Eye surgery in Iran is a common surgery that patients perform in order to treat or relieve eye disorders. Since the eye is a fragile organ, this surgery requires a professional surgeon and a well-prepared medical team.

Eyecare is something we should consider as a daily task. Following certain principles are crucial to keeping the eyes safe and healthy.

Sunglasses are glasses worn to protect the eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation (UV). If prescription lenses are tinted, polarized, or darkened, they can improve vision.

Each person's eye color is determined by the color of their iris. The iris is the eye's pigment, and its color varies depending on the gene.

In recent decades, contact lenses have gained a lot of popularity to correct refractive errors.

Eye surgery is a common procedure that aims to relieve or treat different kinds of eye diseases. So many patients perform this surgery yearly, and Iran is one of the top travel destinations for them.

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