Top 5 countries in health tourism

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Top 5 countries in health tourism

Today, health and medical tourism is one of the most growing sectors of the world tourism industry, which has caused organizations involved and countries interested in tourism development to pay attention to this part of the tourism industry and plan for it. Health tourism in Iran has also received a lot of attention in this regard.

Today, the desire of people for fitness, use of natural resources and vitamins, reduce pain, control stress, and increase mental and physical health is very significant. That is why in different parts of the world, natural healing methods such as the use of hot springs are highly regarded and all segments of the population, both low-income and high-income, tend to this type of tourism. Hot springs are suitable for creating tourist accommodations that by creating recreation centers and providing services and facilities in these places, they can be turned into first-class tourist destinations for tourists because at the same time, they will have fun and exciting moments, as well as health and in addition to these natural attractions and treatment methods, medical tourism is also considered for economic reasons because the export of medical services is a well-known principle for strengthening the health structure of countries. Health tourism in Iran can also be an outstanding economic arm and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

What is the situation of health tourism in Iran? 

Iran has a long history in traditional medical methods and also has natural and historical sites. Many traditional herbal remedies are still an integral part of Iranian daily life. Iran is also a land full of hot springs, volcanic mud, and mineral springs around which many medical resorts have been built to facilitate the enjoyment of their benefits. All these benefits have caused health tourism to flourish in Iran, and a large number of health tourists choose Iran as the destination country.

A prominent aspect of health tourism in Iran is the combination of medicine and tourism. A medical tourist in Iran can enjoy his tourist trip in addition to following the treatment steps. Iran’s unique and diverse natural places are a must for anyone interested in a healthy holiday in nature. Then, health tourism in Iran is a flourishing industry that we’ll hear about it more in the future.

Iran can increase its role in this market by investing more in its strengths and introducing them as its unique capabilities in providing health tourism services. In the field of improvable points, the desired result can be achieved, as the case may be, through the development of comprehensive plans, marketing, and modification of some processes.


Best countries in heath tourism 

Health tourism in recent years has caused a large influx of people in need of treatment in different countries. If previously these patients had to be admitted to hospitals in their crowded cities, recent reports show that many people in the past year have traveled to other countries to use medical facilities, let alone to neighboring cities!  The countries mentioned in this article have been selected based on official reports that show the highest number of trips for medical treatment and have high-quality medical and welfare facilities in these countries. The best health tourism countries try not only to have medical facilities and specialized staff, but also places to have fun and boost morale.  In the continuation of this article, we will examine the top 5 countries in health tourism. Health tourism in Iran has made tremendous progress in recent years, so we start with Iran.


1- Iran 

Iran has many natural and historical attractions that have attracted many tourists from around the world. In addition, in recent years, the existence of modern medical centers and facilities and experienced physicians have been recognized as a motivating factor for medical trips to Iran.

In Iran, the payment of high medical salaries by the country’s insurance system has been one of the outstanding factors in attracting talented people to the medical field; For this reason, Iran has well-known medical specialists. On the other hand, Iran is one of the most populous countries in the world, and naturally, Iranian doctors have more clients than countries with smaller populations, so they have more clinical experience. The cost of domestically produced drugs is lower than foreign samples without reducing the quality, and it is a significant factor in attracting medical tourists.

Nowadays, the Persian Gulf countries and neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Azerbaijan can be good target markets for health tourism in Iran. Prices in Iran are low, and this makes Iran an extraordinary destination.


2- Turkey 

Turkey, which includes tourist cities such as Istanbul and Izmir and is the crossroads of West and East, is one of the best countries for health tourism. In most medical services, the waiting time is zero, and services such as organ transplants, genetic tests, and neurosurgery are well-known cases in which patients come to Turkey to receive their services.

 Passengers traveling to Turkey for medical treatment can get a discount on airfare. In addition to well-equipped medical services, tourists can also enjoy mineral spas and traditional baths. A comparison of health tourism in Iran and Turkey reveals many similarities concerning the medical status of health in these countries. 


3- Brazil 

Beauty is very significant to the Brazilian people, and this culture has made it the third most beautiful cosmetic surgery, after China and the United States. A large proportion of people who travel to Brazil aim to use cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery. This type of cosmetic surgery in Brazil costs relatively less than in other countries. Many celebrities have also gone to Brazil for beauty treatments, which has boosted tourists’ desire to travel to one of the best health tourism countries. Low prices in Brazil are somewhat reminiscent of health tourism in Iran.


4- Malaysia 

Malaysia offers guests the best cost-effective medical facilities. Most of Malaysia’s health tourists are from Southeast Asia because the cost difference is very high and on the other hand, people in Muslim countries prefer to go to Malaysia for treatment because of Malaysian Islamic culture. Patients are admitted to hospitals with beautiful rooms that look more like hotels than hospitals. Some hospitals have hydrotherapy pools. At the patient’s request, specialists and assistants will accompany the patient from the airport to the hospital.


5- India 

India has a long history of tourism and its tourism industry has developed significantly. People traveling to India can save up to 85% on their medical expenses, such as surgery, by traveling to India. In addition, health tourists can enjoy sightseeing tours to popular attractions such as the Taj Mahal at the same time as their treatment. Indian hospital health tourism services include service and transportation from the airport to the hospital, Wi-Fi in the hospital rooms, and special chefs for cooking custom but diet foods.

 India is one of the well-known competitors for health tourism in Iran. Of course, many of Iran’s capabilities in this area have not yet been identified, and medical tourism in Iran is a new industry. This industry will become much extended in Iran over time and Iran will become a very serious destination for international travelers.


Is health tourism in Iran an opportunity? 

Health tourism is a profitable industry that can serve the national interest at a high level, but to be more profitable in this area, we need to revive the tourism industry in the country. Given that according to plans, about 20 million tourists were supposed to enter the country by 2025, but now this figure is estimated at one million tourists, which will have a direct impact on the health tourism industry. In this regard, the threat and opportunities of health tourism in Iran can be examined from the same perspective.

If we want to achieve the pre-determined goals in the field of health tourism on the horizon of 2025, we need to examine the obstacles to the development of this industry in the first place and think about removing these obstacles in the second place.

If we want the health tourism industry to be on the scientific track, a process must be defined in which the health tourist is referred to the approved medical centers through a correct and specific channel. Currently, about 166 public and private hospitals, 27 limited surgery centers, and five infertility centers have succeeded in receiving health tourism accreditation, which with the help of virtual systems, the services of these centers can be informed to health tourists. This success shows the potential of health tourism in Iran.

In this regard, it is possible to set up offices even in neighboring countries and other countries that come to our country to receive medical services, so that the health tourist can raise his concerns directly and in person, and these offices we can attract more health tourists.

We must keep in mind that Iran is at a very high level in the field of medical knowledge, and especially in areas such as infertility, cell therapy, and organ transplantation is in a prominent position in the world. Given that, the cost of accommodation and treatment in Iran is also lower than in many countries. Then, health tourism in Iran has a lot of room to grow.

Iran should develop its capacities in health tourism. In this direction, we must also benefit from the cooperation of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, so that we can attract health tourists from neighboring countries and other countries to Iran with appropriate tariffs.

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