What is Rhinoplasty?

what is rhinoplasty

The surgical process of Rhinoplasty is complicated and should only be undertaken by surgeons who have the proper experience and qualifications. Any time you plan to undergo a cosmetic procedure, make sure you speak with a professional beforehand so you can discuss how the procedure will go and talk about any concerns.

Your doctor should pay attention to your concerns, explain the entire procedure to you, and choose the technique based on your condition judiciously. As a result, you can be confident your goals will be reached by a well-defined vision carried out by competent individuals. CarefulTrip can also help you go through this process. We provide you with the best rhinoplasty in Iran. You can simply call our expert team of consultants and ask them your questions about the rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran and the way you can benefit from our medical services.


AnchorCan You Find Best Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Due to the aforementioned reasons and others, Iranian experts are highly regarded for their expertise in cosmetic surgery, specifically Rhinoplasty. As it is a commonly performed procedure in Iran, you can be sure your surgeon is highly qualified and current on the latest methods.

Iran is easily one of the most favored destinations for discerning clients from across the globe, thanks to its renowned expert surgeons, sterile surroundings, and efficient procedures.

Having cosmetic procedures in Iran can save you a considerable sum of money since the exchange level between Iranian and foreign currency is quite advantageous. It’s important to know, however, that you save without sacrificing quality.

 With Iranian doctors, you can expect the same superior care you’d receive from any professional in any country. Iran offers everything you would need if you were contemplating cosmetic surgery, especially Rhinoplasty.


How Much Does a Rhinoplasty in Iran Cost?

In the world, Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. Most rhinoplasty surgeries are performed yearly in the United States, Brazil, and Iran, with approximately 200,000 nose jobs.

More than 50,000 nose surgeries take place in Iran annually, which is growing due to the increasing number of people seeking this procedure.

The number of Iranian nose surgeries based on population is the highest, so they call Tehran the “Nose Surgery Capital of the World” due to their number of surgeries and the use of the best materials.

Rhinoplasty in Iran usually costs between $1,200 to $2,500, depending on your surgeon’s knowledge and skills, as well as how complex your procedure is.

A key point to note is that Iran’s specialized clinics offer the most modern equipment and high-quality care. Furthermore, you can save money by having these cosmetic surgeries done in Iran since they are very affordable.

Basically, if you are interested in cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasties, Iran gets a high ranking as an optimal destination.


AnchorHow Can Nose Surgery Be Categorized?

Due to the individualized nature of nose surgery, there are many options you can choose from. Your surgeon will evaluate your face and discuss the results you would like before doing any work. If these are what you desire, they will be carried out as follows:


  • Anchor Open Rhinoplasty

  • Anchor Closed Rhinoplasty

  • Anchor Tip Plasty


What Is the Procedure for Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Various procedures can be employed by doctors when performing Rhinoplasty, a relatively complex surgery. Your requirements and goals will significantly determine which method they use. A typical procedure lasts two to three hours.

A general anesthetic will be used by the doctors in the beginning, as with any surgery. Based on your medical background and past experience, your specialist may use a different treatment method.

Following this, surgeons make an open cut to slightly elevate the skin over the nasal bones to give it a new shape. Depending on how they perform the surgery, both closed and open techniques are used. The first procedure consists of making an incision inside the nose and then concealing it.  

Although scarring will not be apparent in this case, this method makes surgery more challenging for the surgeon.

An open Rhinoplasty involves opening up the nose and removing it directly through a small incision between the nostrils. Although the small scar remains apparent after the surgery, it ultimately disappears soon.

Therefore, no one will be aware of it. Typically, surgeons suggest this method to achieve the expected results. Here are some options during the surgery:

  • Nostril re-positioning
  • Straightening of the nasal septum
  • Bone rasping
  • Cartilage grafting
  • Osteotomy

During the last technique, surgeons break the nose as part of the procedure, called an osteotomy. Despite this being an essential part of the surgery, it may not be performed in every case, according to your specialist’s opinion.

Bruising will be more likely to occur if this method is used. In general, it is a highly safe and standard procedure, so you ought not to be concerned. The specialist should close the incisions of your nose after the above processes and after your nose has been reshaped and resized.


AnchorWho Is Recommended for a Nose Job in Iran?

Though there is no age restriction on the undergoing of this operation, surgeons usually only perform it on young adults. Ideally, the candidates should be non-smokers and have functional or aesthetic issues with their noses.

Rhinoplasty in Iran may be an option for you if you suffer from the following conditions:

  • An oversized or under-sized nose
  • Crookedness
  • The hump on the nasal bridge
  • Deviated septum
  • Bulbous/undefined nasal tip
  • Common nasal abnormalities
  • Wide nasal bridge

Furthermore, if you are considering this surgery only to gain others’ approval, you should think twice about the decision. It would help if you had both a positive outlook and a reasonable expectation in your mind for having this procedure.


What to Consider Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty?

You should consult with a cosmetic surgery expert before having Rhinoplasty. All your goals must be discussed, such as improving your appearance or conquering problems you face related to your nose’s size or shape.

You can share your worries as well, allowing them to find the best solution according to your expectations.

Surgeons will then:

  • Ask about prior surgeries.
  • Get some lab tests done to determine your overall health.
  • Analyze your face carefully.
  • Document medical history with photos
  • Make sure all steps are clearly defined.
  • Consider your options for nose surgery.
  • Forbid using certain medications like aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) for two weeks before and after surgery; this could lead to increased blood loss.
  •  ask you to stop smoking because it delays healing and speeds up recovery
  • Explaining in detail the benefits and results
  • Identify possible complications 

Following the diagnosis, plastic surgeons determine where the surgery will be performed. Depending on their final choice, they might choose to have the surgery done in a specialized clinic with surgical services or a hospital.


Rhinoplasty Recovery

If you experience any pain during the recovery process, you can take prescription medications to relieve the discomfort. You can also take some medicines like Arnica and Bromelain to decrease swelling. It should only take a week for the stitches to fall out.

While you are healing, it is vital to have someone look after you because you should be careful not to do anything that can cause discomfort to your nose, such as swimming, bending over, or wearing eyeglasses.

It is also essential that you elevate your head for a few days. By following these tips, you will have better chances of preventing injury.

It is safe to return to work and regular daily activities, including walking after the two weeks are over. Bruising fades gradually within a few weeks, but swelling won’t go away for a long time based on the procedure your doctor used.

If you follow your expert’s instructions, you will be able to resolve these complications sooner than you anticipate. A gradual improvement will occur during the recovery period. The final results, however, need to be awaited for almost a year.

Rhinoplasty is normally a permanent procedure. It’s vital to understand that aging may affect the appearance of different body parts, such as the nose.

Consequently, such minor changes don’t warrant seeing your specialist. You will enjoy your enhanced look and lasting result from your nose job by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting your nose properly.

To conclude, it would be worthwhile to point out that you may choose to have your surgeon perform similar cosmetic procedures as well to ensure a favorable outcome. Considering your general health, they might accept your recommendation.


AnchorNose Job Result

The condition of your body gradually improves throughout your recovery. There is, however, a lengthy waiting period before you can reap the benefits. Fortunately, the results of Rhinoplasty are usually long-lasting.

It is important to realize that the nose can change as you age. Consequently, you wouldn’t require treatment from your specialist if you noticed such a subtle change.

Taking care of your health will ensure that you are pleased with your new look for a long time to come.

In closing, it is important to emphasize that you can request that your surgeon perform similar cosmetic procedures as well to ensure that you obtain the results you desire. This will be done if your surgeon accepts your suggestions and takes into consideration your overall health.


AnchorRhinoplasty Risks

Examine all the risks and benefits of this procedure before going through with it. We will clarify all these issues beforehand, but in the end, it will be up to “you.”. There are several potential complications associated with rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing or scarring
  • Change in skin sensation (numbness or pain)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Unsatisfactory nasal appearance
  • Skin discoloration and swelling


Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran

After the previous Rhinoplasty, some patients may require more aesthetic and functional enhancements of their noses. Revision rhinoplasty in Iran is often performed on patients who have previously had rhinoplasty and have a nasal septum that is deviated, as well as on those who have lower lateral cartilage deficiency.

Cosmetic surgeons face difficulties when performing revision rhinoplasty or secondary Rhinoplasty. Hence, it is helpful to contact our experts in advance to get a better understanding of the process you must follow and achieve your intended outcomes. We at CarefulTrip try to provide the best Revision rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran. We help you start this journey and achieve the result you want.

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