Eye surgery aftercare

eye surgery aftercareEye surgery is a common procedure that aims to relieve or treat different kinds of eye diseases. So many patients perform this surgery yearly, and Iran is one of the top travel destinations for them.

Even though choosing a good surgeon and performing a professional surgery is vital, the aftercare is also just as important. Patients need to do the exact instructions to prevent any further harm or damage. If you want to learn more about eye surgery in Iran and eye surgery after care, make sure to keep reading this article.


Eye surgery

Eye surgery is a field of surgeries that aims to treat patients who deal with different kinds of eye disorders. Considering the fragility of this organ, eyes are very sensitive and therefore, they require a lot of preparation and after care. Obviously, choosing a good surgeon and a professional surgical team, while being at ease is another important factor.

There are different types of eye surgery for different purposes. Some of these include laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, refractive surgery, etc. there is something that all of these surgeries have in common and that is the after care. No matter what kind of eye treatment you perform, it is important to take good care of your eyes.


Eye surgery recovery

In most cases, you will be able to leave the hospital in a short amount of time. You will have pads or sheds over your treated organs, which are also temporary. Your eyes will slowly regain their sense and stop feeling numb.

You may feel like your eyes are burning or irritated. Having blurry or double vision, bloodshot and watering is normal after your procedure. However, if you start feeling an excessive amount of pain or lose your vision completely, make sure to contact your doctor immediately.


Eye surgery aftercare

Eye surgery after care is just as important as the procedure itself. Considering how sensitive the eyes are, you should pay close attention to the instructions your doctor gives you and perform them accurately. Some of the things you should not do after your eye treatment are as following:


  • Do not rub your eyes!

Your eyes may feel irritated, itchy and uncomfortable. You might want to touch your eyes or rub them in order to make them feel better. However, rubbing your eyes could harm the treated organ, resulting in further damage.


  • Prevent shampoo from getting inside your eyes!

The advice is to use a shield while showering, so the least amount of water gets inside your eyes. Do not let shampoo or soap get inside your eyes.


  • Do not do any heavy lifting!

Heavy lifting after eye surgery may put extra pressure on your eye. Therefore, you should ask help from someone to hand with your bags, etc.


  • Do not wear makeup!

Especially eye make up for at least one month after your surgery.

Meanwhile, there are things you can do in order to help the aftercare process and speed your treatment journey. Here are some of them:


  • Use eye drops!

Your doctor will most likely prescribe you some eye drops. Make sure you use them according to the instructions. Remember to wash your hands before using your eye drops. Do not let anyone else use your eye drops, and do not use anyone else’s eye drops. Remember not to let the eye drop bottle touch your eye.


  • Use an eye shield!

Use an eye shield, especially at night. This will help prevent rubbing your eye while you slept.


  • Take painkillers!

You may experience some pain and discomfort. Make sure to take painkillers in order to prevent excessive pain.


  • Use a shield or glasses outside!

This will protect your eyes from UV rays.


How to clean your operated eye after surgery

There are ways you can clean your operated eye after eye surgery. Remember not to wash your eyes with regular water. Instead, here is what you can do:

Cool some boiled water and dip some anti-irritation cotton wool in the water. Wipe your eyes from inside out very gently. Remember to wash your hands carefully before. It is important not to wipe inside your eyes or put any pressure on them. Clean your eyes as many times as your doctor instructs.


Eye treatment in Iran

Due to the sensitivity of this procedure, it is so important to pick the right surgeons. There are so many patients pick Iran as their medical destination. So many factors make this country an ideal destination for medical journeys; this especially applies about eye surgery in Iran. Here are some of these main factors:


  • Professional surgeons

Iran is full of professional doctors and surgeons who have so much experience in different fields. Due to the very high demand of surgeries in Iran, there are so many doctors and medical teams you can choose from; they will perform your surgery flawlessly.


  • Well-equipped medical centers

There are so many advanced medical centers and hospitals in Iran, offering high quality services with the best equipment. These advanced medical centers go hand in hand with professional surgeons and medical staff, resulting in an unforgettable and successful procedure.


  • Prices

Due to economic reasons, most surgical procedures cost less in Iran, despite the professional doctors and advanced hospitals. These fair and realistic prices enable patients to receive high quality services while paying much less.


  • Comfort and tourism

Iran is a very beautiful country with numerous tourist attractions. By picking Iran as your surgical destination, you are killing one bird with two stones. While travelling at ease and enjoying a nice trip to one of the most historical countries in the world, you can receive high quality services and gain desirable results.


How we can help?

As a team, our mission is to simplify your eye treatment in Iran. By connecting you to the most professional surgeons, eye surgery in Iran has never been easier. By providing the best pre and after care tips and instructions, we make sure you are experiencing the ideal treatment. Make sure to contact us to start your medical journey today.


The Bottom Line

Eye surgery is a very sensitive procedure. Hence, it is important to pick a great surgeon who is professional in their field. The eye is a fragile organ. Therefore, the aftercare process is just as important. Paying attention to the aftercare instructions helps prevent further damage and discomfort, so take these points seriously. In addition, picking a medical destination for your procedure is an important factor. Iran is a great medical destination due to so many factors. Contact us today to start your process.

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