Here Is All You Have to Know About the Brazilian Butt-Lift (Fat Transfer) Procedure


A Brazilian butt lift has recently been considered a standard method to beautify and shape the body. The amount of damage and risk of this plastic surgery has been very high in the past years, but according to the practical and detailed training of plastic surgeons in this field, safe and new methods have been provided. Patients should get complete information about their needs and expectations from surgery so that the amount of damage and regret from this procedure is minimized. Brazilian butt lift in Iran has become one of the practical and common surgeries among applicants. Every year many people from European countries, America, GCC, MENA, Turkey, etc., travel to Iran to have this surgery with the highest quality and affordable cost.

It is interesting to know that the Brazilian butt lift, contrary to its name, is not Brazilian, nor is it done solely for butt lifts. Brazilian butt lift is a two-step procedure in which fat is removed from different areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and sides and finally injected into the buttocks to improve the shape. This surgery increases the volume of the hips using the patient’s fat. We cannot deny that having a well-shaped and prominent butt is very popular and attractive. Exercising can only make your butt go up, but for highlighting or shaping the butt, exercise can’t be as effective as it should be. In many cases, according to the needs of patients, a Brazilian butt lift is performed along with other treatment methods such as tummy tuck, mommy makeover, cellulite reduction, and thigh lifts. In fact, in this method, patients make the changes they need once, and their recovery period ends sooner, and they don’t have to experience absolute rest several times.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your hips, have low self-confidence, and want more prominent and well-shaped butts, this method can be suitable for you. This type of plastic surgery uses micro fat grafting to increase the size and shape of the buttocks.

Expert surgeons transfer fat to the buttocks, which is very safe. There are likely to be risks to this method as well. When surgeons perform the fat injection, they enter anatomic areas where there are many blood vessels; If fat enters the blood vessels, it is possible to block the ship. Clogged blood vessels are hazardous. Of course, you don’t have to worry; the Brazilian butt lift in Iran is a safe and quality procedure that all patients are satisfied with their surgery results. If you travel to Iran for cosmetic services, the CarefulTrip team will consider the best methods and plastic surgeons for you. You can also enjoy staying in the best hotels in Iran during your recovery after plastic surgery.


Best Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

This method will have many benefits for you. If you feel that your hips are flat or do not fit with other parts of your body, or the skin on your hips is loose and does not change with exercise, you are a good candidate for this procedure. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your surgical needs and keep the following in mind:

  • Have general mental health.
  • If you smoke, it is better not to smoke at least four weeks before and after surgery.
  • Be in good physical health and schedule an appointment with a specialist before surgery.
  • Keep in mind the post-surgery recovery, and do not put pressure on your hip for four weeks.
  • Try to envision realistic outcomes for your surgery.

If you can create the right conditions before your plastic surgery, you will the possible risks of the surgery. A fat embolism occurs in some surgeries; In other words, the fat that is supposed to enter your buttocks will enter the venous parts and eventually cause a series of accidents and even death. Specialist surgeons use new methods to prevent complications and risks caused by Brazilian butt lifts; In this situation, plans include avoiding the deposition of fat in the muscle, where large blood vessels are at risk. Specialist surgeons inject fat tissue above the forces, which minimizes the surgery risk. Severe and dangerous complications will occur during surgery or a few hours later. If there is no case after surgery and during recovery, the possibility of complications is reduced. Brazilian butt lift in Iran has safety methods in mind so that you have minor damage and risk during the surgery. Also, the CarefulTrip team helps you to have your treatment visits with expert surgeons before and after surgery. Doing BBL allows you to visit wonderful tourist places in Iran after your recovery period; Your trip can include receiving medical and tourism services. Be sure to consult your doctor for physical activities.

Knowing the information and tips related to the surgery will help you to get a correct understanding of the results of plastic surgery. For example, it is better to know that not all the injected fat will survive in your body, but your body will absorb about 20 to 40% of the injected fat. To maximize your recovery results, minimizing the time you spend sitting or putting direct pressure on the buttock and injecting fat during recovery is best. After three months, you will see the main results of the surgery, and you will notice the shape of your butts. Finally, between 3 and 6 months, the condition of the butts will be corrected, and the results will be more precise.


How is the Brazilian butt lift performed, and what are its benefits?

Usually, this surgery will take a few minutes, and you can go to your home or hotel. To begin, the specialist surgeon will make an incision in a part of your buttock; Of course, you don’t have to worry; this cut will be placed where it is not visible. Next, the surgeon removes fat from the other part of your body with liposuction. Refined fats are injected into your buttocks. In some cases, the excess skin of the buttocks is removed to make your buttocks look smoother and better. Depending on your needs and expectations from the surgical results and according to the consultation you made with the doctor, there is a possibility that your surgeon will add a buttock implant to your surgical results. After the incisions are sutured, dressings and tape are applied to the surgical area, and a therapeutic garment is placed around your buttock. The Brazilian butt lift in Iran also follows the same steps.

As you know, this surgery is a relatively complex and dangerous procedure. You can get the best surgical results by choosing skilled and specialized Iranian surgeons and being hospitalized in well-equipped and authorized hospitals. Besides, considering the surgery costs, you will realize that a Brazilian butt lift in Iran will be very affordable. Even considering the travel costs, it will be less than doing the surgery in your own country.

It is also interesting to know that this method has the following advantages over the use of implants:

  • Small incisions are placed in parts of your body that are not easily visible.
  • The results will be very natural because no manufactured products are used in this method.
  • Normally, surgery results will be permanent or long-lasting, depending on many conditions.
  • You will feel natural because no foreign object has entered your body.
  • Excess fat has been removed from other parts of your body, making the hips slimmer and trimming other organs.

It is better to know that the symptoms and complications after surgery usually disappear within 4 to 6 months after the operation. The skin of the operated area usually looks shinier than other parts of the body due to swelling, and you should know that this condition disappears after a few weeks. You will feel pain or tingling in the surgical area; These feelings will disappear within a few months. If you lose sensation in your hip area, you don’t need to worry; These conditions return to normal after a few months.

If you come to Iran for this plastic surgery, it is better to have a companion. After surgery, a companion must accompany you to the hotel; If you do not have the conditions to have a companion, you can consult our team in this regard. After the surgery, according to the time the specialist doctor considers for you, rest in your hotel or accommodation. Stay in touch with your surgeon during recovery and make the planned visits correctly. Don’t worry about communicating with doctors and medical staff; specialists are fluent in several common languages of the world in Iran. You can also ask our team for translator services, and don’t worry about your necessary communication and trips to the hospital or clinic. It is essential to talk to a specialist about the possible complications of surgery and prepare for new conditions after surgery. The appearance of your butts will change as you want, and you will get closer to your ideal body. After surgery, you will notice that your self-confidence has increased in your personal, emotional, and work life; This is the miracle of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.



Considering that BBL is a relatively tricky surgical procedure, the selection of a qualified patient will be made by expert plastic surgeons. You should know that an ideal candidate for this plastic surgery is a patient who has realistic expectations about the results of the surgery. The patient should be close to his ideal weight, be in perfect health and not smoke as much as possible. Get help from our team to find an expert plastic surgeon. CarefulTrip will help you choose the right plastic surgeon and arrange your consultation and treatment plans. Patients should know that they need recovery after butt plastic surgery. During the recovery period, there is a possibility that you will have pain; Your recovery period will include mild to moderate pain with bruising and swelling. During this period, try not to put pressure on your buttocks so that your wounds heal quickly and fat tissues remain in the right places. It is also necessary to wear tight clothes in this situation.

To travel to Iran and receive your medical and treatment services, do not have any worries. Our team will take care of all the services of this trip, including choosing a hospital, introducing the best medical services, getting a visa, accommodation, translator, selecting a surgeon, and things like that. Just decide to change your body; our consultants will do the rest.

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