscious about it. In the summer, rhinoplasty can revitalize your appearance, eliminate your self-consciousness, and give you newfound energy to work toward your goals. You’re a new person with a new nose! Your self-esteem will soar when you start a new job or return to college this fall.


You have enough time for getting surgery without being worry 

For the foreseeable future, exams, impending deadlines, and all-nighters are a thing of the past! You’ll have a lot of free time to rest and recover after surgery, and you’ll still have a lot of free time for other types of activities like traveling or looking for internships. While you’re young, the recovery time after rhinoplasty surgery is usually less than two weeks, and let’s face it, you were going to use that time to catch up on Netflix anyhow.


No one finds out that you did a nose job

Summer is a season of change. The summer is the best time to have a rhinoplasty in Iran if you don’t want your new friends or future coworkers to know. In their eyes, this is the way your face has always appeared to them!


Recovery Tips for rhinoplasty in Iran during summer 

Rhinoplasty in Iran is most popular among college students and recent graduates during the summer, but patients should be aware that each season has its own unique set of recovery challenges. We recommend the following for a quick and complete recovery:


Don’t expose yourself in front of the sun 

It is critical to limit your exposure to the sun for the sake of your overall health and the quality of your skin. However, if you’ve had rhinoplasty surgery, staying out of the sun for at least six weeks afterward is critical. After rhinoplasty surgery, the skin on the nose is especially thin and delicate, and prolonged exposure to the sun can result in hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Whether you’re going to the beach or spending time outdoors, don’t forget to pack a hat and a good sunscreen that you can reapply to your nose as needed.


No Sunglasses 

We recommend that you wear a hat and refrain from wearing sunglasses for a month following surgery.

We recognize that some patients require corrective lenses to see clearly. Sunglasses can apply too much pressure to the nose, and so can eyeglasses. After your rhinoplasty in Iran, wear contacts for the first month.


Don’t Swim

If you have a sore throat, avoid swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools. Both can irritate the nasal passages, cause an infection, and slow the healing process. It’s also not a good idea to submerge your head in the water.


No vigorous exercises 

After surgery, we strongly recommend that you walk or ride a stationary bike instead of doing any vigorous exercise. Mild physical activity helps to keep you healthy and heals you faster.


No Contact Sports

After rhinoplasty, you should avoid all contact sports for at least two months, if not longer.


Take it easy

The summer months will give you the time to relax and recover from your rhinoplasty in Iran. If you take advantage of this time when your life is less hectic, you can expect a speedy and complete recovery.

If you are searching for the best rhinoplasty clinic in Iran, we can provide you with that, and we assure you that we use the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran to receive the best result at a suitable price.

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